NFL And NBC Putting Games Online
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The NFL and NBC announced today that the 17-game Sunday Night Football schedule will be streamed live on NFL.com and NBCSports.com, a first for the league.

To attract fans to view games that are already broadcast on network television, NBC will have a number of extra features available online including additional camera angles, in-game highlights, picture-in-picture technology, live statistics and other interactive elements.

Facebook Users Split on Redesign
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If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve no doubt checked out their redesign, which is optional at this point. Some love it, and some hate it. Compete has analyzed the amount of New Facebook users taking advantage of it when compared with those that ditched it in favor of the old design.

Google Getting Aggressive with Advertising
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Google is trying to get advertising agencies to warm up to it after years of not being their favorite entity. After all, think of all the marketing dollars spent on search engine advertising (and SEO campaigns for that matter) that agencies missed out on because of a certain search giant.

Google Shows Off

Canadians Pleased With Major Search Engines
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The majority of Canadians who go online are satisfied with their search results from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s Live Search, according to a new study by Ipsos Reid.

Eight in ten (80%) online Canadians said they are receiving the best results from their primary search engines. Sixty-six percent said their search results are objective and three-quarters said they could usually find what they are looking for on the first page of results.

When it comes to paid advertising within search results 62 percent of Canadians say they are skeptical of paid ads.

Social Networks Still Unheard Of In Many Quarters
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It seems that a surprising number of people couldn’t care less about Facebook, MySpace, and other social networks with hundreds of millions of users.  Namely because, according to new statistics from Synovate, a whole lot of people are completely unfamiliar with social networking.

Man Charged With Selling Stolen Bras On eBay
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A New York man has been arrested on charges of selling $80,000 worth of stolen Victoria’s Secret bras on eBay.

George Tutaya, 41 of Queens, used a number of eBay seller names including bestfordivas, shopforless2 to sell 2,000 bras. The bras, which retail for $40 to $80 were purchased by shoppers at a discounted rate of $25.

Wikipedia Inadmissible in a Court of Law
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A court has ruled that Wikipedia entries are not legitimate sources for dictating a court ruling. Shockingly, it was a U.S. Appeals Court that decided this in response to a previous ruling, rather than being taken as a given in the first place. Ars Technica explains:

Gannett Takes Control Of CareerBuilder
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This development can be seen as something that’s either good for the Internet sector or bad for the economy in general.  Or both.  Regardless, Gannett has paid $135 million for another ten percent of CareerBuilder.com, which brings its total stake up to 50.8 percent.

EU Wants To Limit Fees On Texting, Surfing
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The European Union Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding has supported reducing the price of sending a mobile text message from one EU country to another by 16 cents.

Reding’s proposal is now being distributed to all other EU Commissioners before they formally implement it in early October. The EU’s 27 member states and the European Parliament must also approve the measure.

Google Chrome: Day 2
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Now that everybody’s got a good look at Google’s Chrome, the general feeling is that the browser should be able to keep that initial luster. It’s super fast, but is not without its bugs. We imagine it won’t be long before Google patches a security flaw that could allow some hacker carpet-bombing.


Yahoo, Verizon Solidify Broadband Partnership
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Users of Verizon’s broadband service should prepare themselves to see a lot of Yahoo logos all day, every day.  The corporations have extended a strategic alliance and will make a Verizon-Yahoo portal the "preferred starting point" for all customers.

Online Vampire Novel Leak Sucks For Author
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Best selling author Stephenie Meyer, writer of the popular vampire romance series known as "The Twilight Saga" has put her fifth and final installment on hold after a partial manuscript was leaked online.

Yahoo’s Stock Continues To Dive

Yahoo’s stock passed under $19.18 (its price before Microsoft made an offer) about two weeks ago.  Now it’s hit another significant mark, closing at $18.75 yesterday afternoon.

Apple Trying to Kill Off CDs
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The push toward making CDs obsolete has taken another step as Apple is going to begin offering album art applications. This is one aspect of physical products like CDs and Vinyl that music enthusiasts have been reluctant to part with in favor of the digital age, but when that aspect becomes available as part of said age, will they still have something to cling to?

eBay Goes Green With Launch Of New Site
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eBay has launched a new ecommerce marketplace called WorldofGood.com, which offers environmentally friendly products.

eBay says the site will offer products made from recycled or natural materials and that all the products will carry environmental or fair trade certifications from the company’s partners. All product makers are required to have certification before they are allowed to sell on the site.

Google: You’re Not Saving the Rain Forests That Way!
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ForestleForestle is a search engine built on Google Custom Search, with the goal of saving the Rain Forests. That seems like a noble enough cause.

Their methods of going about this, however, have gotten the site’s search functionality revoked by Google. When you try to perform a search on Forestle, you get a big pink box with a message from the Forestle team. The message goes:

Google Shines Up Chrome Web Browser
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As America returns to work after the Labor Day holiday weekend, crusty eyes are abuzz about Google Chrome, the company’s own surprise open source Web browser in beta. Bloggers on the scene—European ones and those who apparently don’t take holidays—let the Chrome cat out of the bag a day early.

Hulu Getting TV Before TV Gets TV
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In what could be a big push for Hulu and online video in general, NBC has decided to release new episodes of a few of its shows on Hulu before they even air on television.

Facebook Finds Big Money In Virtual Gifts
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It’s amazing what people will pay for some things.  Take the Bugatti Veyron, for example – a nice car, but with a price tag of well over $1 million, it’s in "great house" territory.  Or look at Facebook’s virtual gifts – little pictures that do nothing and yet should attract around $35 million.

Facebook Connect Plugin for WordPress Glimpsed
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Lately, we’ve been seeing blog platforms making moves to become more social. Movable Type started incorporating the ability to set up social networks apart from the Facebook Connect plugin that is available. Blogger discussed adding new features including integrating Google Friend Connect into it.

Amazon Launches Social Music Site
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Amazon.com has launched a Wikipedia style site dedicated to music and bands called SoundUnwound.

The site features information from Amazon’s retail site and from its Internet Movie Database. The site is currently in beta.

On the SoundUnwound blog page it lists several ways users can navigate the site. "Explore connections between artists – band memberships, family, shared credits and more. Visualize timelines for artists with our interactive discography."

Picasa to Feature Facial Recognition Software?

Picasa Gets Smart With Facial Recognition The Inquisitr has a post out saying that at noon today Google’s Picasa is going to introduce facial recognition technology and a new downloadable Picasa photo editing program beta.

Internet Summit ’08

If you live in the Southeastern United States, you’re going to want to pencil in Internet Summit ‘08 in Chapel Hill, NC on November 19, 2008. Internet Summit 08

SMX East

Next up on the search engine trade show circuit is SMX East. It will be in New York City, and will run from October 6th to October 8th. The agenda looks strong, and the attendance and networking opportunities should be great. Two keynotes will be given.