TweetMeme Bringing Analytics to the Retweet Table
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TweetMeme didn’t take the launch of Retweet.com lightly. As the new entity comes in to step right on their toes, TweetMeme points to some solid numbers, a list of differentiating features, and announces an upcoming analytics package.

What Americans Did Online In July

In July Americans went online searching for information about green initiatives related to automotive transportation driven by the launch of the federal "Cash for Clunkers" program, with visitations to green sites growing 15 percent in July to 17.5 million visitors, according to comScore.

Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon Look to Throw the Book at Google
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Microsoft, Yahoo, and Amazon have reportedly banded together under the organization of the Internet Archive and antitrust lawyer Gary Reback, to try and put a stop to Google’s settlement with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers over Google Book Search.

Biz Stone Talks Commercial Accounts, Acquisitions

Commercial accounts are still on the way at Twitter.  Although, in a recent interview, cofounder Biz Stone declined to share specific launch dates (think "this year"), he did at least reconfirm this fact and hint at a few details and other moves.

Facebook Now Just Integrating Directly with Twitter
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Facebook is in the process of releasing a feature for Facebook Pages that allows the page’s admin to automatically post updates to Twitter simultaneously. The feature is only for Pages and not for individual profiles.

Twitter to Become Location Aware
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Twitter just announced that it has plans to launch a feature that makes the service location-aware. They’re rolling out a new API that will allow developers to add latitude and longitude to any specific tweet.

The Dawn of Real Facebook eCommerce
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Facebook is set to begin testing an expansion of its Gift Shop, for third-party developers to begin selling items to users for Facebook’s virtual currency. The really interesting part about this is that these developers can sell physical merchandise, not just Facebook gifts.

Oprah, Illinois AG Sue Internet Marketers
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Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has filed consumer fraud lawsuits against three suppliers and an affiliate marketer of acai berry products charging the companies lure customers with free online trial offers via aggressive Internet marketing tactics and then charge their credit cards prematurely.

Google Launches Google Listen Android App
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Google has quietly released a new Labs project for Android. It’s called Google Listen and is described as a personalized audio news-magazine loaded with fresh and interesting content whenever it is turned on.

YouTube Storyboards its Future
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There’s no question that YouTube is already a force to be reckoned with in the online video industry. It is the most popular video site on the web by a long shot.

YouTube wants to be better though, and is frequently introducing new features. The company posted some visions for its own future on the YouTube blog today, including visual storyboards of some concepts it intends to pay particular attention to in the coming years. Have a look at those:

DivX Settles Yahoo Lawsuit

Yahoo may not exactly have come out on top, but it doesn’t need to worry about a DivX lawsuit any longer.  The two companies have reached a settlement, and it looks like DivX received a considerable sum of money.

Bing Shopping Shows Impressive Growth Since Launch
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Hitwise is sharing some information about how well Bing Shopping is doing. They have compared its performance from the week ending June 6th, just after its launch to its performance for the week ending August 8.

Yahoo Gives Search Marketers Time-Saving Tips
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Yahoo has decided to drop some knowledge on Yahoo Search Marketing advertisers about a tool it has that it says will speed up their campaign optimization. If you are not familiar with it, it’s called the Bulksheet.

Report: MySpace To Get Expert New Ad Sales Head

The rate at which MySpace makes money may soon increase.  According to a fresh report, Wenda Harris Millard, who’s earned quite a reputation in the marketing industry, is set to try her hand at moving ad space.

U.S. Gets First Internet Addiction Center
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A new Internet addiction center has opened in Fall City, Washington, that claims it is the first of its kind in the U.S.

The center called reStart is a 45-day program costing $14,500 and is located near Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters. reStart says its program is specifically designed to help Internet and video game addicts overcome their dependence on gaming, gambling, chatting, texting and other aspects of Internet addiction.

Devil Cover, “Evil” Article Catch Google’s Eye
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If you ever need to get Google’s attention, it looks like hinting at a connection between the search giant and Lucifer is one way to do it.  In response to an article titled "Is Google Evil?" and a devilish drawing, Google’s fired back with an official blog post.

Department of Education: Online Education Beats Classroom
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An interesting study from none other than the US Department of Education says that students using online education actually perform better than those who just learn in the classroom. The findings are all the more intriguing, considering the source.

The study examined a number of other studies on the subject to reach its conclusions. Online education programs should be pleased with the results.

Some of the key findings from the study:

Twitter Fails To Trademark ‘Tweet’

I love Twitter. I’ve also personally met co-founder Biz Stone, and he’s a great guy. That said, it does appear that they’ve strayed from their normal play book and are instead reading from the lesser-known Clue(less) Train Manifesto. 

Google’s Matt Cutts on .com Relevancy in UK
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Some UK Google users have noticed that search results pages are showing more results from .com sites these days, than in the past. They are used to .co.uk sites getting better rank, and assuming that they are more relevant to their geographic location.

Certainly in some cases the .co.uk site would be more relevant to a UK searcher, but that is not always the case. Google’s Matt Cutts has posted a video in which he answers a question on this subject from a user. The question was:

Broadband Growth Fastest In Rural Areas
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Over the past two years broadband has experienced the most significant growth in rural areas, according to a new study from comScore.

Rural markets (defined as having a population less than 10,000) in the U.S. saw a 16-percentage point increase in broadband penetration from Q2 2007 to Q2 2009, making it the fastest growing geographic market segment in the nation. In comparison micropolitan areas (population between 10,000-50,000) grew 14 percentage points during the same time, while metropolitan areas (population 50,000+) grew 11 percentage points.

Gmail Expands Email, Contact Import Offer
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Here’s hoping that you haven’t spent several hours of your life forwarding emails from an old Hotmail or Yahoo account to one under Gmail’s umbrella.  Although it was a long time in coming, Gmail’s now made the option to import old messages and contacts available to everyone.

eBay Affiliate Program Goes from CPA to CPC
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eBay has announced "Quality Click Pricing" for the eBay Partner Network affiliate program. The company describes this as a new payout structure designed to further reward affiliates who drive incremental transactions on eBay, and who send "value buyers" to the company’s sites.

Google Rolling Out AdSense Relevancy Improvements
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Google announced (subtly) that it is rolling out a series of enhancements to AdSense’s contextual targeting capabilities to more accurately match relevant ads to AdSense publishers’ pages.

Unfortunately, not many details about these enhancements were given away, but Google says AdSense publishers will not have to update their AdSense accounts or ad code. Changes will be applied automatically.

Possible Google News Ranking Factors Revealed in Patent?
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A patent for "systems and methods for improving the ranking of news articles" was granted to Google yesterday. It was originally filed in 2003.