People Not So Eager to Quit Facebook After All?

"Quit Facebook Day" Illustrates that People Still Love Facebook

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Yesterday was not only Memorial Day, but "Quit Facebook Day" as well – at least according to QuitFacebookDay.com and its highly-publicized initiative to get people to band together and leave the popular social network. That day has come and gone, and while it did manage to get 34,424 to quit (allegedly), it has pretty much been deemed a failure. Despite all the hoopla around Facebook quitting and privacy concerns, it appears that people are just not ready to part with their profiles, as they have become too big a part of their lives.

Could you do without Facebook? Would you want to? Comment here.


Privacy concerns have of course ignited this ridiculous amount of Facebook-quitting discussion. In fact, there has been so much discussion around this, we’re all probably getting close to our limit. However, there is more to come, because the government isn’t through with Facebook, despite CEO Mark Zuckerberg saying they’re done making changes for a while.

The FTC has reportedly expressed interest in looking at Facebook more closely, and most recently, the company received a letter from House of Representatives Judiciary Committee chairman John Conyers. In that letter, Conyers said:

Specifically, we would appreciate a detailed explanation of the information about Facebook users that your company has provided to third parties without the knowledge of the account holders — particularly in circumstances in which the user did not expressly opt for this type of information sharing. Please explain your prior policies with respect to user consent for information sharing, and with whom any information was shared. Also, please detail how the new policies Facebook is adopting differ from past practices, including whether the burden is on the user to opt in or opt out of the relevant privacy  settings.

Facebook’s response according to Eric Eldon at InsideFacebook is, "We are continuing to have discussions with all the relevant authorities and we will be answering their questions."

Other groups (as outlined here by Matthew Ingram at GigaOM) have also voiced their concerns.

Last week in a WebProNews article, I voiced my opinion about Facebook privacy, and that is essentially that no matter how many changes are made to the privacy settings, you will never have true privacy with regards to the site, because there is always the possibility that someone can say something about you, or take a picture/video of you and share it with their network of friends, without you being involved whatsoever. With smartphone usage rising, and uploading/status updating becoming near-reflex for some people, you hardly have any control.

(Not) Quitting Facebook

Quitting Facebook is not going to help that. You don’t need a Facebook profile for people to put you into the Facebook universe. But other privacy concerns, mainly related to users’ personal data, sparked the creation of QuitFacebookDay, the site that rallied a good chunk of users, but not that many when compared to the rest of the user base.

QuitFacebookDay was set up by designer Matthew Milan and web technologist Joseph Dee. "There are alternatives to Facebook," the duo said on the site. "Understanding what is best for you will depend a lot on what you need out of your social graph on a daily basis. For some, a combination of services like email, Twitter and Flickr might work. For others, a Ning group or a specialized social site like Akoha might be an option. If the entire population of Brazil can use Orkut, we think that there’s hope for you to find a new home on the web."

Quit Facebook Day - The Site

They also mention the Diaspora Project, which we’ve reported on in recent weeks. "At the moment, there aren’t a lot of great options for direct replacement, but know that you’re not alone. When there’s a market need, it’s not long before better options appear," the two added. You can read more about their initiative here.

There are some caveats to consider when looking at the success (or lack thereof) of Quit Facebook Day. For one, there have been people quitting for a while and there will be more quitting still. Another is that it was Memorial Day, and a lot of people were probably more interested in spending time with their families, having cookouts, remembering veterans, etc. And of course, not everyone even knew about Quit Facebook Day.

Popular social media blog Mashable polled its users on wither or not they would quit Facebook. The overwhelming majority said no for one of the following reasons: "My mom would kill me," or "Facebook is my life!" (the latter getting most of the votes).

Facebook Growth

It would be nice to see some numbers about Facebook’s growth over the past several months, but we’ve only seen estimates that it has between 450 and 500 million users at this point. As Facebook becomes integrated with more of the web (expect a significant amount of this, courtesy of an announcement from Demand Media last week), more people are likely to get involved with Facebook. This privacy stuff will blow over eventually, and as non-users continue to see Facebook-related features on their favorite sites, they may give in sooner or later.

