PlayStation Network Back Online

After an outage of almost one month, players can now play online once again

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PlayStation Network Back Online
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Over the weekend Sony began their phased restoration of the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services.

Like indicated before, it looks like Sony’s first priority was to get people back online and playing multiplayer once again. The restoration of services has come with two stipulations:

First, all users must update their PS3 firmware in order to get back online. Second, all users must change their PSN and Qriocity passwords. In the future, this password will only be able to be changed from the PS3 on which it was created.

The roll out process for online multiplayer began on Saturday and according to Sony, users should now be able to log on the the PSN everywhere in the U.S.

Sony announced the phased restoration commencement in a video featuring Sony executive VP Kazuo Hirai. In the video, he explains that online multiplayer, chat, music unlimited and trophy comparison are some of the first features that are being restored.

On Sunday, the PSN restoration hit a bit of a roadblock, as Sony once again had to shut down services for a brief time. This time is wasn’t hackers, but sheer volume of password resets that prompted the temporary shut down.

We’re currently experiencing an extremely heavy load of password resets, and so we recently had to turn off services for approximately 30 minutes to clear the queue.

As such, a large number of people are attempting to change their passwords at the same time, it’s taking longer than expected for all those emails to clear all of the ISPs.

If you’ve requested your password reset, please give it a bit of time to reach your email. Thanks for your patience as we work to get everyone back online.

As of this morning, it looks as though play should be restored throughout the U.S. as well as in Europe, as the EU PlayStation blog mirrors official PS blog. However, there seems to be one country where it is still not available – Japan. The Japanese government is still concerned about Sony’s counter-hacking measures that are in place and wants Sony to take further steps to ensure user privacy.

So, is everyone back online and able to play? Is anyone still unable to connect to the PSN? For those of you who haven’t jumped ship to Xbox, how does it feel to be able to play online again?

And considering all that has happened, what grade would you give Sony for their handling of the situation?

PlayStation Network Back Online
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  • Ryan

    It may have taken Sony a long time to fix this issue, but cut them a break. They had to COMPLETLY redo there security system, which would take awhile I assume. And on top of that, they were getting hammered with calls and E-mails from angry subscribers. At least they got the problem fixed. So, with all due respect, Kwitcherbitchen.

    • Jake

      Did it really censor “Assume”?

    • sludgemonster

      I tried to get online with my favorite game, RED DEAD REDEMPTION…my old password wouldn’t allow me in.
      I had to create a whole new character to get online…strangely, though
      the majority of players had to do the same, and game play was very weak…I noticed some changes at the opening menu as well.

      It is a terrible shame sociopaths such as hackers,need to ruin things for those who wish to have good natured fun in a virtual setting.
      Obviously, they are complete loosers…and the only way they can feel good is by trying to make others feel bad.
      Sony…get things back up and running soon…and while you are at it…set traps for the hacker scum, so they can be caught and brought to justice.

  • uziel solis

    so you can make a new account for psn know

    • sludgemonster

      I want my old one..I spent a lot of time building charactors!

  • http://www.amflooring-uk.co.uk Anthoney

    Finally I can go online again

    Squash Court Maintenance

  • http://GamersLounge.fastprofitpages.com/?id=jdmnet30 Gamers Lounge

    This is bad news not only to Sony Playstation but also to PS3 fanatics like me. If problem like this continue to happen, many gamers will turn off their PS3 consoles and buy the competition consoles.

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