Report: MySpace To Get Expert New Ad Sales Head

The rate at which MySpace makes money may soon increase.  According to a fresh report, Wenda Harris Millard, who’s earned quite a reputation in the marketing industry, is set to try her hand at moving ad space.

U.S. Gets First Internet Addiction Center
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A new Internet addiction center has opened in Fall City, Washington, that claims it is the first of its kind in the U.S.

The center called reStart is a 45-day program costing $14,500 and is located near Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters. reStart says its program is specifically designed to help Internet and video game addicts overcome their dependence on gaming, gambling, chatting, texting and other aspects of Internet addiction.

Devil Cover, “Evil” Article Catch Google’s Eye
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If you ever need to get Google’s attention, it looks like hinting at a connection between the search giant and Lucifer is one way to do it.  In response to an article titled "Is Google Evil?" and a devilish drawing, Google’s fired back with an official blog post.

Department of Education: Online Education Beats Classroom
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An interesting study from none other than the US Department of Education says that students using online education actually perform better than those who just learn in the classroom. The findings are all the more intriguing, considering the source.

The study examined a number of other studies on the subject to reach its conclusions. Online education programs should be pleased with the results.

Some of the key findings from the study:

Twitter Fails To Trademark ‘Tweet’

I love Twitter. I’ve also personally met co-founder Biz Stone, and he’s a great guy. That said, it does appear that they’ve strayed from their normal play book and are instead reading from the lesser-known Clue(less) Train Manifesto. 

Google’s Matt Cutts on .com Relevancy in UK
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Some UK Google users have noticed that search results pages are showing more results from .com sites these days, than in the past. They are used to .co.uk sites getting better rank, and assuming that they are more relevant to their geographic location.

Certainly in some cases the .co.uk site would be more relevant to a UK searcher, but that is not always the case. Google’s Matt Cutts has posted a video in which he answers a question on this subject from a user. The question was:

Broadband Growth Fastest In Rural Areas
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Over the past two years broadband has experienced the most significant growth in rural areas, according to a new study from comScore.

Rural markets (defined as having a population less than 10,000) in the U.S. saw a 16-percentage point increase in broadband penetration from Q2 2007 to Q2 2009, making it the fastest growing geographic market segment in the nation. In comparison micropolitan areas (population between 10,000-50,000) grew 14 percentage points during the same time, while metropolitan areas (population 50,000+) grew 11 percentage points.

Gmail Expands Email, Contact Import Offer
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Here’s hoping that you haven’t spent several hours of your life forwarding emails from an old Hotmail or Yahoo account to one under Gmail’s umbrella.  Although it was a long time in coming, Gmail’s now made the option to import old messages and contacts available to everyone.

eBay Affiliate Program Goes from CPA to CPC
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eBay has announced "Quality Click Pricing" for the eBay Partner Network affiliate program. The company describes this as a new payout structure designed to further reward affiliates who drive incremental transactions on eBay, and who send "value buyers" to the company’s sites.

Google Rolling Out AdSense Relevancy Improvements
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Google announced (subtly) that it is rolling out a series of enhancements to AdSense’s contextual targeting capabilities to more accurately match relevant ads to AdSense publishers’ pages.

Unfortunately, not many details about these enhancements were given away, but Google says AdSense publishers will not have to update their AdSense accounts or ad code. Changes will be applied automatically.

Possible Google News Ranking Factors Revealed in Patent?
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A patent for "systems and methods for improving the ranking of news articles" was granted to Google yesterday. It was originally filed in 2003.

RT: Retweet Competition to Follow URL-Shortening Craze
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Update: Retweet.com is now live.

Original Article: First Twitter ignited the URL-shortening service fire, and now a similar phenomenon appears to be happening with "retweeting" services. Retweet.com is reportedly set to launch today.

MySpace CEO Discusses iLike Acquisition

Early Monday, we reported that MySpace intended to acquire iLike.  This afternoon, during a press conference call, MySpace’s CEO, Owen Van Natta, confirmed the deal and discussed a few details.

AT&T Fingered In Google Voice/App Store Fiasco
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The accusations are still flying when it comes to Google Voice getting banned from the iPhone App Store.  Andy Kessler, a former hedge fund manager, has even gone so far as to say that AT&T "killed" the service.

CareerBuilder Launches Social Network

CareerBuilder has announced it has launched BrightFuse.com a social networking site geared towards professionals.

To clarify CareerBuilder originally launched BrightFuse in February 2008, but in its announcement it does not mention this detail. WebProNews contacted CareerBuilder for a comment but did not receive a response before publication.

Database Maintenance for Bit.ly Tonight

Twitter’s favorite URL shortener, Bit.ly, updated their official blog warning users of unscheduled database maintenance that will take place tonight between the hours of 1 – 3 AM EST. No downtime is expected and all links should redirect properly, but during the maintenance you’ll be unable to generate new links and view stats.

Twitter Turns To Outside Sources For Advice On Own Service

Let’s say you own the most popular microblogging service on the Internet. Let’s say you want to grow that service and make it more valuable to your users (and maybe make money. You wouldn’t complain.). So you’re going to feature third party apps, but you want to feature the best ones.

More Time Warner Content Heading To YouTube
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YouTube seems determined to not lose any more ground to Hulu, and that’s good news for users.  Google’s video-sharing site has reached an agreement with Time Warner that’ll have it gaining some very popular, professionally-produced content. 

Social Media: A Day In The Life Of An NFL Player

The Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, formerly known as Chad Johnson, has been tweeting for sometime now. With just over 110,000 followers on Twitter and his own show on USTREAM, Ocho is giving the everyday fan a chance to see the daily life of an NFL player… however wacky the life may be.

Google Launches New Enterprise Search Features
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Today Google announced two new tools for Enterprise Search – Side-By-Side search comparison and new connectors for the Google Search Appliance. Both of these features are available in Google Enterprise Labs.

Side-By-Side Search Comparison

Smartphone Sales Up 47% In Q2
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In terms of sales of mobile phones in the U.S. feature phones still account for a considerable share of the market, even as smartphone sales continue to increase their share of overall handset sales, according to a new report from The NPD Group.

Sales of new feature phones decreased 5 percent to 72 percent of new handset sales in the second quarter, while sales of new smartphones reached 28 percent of overall purchases, a 47 percent increase year-over-year.

MySpace Stops Startling Users With Bad Music
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In one particular way, MySpace has long been a dangerous place to visit: when browsing profiles with your speakers on, you never know if you’ll deafen yourself (and/or your coworkers) with death metal, or worse yet, expose everyone to emo.  Fortunately, MySpace has now fixed the problem. 

TwitVid Delivers First Twitter Video Upload App for Blackberry
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TwitVid has just released what it calls "the first Twitter Video uploading application for the Blackberry." Blackberry-using Twitterers with a love for sharing video can now rejoice.

AOL Files Suit Against Advertise.com
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It seems that AOL doesn’t have much faith in the public’s reading comprehension skills.  This week, it filed suit against Advertise.com on the basis that "Advertise.com" is too similar to a couple of terms AOL has used for years.

The official complaint (obtained by Domain Name Wire) stated, "Plaintiffs and their predecessors have continuously used and extensively promoted the ADVERTISING.COM and AD.COM names and marks in connection with the provision of a variety of services."