There are a growing number of access points to Facebook. Demand Media’s example is only one of the most recent. Another example is Facebook’s Q&A offering, which is in beta testing. Facebook also launched an Android SDK, which will lead to more Facebook integration with Android Apps, and Android use itself is growing as well (wait until Google TV gets here).

Business Opportunities

There have been a great deal of opportunities for businesses on Facebook for quite some time, but the amount of opportunities continues to grow right along with Facebook itself. If you have a business, Facebook is one of the most important places to be found online at this point. Digifile calls Facebook "the Information Age’s White Pages". Perhaps profiles could be considered as such, but Pages are the yellow pages in that analogy.

As the number of access points grows, as discussed above, so does the amount of ways customers can potentially engage with businesses via Facebook. The Open Graph, APIs, and SDKs, along with increased mobile usage, will fuel a great deal of innovation and integration. Facebook e-commerce will continue to grow as the company pushes its credits system and more retail apps are created.

Could Facebook become MySpace? Sure, it could, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon. It’s going to take more than privacy concerns. It’s going to take another service simply being "cooler". For now, Facebook is still "where it’s at," and it will continue to be important for the foreseeable future.

Are you thinking about quitting Facebook, or is all of this Facebook backlash just being blown out of proportion? Tell us what you think.

People Not So Eager to Quit Facebook After All?
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  • http://BillboardInTheWoods.com Jay

    Of course the Quit Facebook Day was a failure, it it also hard to get a crackhead to give up a fix. It will just not happen, it is too entrenched into their lifestyle. The immediate rewards far out way the potential issues… you know, like the slow leaching of one’s own privacy. Facebook is going nowhere, at least not until there is a newer, shinier, mo’ better high.

  • http://lanta-krabi.blogspot.com/ Lanta

    “Facebook is my life!”

    I expect the answer was a bit tongue in cheek for most taking the poll. For quite a few it is probably oh so true. Often I come across comments from facebook users saying its great and they have 254 friends and they say that feeling proud. The future of society is bleek if kids (and adults) grow up with the curtains closed and spend their life with “fake digital friends”. I think for the sake of humanity the plug should be pulled and not let the addiction prevent them from doing the right thing.

    Or as you say, wait for the next thing around the corner…Still not a Facebooker and proud – heading to pub , real social network with real friends.

  • Guest

    I don’t get it. In the past people got pissed when someone read their diary. Today you paste it on the internet for the whole world to read? Strange, very strange …

    • Chris Crum

      That’s funny.

  • http://doneinstyle.com bj

    But then, so is facebook.

    I do have a profile there, at the request of real friends. I didn’t use my real name to create it, seldom visit it, and simply use it to let the addicts notify me when something’s going on. I don’t respond through facebook, I use the phone or real email. Therefore I have no privacy concerns. I also went through shutting down all the privacy breaches. Somehow I doubt the addicts who are my real friends did.

  • http://zuitty.com Guest

    How can anyone tell if this was a bust?
    If you did a survey you would probably find that less than 1% of Facebook users even know about Quit Facebook Day.

    But one thing it did do was get Facebook to make some quick changes to their privacy settings. So even if everyone thinks that Quit Facebook Day was a failure it sure looks like it had Facebook worried.

    • Chris Crum

      I did mention as a caveat that not everyone knew about Quit Facebook Day.

  • http://www.faceamania.com Peter

    There are other options out there you know. We started a social networking site that will be one year old on June 9th. The site was created and funded by disgruntled ex facebook members who were sick of account deletions, acoount suspensions, pink slip warnings etc.
    We have gone from strength to strength and we do not share any information with any third parties. Faceamania.com is a family friendly site and it is FREE.


    • Chris Crum

      I think the biggest challenge with any other option is getting your circle of friends/family to go along with you.

