Pinterest Spam: Site Seeing Influx Of Fake Accounts

    April 14, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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As soon as any website starts to gain attention, it invariably becomes a target for spammers and scammers–people who create faux accounts in order to lure users in to their site, whether it’s for hacking purposes or just to get them to click on an offer. Pinterest, a company which is quickly rising in the ranks of social media, is no exception.

Although it’s not your typical social site–users don’t have to be “friends” with one another to see their photo posts–it has nonetheless been the victim of an influx of spam lately and addressed the issue on their blog:

“In most cases, spam accounts on Pinterest create pins with misleading links and follow many people in hopes that you’ll visit their boards. You don’t need to be concerned if a spam account follows you on Pinterest, but you should definitely feel empowered to let us know about it.”

The blog post goes on to give tips on how to avoid being sucked into the spam web, such as creating a difficult-to-guess password and never clicking on so-called Pinterest giveaways or other promotions.

One user responded to the post with this comment, however, prompting belief that it’s possible users are finding more spam accounts than even Pinterest realized existed:

“OK, that’s fine. But every pin I have clicked his morning has yielded this message: “Users have reported that this links to spam or other inappropriate content.”

The company urges users to report a spam link as soon as it’s found to help them weed out the undesirables and gives step-by-step instructions on how to do it on their blog. If you see a pin that seems shady, don’t be shy about passing it on. The quicker those fake accounts are shut down, the faster you’ll be able to enjoy your regularly scheduled Pinterest programming.

  • Renaldo

    Brilliant article Amanda. It’s about time webpronews hired a great writer like you!

  • http://www.sharanyan.com Sharanyan

    Nowadays IM guys and Spammers targeting Onterest to get traffic and backlinks using some Autopin Bots. This is the big reason pinterest getting flooded with Fake accounts, I’m sure pinterest security team will findout a good way to block those signups in future.


  • http://www.pinterestspammer.com Pinterest Spammer

    Pinterest is an effective platform for promoting products. If you consider it, Pins are merely just like an advertisement. It consist of a picture, text, along with a link. The creators somehow managed to fool consumers into looking at advertisements all day as well as repinning them. Brilliant!

  • Annoyed by Pinterest

    Pinterest is a pain in the butt. I’ve told them three times that someone is using my email and it continues. Boycott them.