Personalized Suggestions On Google Maps Introduced

Google helps people (re)find places faster

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People with perfect memories and/or senses of direction are excused from reading this article.  Everybody else may be pleased to know that Google’s introduced a version of personalized suggestions on Google Maps.

Can’t remember exactly what street your father’s favorite cigar shop is on?  Forget the last couple digits of a casual acquaintance’s address?  It’s in scenarios like these that Google’s now got you covered (so long as you agree to be helped).

A post on the LatLong Blog explained this afternoon, "[I]f you’re signed in with your Google account and have Web History enabled, personalized suggestions can make searching easier and faster by showing you suggestions based on past searches.  Just start typing into the search box as you normally would, and relevant suggestions may appear below, letting you quickly complete your search."

Then here’s a neat trick in case you need to cover your tracks (suppose your dad wants to borrow your laptop just before his birthday) or simply clean up the list: "If you see a personalized suggestion that you don’t like, you can get rid of that suggestion and any others by clicking the ‘Edit’ link at the bottom of the suggestions box, which takes you directly to the Web History removals page."

All in all, this development promises to save folks a fair amount of typing and time spent opening address books.

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Personalized Suggestions On Google Maps Introduced
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  • Guest

    Now we can put other people’s information into Google, whether those people want that information in Google or not?

    No thanks.

    Though it’s likely that Google has that information already somewhere in its database, I don’t think I will be helping along on the quest to dominate the world.

    Sure we can clear the web history, but Google never forgets. Ever.

    Once again, thanks, but no thanks.

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