      • http://www.faceamania.com Pete

        You are quite correct Chris, our biggest hurdle has been membership and persuading people to move to us. However we have done ok so far with just under 100k members.

  • http://asylum-et.com/ Asylum

    It is not that people are not eager to quit facebook. It is more an issue of they are being held hostage as it is the only place that “all” their friends meet. There may be other social websites but none of them have “all” your friends as users.

    • Chris Crum

      Yes, that is a big challenge for any Facebook competitor.

  • Daniel

    Oh really?? It was??? As several others have indicated, Im on there, but am hardly a regular visitor. Its a convenient way for my “old” HS buddies to communicate with each other, and keep each other informed as to upcoming events ….. but for me, at least, its HARDLY a necessity.

    If Facebook went belly up tomorrow …. I wouldnt miss it much.

  • Keybored

    I canceled Face book over Easter. What is the big deal? I don’t miss it at all, guess I am the only person who can live with out it? HA HA don’t think so. i join millions and millions of people who do not need an online “life” to live my life.

  • Guest

    All one has to do is read Facebook’s terms of service to understand that Facebook owns all of your content that you have uploaded. This gives them permission to do whatever they wish with it including selling your info, content, and ultimately your privacy to whatever third-party payer provides them with the highest bid.

    I respect my privacy and never joined so there is no need to quit.

    Facebook seems to be a bit under-handed in how it deals with your data. Otherwise, why don’t they just put a “quit Facebook” “stop your Facebook service” link on their site. They will “suspend” your listing making it no longer available for viewing by the world but I suspect all of your content remains on their server.

    You actually have to jump through a bunch of hoops to totally quit the service and have your content removed. This process,, according to Facebook, can take a couple of weeks.

    If Facebook would readily allow you to quit their service, I suspect people would be leaving in herds.

    • http://www.faceamania.com Peter

      Well said. I tried to quit FB and 3 weeks later the account was still there. With faceamania.com when someone quits, they get a simple pop up stating that all their profile information, images etc will be delete, do you want to delete this account and a yes/no button. Once they hit yes, bang, their acct and info is auto deleted. If we can do it then why can’t FB, probably as they want to continually boast about how many members they have, escaping from Alcatraz is easier than escaping from facebook.14

  • Guest

    I LIKE Facebook. I only signed on because I heard it would be advantageous for my small art business, and it has been! But I started to like it for other reasons – one, I can keep in touch with family who I would never write or call across the country (and even one in Germany!). I also have contacted old friends I haven’t seen for years.But, I do NOT play all the silly games, “friend” tons of people I don’t really know OR coworkers, or tell everyone when I’m going to be gone on vacation! I’m middle aged and not as trusting as teenagers about technology, I guess…

    • Chris Crum

      I don’t think there’s any question there are tremendous benefits to businesses.

  • Chris 54

    Facebook is not my life, nor should it be anybody’s.
    Very few there are friends. Too many there are just salesmen & PR weasles.

    Most people that I didn’t care to contact (or look for) over the last 20+ years,
    but now i should be concerned over if they have a duck in Farmville.
    Nope, I’ll pass.

    Get a life. Drop It Now!!!

  • http://www.cuencacigars.com Ana

    The reason much people are complaining about facebook is just because of the fact, for the first time ever, (and it came across during the right time: Recession) Business have a tool that really work for them, and its also FREE!

    All businesses you got together and start paying advertisement on Facebook, to make sure it nevers goes away……it does not take much and you will have “Immediate Gratification”……

    Facebook is a living encyclopedia and a lot of information is been actually retrieve, so, at the end we also have a price to pay….we all know that. Privacy is a tough and the fact that Insurance companies and other sources are using all this information against businesses as well is something that works against this great tool. But still we should find the way to continue with this because is just a great idea, been implemented in a very smart way.

    What do I recommend? 1st, do not post any information about your family unless you set up an account with the appropriate set of privacy on. do not use the facebook apps, mainly from a 3rd party company and usually infected with virus and so on…….use facebook to share with your family and for business purposes and always becarefull, Internet is never save we all know that…. but pray for facebook to stay alive and if you are a business, please, start using it now!

