Pinterest Has a Graveyard for Failed Google Products

By: Sean Patterson - July 5, 2012

Google, like any large company, has had its share of failed products and services. Just this week, Google has shut down some of its products, including Google Video, Google Mini, and iGoogle.

With the beta culture still alive and well within Google, it’s also easy for half-baked concepts to make their way to a public beta release. Since Google products are always being experimented with and iterated on, many users of niche products can be left out in the cold when Google decides to abandon them. Take Google Wave, for example. Wave was touted as the service that would replace email, and combined Most of the good features of Wave have been rolled into Gmail and Google Drive, but, as a concept, Google Wave was a failure. When Wave was killed, many users who “got” it were sad to see it go

Now, a Pinterest collection of all the services and products that have been killed off by Google has popped up on Pinterest. Dubbed the “Google Graveyard,” the software showcased in the collection shows just how a company as large and popular as Google can also sometimes fail. Of course, some of the products are also startups that Google has acquired, then unceremoniously killed off. Also, as some of the commenters to the Pins point out, many of the products have been rolled into other services. Google Video, for example, has had its collection combined with YouTube, and Google Patent Search is still available through a normal Google Search.

Some of the highlights in the Google Graveyard are products that were released with much fanfare from Google. In addition to Google Video and Wave, Google Buzz and Google Desktop stand out as products Google had high hopes for. Buzz was Google’s failed attempt at a Twitter-like microblogging service, which ended up as a repository of tweets pushed from Twitter. Google Desktop was Google’s local indexing service and desktop search bar. Google claimed the move to more cloud-based storage was what made Desktop obsolete.

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  • Engraved Crystal Awards

    I guess its a good thing that Google keep trying new things (software/applications). They have the money, so why try. I have tried and use lots of their products.

  • Rita

    Don’t forget about them shutting down free product submission for small businesses! That move will not only mean that unique products, hard to find products, and US produced products will no longer be included in Google Shopping, it means many small retailers AND manufacturers (craftsmen) will go under because they don’t have the resources to get their products advertised like the big-box stores (Walmart, Amazon, etc). That’s really a great move on Google’s part at a time in our economic history that we need it least. However, as one door closes, another one always opens…. we are patiently waiting…

  • Tominguez

    What about products they should shut down? Like the Google Toasted Store Program, that will toast a lot of merchants with the incredible difficult requirements ( including lots of extra work and money to implement it for MOST merchants ). The Biggest RIP is indeed what Rita mentioned, google product feeds, that could be the yahoo move of google, really pissing off a lot of people. So many years of hard work feeding google with interesting content that they always turn into a profit, to end up tossing away merchant efforts? Traffic went down 70 to 90% for thousands of merchants since June 28 in an attempted move to let merchants know how important google product feeds is for them. Not a cool move at all, you are right about the title of this article. Thank you!

    • wilner

      People are wayyy too dependent on Google and what it does.
      Google won’t change when they are making too much money doing what they are doing. Instead, just stop using Google. There ARE other non-Google options out there, and some are quite good.

  • Visage

    Well, I have lost lots of traffic, and my sales are nil…nothing since Google dropped the product search feature. My business has failed within a month of this disaster. I did depend on Google Product Search for the majority of my sales. I didn’t see this coming at all. How will my family survive this?

    Already turned to Bing and TheFind…not much traffic at all, and definitely no sales!