CES 2012: Pandora Owns The Digital Airwaves

    January 11, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Everybody loves Pandora Radio and 125 million users can’t be wrong.

Pandora used CES as an excuse to boast their ridiculous number of registered users and new partnerships that further cement them as a major player in the Internet radio business.

First up, Pandora declared that they have now moved up to more than 125 million registered users. This is most likely due to the fact that Pandora is now deployed on more than 450 consumer electronic devices, up from 200 products the same time last year.

They announced that the average listener time has increased to 18 hours a month. Considering that more and more people listen to Pandora on their smartphones, that’s a lot of data and money for the mobile providers.

As a final boast that is sure to make Pandora the envy of Internet radio companies everywhere, they announced that they now own 68% of the market share. At least they did in November according to Triton Digital.

Pandora is also now in partnerships with 23 automotive companies. Some of those include Acura, Kia and Audiovox, with the last one being an aftermarket company. They also announced a partnership with Dish Network for their new set-top box and DVR.

Jessica Steel, EVP of business and corporate development for Pandora said, “The car is one of the most popular venues for radio listening and incorporating Pandora into the native environment of automobile dashboards makes listening to personalized internet radio as easy and natural as listening to traditional radio.”

Do you contribute to Pandora’s 125 million users? Or do you prefer one of the other providers? Sound off in the comments.

  • http://www.experts-exchange.com Experts Exchange

    Reporting live from Day 3 of CES 2012, our Content Manager Jenn Prentice had the opportunity to discuss the company’s current state of affairs with Pandora CMO Simon Fleming-Wood. http://blog.experts-exchange.com/ee-tech-news/pandora-cmo-were-in-your-fridge-and-not-so-sure-about-that-spotify-app/

  • Nosgoth1979

    Pandora is just one of the reasons I’m excited for DISH’s new whole home DVR: the Hopper. It’s definitely a cool feature that’s going to get a lot of use around my house as soon as I can get one installed. Mainly I can’t wait to be able to have my recorded content interchangeable between all the rooms. And this will give me an excuse to finally put a new TV in my garage next to the workbench too! I’ve been an employee of DISH for a few years now, and a subscriber for even longer, and I can’t remember ever being this excited for a product before.

  • Zach

    Longtime Pandora user, longtime fan. It’s a musical education.