  • http://www.gayvets.net Roy

    No I wouldn’t quit Facebook, although doing without it yes I can.

  • Pastor Brady C. Harness


    Leave Facebook.com No.

    I have made many wonderful Friends there.

    Be smart and take precautions, yes.

    Facebook is great for personal contacts, making Friends and business.

    Just use common sense and be careful.

    Pastor Brady C. Harness

    • Pete

      May your God bless your nieve outlook!

  • http://www.cyber-key.com M.-J. Taylor

    I find Facebook way too useful for driving traffic to websites to quit. And business aside, I am part of a large dance community, and while I am not friends with all of them, I am friends with a couple of thousands. I let them know what’s going on with the community through FB; I invite them to various weekend dances and special events and manage a volunteer group for the weekly, local dance. Facebook has made it easy! No way would I quit.

  • nodrama

    I deleted my account last year.
    And its great, no distractions.

    Facebook = Object Oriented Stalking

  • http://www.theinternetvision.com Gabe

    Who cares about protecting their online privacy. People should be trying to become as un-private as possible. If you want to remain a closet hermit then you shouldnt be online let alone Facebook.

    I would rather have marketers advertise something I’m actually interested in then spam me with things I’m not. If I’m going to be marketed to anyway I’d rather it be for a sporting event then a feminine hygiene product.

    Here’s some synonyms of “privacy”.


    • http://www.faceamania.com Pete

      Hi Gabe,

      You certainly have an interesting outlook on what privacy is and means. Whilst it may not be that important to you my friend it is to others.

      There are also the legal implications involved here over the disclosure of personal information. In the UK we have the Data Protection Act to protect personal privacy. We also have laws on Intellectual property, whilst intellectual property is normally conceived as protecting the brand names of big business it also protects the rights of individuals.

      I actually hold a Data Protection License issued by the UK Government and I am classed as a data controller and a fit and proper person to hold this license.. This means that if I knowingly or even unknowingly disclose client data then I will be prosecuted for breaking the law. I have no right whatsoever to disclose private information to any third party without the explicit consent of the person concerned.

      Thus this is not just an issue for private individuals but webmasters too. Privacy is important to many, many people. Governments have noticed exactly what facebook have been doing with the information provided by facebook users on profiles. Canada has already ruled that the actions of facebook are illegal, Brazil have done the same. There are many ongoing cases around the world against facebook and it’s alleged breaches of an individual’s privacy.

      The questions are thus. Should an individual have to go through a whole series of complex privacy settings to protect their information or should it be as it is on www.faceamania.com where all information is automatically kept private, not shared with third parties and the user chooses what friends to share this information with?

      There is also the issue of child safety online, why does facebook refuse to install a panic button for kids who feel threatened? On faceamania we have set all junior members profiles as automatically private.

      I would ask you to consider the points that I have raised.


    • http://asylum-et.com/ Asylum

      Gabe you must be joking… People have plenty of reason to be concerned about their online privacy. It is scary that you are not. Think of a few things here. Maybe you have children. Do you want pedophiles having open access to them or your pictures of them? If you have children I would think the answer would be no. Depending on who you are maybe your children would hold a great dollar amount to a would be kidnapper and facebook would be a great means to gather all the info needed to grab one up. Maybe your wife just posted a status saying she was going to be walking down to the local 7/11 and some stalker who has been watching her facebook now knows this and it is all over but the crying. And just maybe it is no one’s business what you do or when you do it except for those who you explicitly want to have know.

      As for advertising. If the advertisers have access to your personal information it is extremely easy to make a sale to you that you would not have otherwise gone for. Why? Because they know you now and know how to sell to you specifically. This is great for them but serves you no purpose whatsoever except emptying your wallet. I would think any normal person that wants to buy something would not need an advertisement to tell them to buy it. They would know it was something they wanted or needed and would look into options for buying it. If you see an ad on the side of a page for a fem product and that is not relevant to you just be happy that you wont be spending your dollars this time and don’t look at the ad again. Personally I don’t even see the ads on facebook anymore. I guess it’s all about conditioning yourself to not look at them.

      As for apps. They are rather dangerous as you are just allowing your info to be sold to God knows who. They may grab your email address and add it to a mailing list to be sold off to the highest bidders. Facebook plays no part in this other than enabling it with no research into the developers behind the application(s). Just anyone can make a facebook app and let it loose on facebook‘s users. This is why there are so many facebook viruses and worms.

      Now surely to much privacy is not healthy but how about leaving that up to the individual user to decide just how private they want to be.

      • Guest

        You need to understand why certain people believe there should be no privacy. Usually these sorts of people have a communist, fascist, socialist or collectivist outlook, whereby a few lead and govern, make all the rules and the rest simply do as their told. The owner of Facebook is one, most politicians, rich people, and corporate leaders are, most religious leaders are. These people are narcissists. Trying to reach their ‘better judgment’ is a complete and utter waste of time I’m afraid.

        Gabe is probably not even this persons real name and is most likely an agent or something.

        But the point remains the same, privacy is extremely important. What is the point of everyone knowing everything about one and another. Why would I bother getting to know you if I already knew everything about you? Why would I court someone, why would I socialize? Unless you are someone who only ever talks about the past, and never the now or the future, why would I even strike up conversation with anyone?

  • http://www.caldude.com Online Success Guide

    I applause the initiative of QuitFacebookDay.com in raising awareness behind the privacy issues on Facebook. However given the time invested by most Facebook users in their profiles, walls and making friends, it’s too much to ask them to just reduce all that investment to nothing.

  • Gabrielle

    Facebook is genius, really. It is growing at such a rapid pace, and people are addicted to it. As far as privacy goes, if you don’t want your information to be public, then don’t publish it on the Internet! It’s that simple. I don’t publish any information anywhere unless I don’t mind if it would be published in the newspaper.

  • http://www.thelove4pets.com Mary Lou

    I have a myspace account and a facebook account. The people on facebook are different than the ones on myspace, anyway their comments are. I have a lot of new wonderful friends on both of them. Facebook users seem to be more adult about things but on myspace they tend to get childish in their comments. If I wanted a choice I would quit myspace before I would give up facebook. I can’t explain it….it is just better. If you want to keep your life private than you do not belong on either of them or on the internet for that matter. Thank You for the ear….Regards.

  • RobinSee

    People can move houses, change career, so people will quit any social network for whatever reason.

  • http://www.mmortgage.com.au Guest

    Facebook is the standout success of social network sites and now has reportedly 500 million members. That’s a lot of people. So Facebook is useful, fiils a need and its growing.
    I however left Facebook [or so I thought] a couple of years ago. When the recent news on privacy came up I checked my profile, and it was still there!
    The article here http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=16929680703, [not my page] explains why it might of happened. I permanently deleted my account last week.
    For most people Facebook a great way to meet friends and get new Friends. But that was not my purpose of joining. It was because people were saying that it was a marketing opportunity. Being a “fake friend” for the purpose of self promotion did not appeal to me. Also whilst I did meet some past workmates, I got stuck somehow with all there hangers-on. Then I got a Nigerian hooker wanting to meet up [or is that meat-up?]. That was enough for me. As a mortgage broker I know the value of privacy and retaining your personal information, and wrote an article on the matter.
    Young people with nothing are carefree and don’t realize that they will soon have jobs, bank accounts and property. Then they will value their privacy and personal information, But that will be too late. Because your information can be tracked and retained by others once online.
    You can find me all over the net, but not the personal information that would lead to my identity being stolen.

  • Ann

    I originally signed up for Facebook to help my high school alumni keep in contact with me. Since then, I have been hacked and invaded with viruses all via Facebook. Though I don’t have anything on my profile other than my name and high school I attended, I still got hacked. There is no security with Facebook even with the highest settings, and I’m even wondering if quitting Facebook will do the trick. I have known folks who have tried relentessly to get their kids pictures removed because another insensitive adult posted said pics. Well, to most folks it’s not a problem. But what if you’re a parent that has a kid who is being stalked? What if there are real safety issues to be considered? Facebook admitted that once a pic was posted, that it will remain in the system. So, my question is will our profiles also remain in the system? If I delete it, I’ll never know. If I don’t delete it, then I’ll still probably never know, but I will also have some managing ability to try and keep track.

    I’m sorry I ever signed up for Facebook. I don’t like it, and I don’t like how it works. Yeah, there is no security in anything we do online, but we should still have the option to pull our kids pics if there is a problem, even if the post was made by someone other than the kid’s parent. Anyone out there who has been hacked would know exactly what I’m talking about regarding the security problem. ID theft is huge and I imagine Facebook is keeping that alive and well too.

    I did not know there was a Quit Facebook Day. If they do start charging for the site, then I’m sure that quitting number will go up. I’m not willing to pay a dime for it.

  • http://www.fowlercomputer.com Shane Fowler

    I would quit facebook but all of my friends are on it…so I just maintain my myspace with all of my pictures that I take and tell my facebook friends to go on myspace and see my pics.

  • Terence

    Facebook is quite open about what they will do with your personal information so I dont really see what all the fuss is about. Read it here: http://www.facebook.com/policy.php

    and if you dont like what they are saying delete your account here:


    But remember not to go back to check to see whether they have deleted it for at least two weeks, otherwise your account will reactivate.

    What I dont like about Facebook is that they promote the site as a social network and get people hooked but obviously their real intention is to farm your personal details, habits, interests, etc and give them to third parties. Obviously you do give them that right by signing up but thats not how the site is promoted. Bordering on the the slightly dishonest side I think we all know that no-one reads past the 5th line before they click ” I agree to join Facebook” and its all been done before.

    Anyway its easy enough to leave if you dont like what they offer, they wont be the first or last social network site to exist.

    Life on the Internet is such a bitch!…lol

  • Guest

    I dont like facebook, this is stupid sites.

  • Guest

    I think FB is a waste of time. My purpose for being on the social forums is for business and education. I spend more time sending flowers, hearts and other gifts to connections (over 2000)

    I like all of my connects but I am not helping them further their business and they are not furthering mine. I don’t see the point really but if you’re not on FB ppl look at you like they would if you don’t have a credit card or a bank account.

  • Guest

    Girl can’t quit facebook because with out it they just won’t have a social online life that is more popular then rather going out and seeing their friends

  • Kain

    I have enough problems keeping in touch with my real friends without bothering with a thundering waste of time like a personal Facebook account :)

    It reminds me of CB radio back in the 70’s, everyone was on it and it looked like it was going to go on forever.

    In a few years time Facebook will most likely be consigned to the Cyber graveyard like Bebo, Geocities and others.

    But in the meantime it is a nice marketing opportunity so I’ll keep my business account for the moment.

  • Sandy Lacey

    I’ve never seen any reason to want to be on Facebook. To me it’s just a load of people with nothing better to do than dish the dirt on others.. Also I can’t see any reason to want to discuss things with other people , let them find out things for themselves. Social networking to me is just an excuse for gossip and wasting time. They should find something constructive to do, get a hobby, get a life!

  • http://payetgaunpesta.blogspot.com adhinatalia

    As long as you can hold yourself from being self-adoring..:)) If we used our healthy mind, we would easily found that without Facebook our life will still be fine…Instead, Facebook cost you some great lost like your clientele list that are open wide for your competitor disguising as your FB friends. Which you has build the relations in sweat..Not to mention all the private conversations thing that can be accidentally ruin your good image by false….:D Clearly Twitter is far more better as it doesn’t really directly reveal your whole conversation to each other…:))

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Raymonds-Express-Travel-Services/310095858196 Mistress P

    Greetings to all,

    People joined Facebook for a variety of reasons and many have been listed here. In all adventures everyone feels differently for different reasons. I have met new contacts and connected with old friends. I choose to disconnect the obsession. I stopped the text messages by phone. I discontinued playing the games and using the applications. I separated everyone into folders for quick access. I have always been very careful at what I post. I time my visits now and keep them to a minimum.

    NO – I would not pay for the service.

  • Thomas N.

    In a fundamentalist black-and-white world based on “either you are with us or you are against us” philosophy this conclusion might have merits, but in the real world this is just simple-minded nonsense.

    The only official number Facebook is talking about is the number of signed up users, because that makes them look good. If they published numbers for how many users log in every day and the average amount of time spent on Facebook by all users then it would show a true picture of its popularity.

    Based on my Facebook contacts and their activity on Facebook, then I would say that only 5-10% of my friends contribute with 80-90% of the chatter on the part of Facebook that I see. Some may have more active groups of friends while others may have less active groups of friends, but nobody will be able to say that all their friends contribute equally to the activity on thier corner of Facebook. Using the total number of users as a measure of popularity without looking at their usage and behavior gives an incomplete picture and is just misleading marketing propaganda.

    Turn off your brain and repeat the following 10 times and then stop questioning Facebook popularity: “400 million users, 400 million users, 400 million users truly love Facebook”

    The fact that very few people have quit Facebook does not show that people do not care about privacy issues on Facebook. A very relevant question would be “how many people have deleted personal information about themselves in the last six months?” as a lot of people have reduced the amount of information they post on their profile to keep it at a minimum.

    Many people do not want to quit Facebook completely as that means loosing the possibility to contact old friends, but they do not want all their information to be used for marketing purposes by Facebook and 3rd party marketing companies either. Several people in my network do the same as me; send an email outside Facebook if the other person’s email address is visible or contact through Facebook mail and ask for an email address in order to avoid their conversations to be part of Facebook’s marketing database.

    If you poll Facebook users about whether they see Facebook as a necessary evil to maintain a contact directory of old friends that they have not seen in a long time, then you will probably get a significant number that you can deduct from the 400 million who truly love Facebook.

    As Mark Twain said: “There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies, and statistics”. Facebook is living high on the third kind of lies about their popularity. Quoting a very unprofessional survey from Mashable just adds to the lies (you will get the ‘right answers’ if you ask the ‘right questions’).

    “If you have a business, Facebook is one of the most important places to be found online at this point.” Well, I have a business and this is just complete nonsense to promote paid advertising on Facebook. Facebook is one of many marketing opportunities and in my situation, I have many other options that provide me a higher ROI on my marketing spending. This is not to say that it is useless to advertise on Facebook, but it definitely does not merit a major share of my marketing mix!

    From now on, I will ignore everything that WebProNews has to say about Facebook. This article and most other articles about Facebook on this site has nothing to do with unbiased journalism, analysis, or insight. I would like to hear an answer to whether Chris Crum or WebProNews is being paid to promote Facebook or if Chris Crum has hidden motives to provide Facebook propaganda rather than clean unbiased analysis of the situation.

  • Guest

    I enjoy Facebook because I can select and make use of the aspects I like and ignore the rest.

    It’s good for keeping in touch with geographically distant people ‘you actually know’, and I always hide those stupid applications so I do not receive the things about sending flowers, hearts etc anymore.

    Also, I was concerned about my privacy and security info, so have an account in an ‘alternative’ name, and I share nothing with facebook, no DOB, address, workplaces, favourite bands etc. My friends and family know me and know what I like, I use Facebook in a way that suits me.

  • JR

    This major campaign to quit facebook … first I have heard of it only after it was over did I get an email about it. Online privacy is an important issue but where does it end google tracks your surfing habits are you going to quit google. And who knows what else is all tracked there is no online privacy the worst thing about facebook for me is the unannounced site changes and updates and I have quit facebook but any of my contacts are all there so where are you suppposed to go there is nowhere. And to Steve Jobs and the ipad stick it where the sun doesnt shine I will never buy a piece of hardware that limits me to only buying applications through a monopolized company change ipad to (ifail to see the point) I will use my own dam programs.

    • Guest

      You bet I don’t use google! There are far better search engines out there, metasearches who don’t just throw paid ads at you, and who don’t track you and spy on your every move. Google sucks, and I do NOT use it. I hate facebook for the same reasons.

  • Guest

    I hate it. I only posted a profile because nearly all of my clients and my business partner are on it, so they were networking and having conversations, and I needed to participate or at least monitor. The invasion of privacy is rampant, as once some program from facebook apparently scavenged all of my addresses from a stand-alone email program in my computer, and “suggested” a whole slew of possible facebook friends from my own private emails (not facebook messages!), most of whom had no apparent ties through facebook, nor any geographical proximity (so I know it was a spyware program that produced the list). If they can steal that information from my computer, what else are they harvesting?

  • not so sure

    face book is just big brother are you people mad ?

    Why would you want your pictures put on public view ?( there are lots of strange people on the internet already why would you want people like this viewing your images of your children and loved ones ??? ) Because i dont ……
    And also have every person in the world laughing at you because lets face it
    Who realy has 800 friends lol…….
    This is for sad people that sit on computers all day
    like x wives looking for someone to capture! with pictures they had done
    2 years ago, and still having them on show …Get a grip people and send face book back where it belongs in America…….

    So why put your face on offer… your not sad are you!!!!
    And dont give me that old chesnut about finding old friends it does not wash …….
    You have been brain washed by the American machine ….

    Get a life and go out and meet real people that do real things instead of siting at computers all day pretending to be liked with 800 friends ….

    Just a thought

    think about it people

    • Jeannie

      A childhood friend found me on Facebook. We have been emailing since. I thought it was amazing cause I always wondered how she turned out and I never would have known if it were not for Facebook.

      And, I do resent the anti American edge to your post. We don’t look at you hard.

  • Guest

    FB is like life youll find cool and nasty people in your way. Also you can learn a lot. Some people go into for fun, others for doing something etc. Others go for personal grow. You can find all in there. I havent reached the part when got the chance to explore people myself, I think I will do so latter, but in there youll find amazing people… Its up to you

  • http://www.faceamania.com Pete

    I received this email this evening, I will paste it in it’s entirity. You can make your own mind up.

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    gender and more.

    – It’s simple.
    We make it easy to create and place ads, track results and
    maximize leads.

    – It’s a Facebook world.
    At 400 million fans and counting, it’s official: Everyone’s
    on Facebook.

    Watch our Facebook Advertising 101 Webinar
    See how easy it is to reach the Facebook community.


    Copyright (C) 2010 Facebook. All Rights Reserved.
    Facebook, 1601 S. California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA, 94304

  • Jeannie

    My addiction isn’t Face book. It is Plenty of Fish.

  • http://www.signature.eu.com Steve at web marketing works

    FB users shouldn’t be so trusting of Free sites like FB. At the end of the day it’s a business and needs to make a profit in order to maintain the service used by so many? If you don’t want to wash your laundry in public, then don’t use FB. Simple.

  • Guest

    Facebook is a great place for friends and family to connect. You can find people that you’ve lost contact with and so on. Most people don’t read the fine print when they get involved with something. They learn about things the hard way. I’m guilty of it myself. There’s an old saying that goes like this, “the devil is in the details”……….lol. The truth is that when you have power, the thing you want most is more power, more control, more money and more followers. That’s all that Facebook wants. They want to reign supreme over all of humanity. They want to be a part of everyone’s life. Facebook wants you to become so addicted to them that you go there for everything, and it will work. But people, we still have choices, choose them and all the things that they offer but limit what you say and what information people have access to and you should be fine. Just don’t tell 10,000 people when you’re leaving town and where you’re going. That way your belongings should still be there when you get back. http://www.getcoffeeonline.org. Enjoy!

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