Overweight 23-Year-Old Makes YouTube Video Asking For Help

Wanted it to go viral, and he's getting his wish

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Overweight 23-Year-Old Makes YouTube Video Asking For Help
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“I’m making this video because I don’t know what else to do. I’ve tried losing weight on my own, I’ve tried doing everything possible – been on diets, been hospitalized. And I’ve always done what needed to be done at the time, then i’d always just gain the weight back.”

That’s the reason for making his YouTube plea, says Robert. On Thursday, a video called “Overweight guy asks for help” was posted to YouTube and in less than 24 hours has shot to the front page of reddit, appeared on BuzzFeed, and has prompted multiple Twitter hashtags.

The video is a self-filmed plea for help. The video’s subject, Robert, identifies himself as 22 (turning 23 today, March 2nd), and anywhere between 600 to 700+ pounds. He says he’s tried everything and is making this YouTube video as a last resort plea for help. Check it out below (warning: it’s rather heart-wrenching):

As you see, Robert says he wants the video to go viral – and he’s getting his wish. He shot up the front page of reddit on Thursday evening and now resides in the top spot on the Videos subreddit.

The top comment on that thread is about how one user is shocked by the lack of derogatory YouTube comments on Robert’s video. “Pretty much everybody on youtube is being nice to him. That is a first,” says TimeTravelMishap.

Although I’ve been able to find some pretty disheartening comments, people are giving him an almost surprising amount of support on YouTube. For instance, here’s one of the top voted comments:

Robert, I want to wish you a VERY Happy Birthday. Since I have no resources to help, I reposted this to help spread the word. I hope in doing so to help you find someone who has the resources/time/money/knowledge­/experience to help you get out of the prison your body has held you captive to. God bless you my man, posting stuff like this leaves you wide open to criticism and hate, rise above! Please keep us posted, I will be following you from here on out!

It’s not impossible, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Multiple response videos have already been filmed and posted, all of them so far positive in their reaction to the video. Most of them feature someone giving their advice to Robert on how he can overcome his obesity.

Like I mentioned before, folks have also created a couple Twitter hashtags for Robert’s cause – #HelpRobert and #HelpThisGuy.

It’s awesome how @Reddit can make anything go viral instantly when everyone unites for a common cause. #HelpRobert 7 hours ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

YouTube truly is an amazing platform for getting almost anything into the national spotlight. Let’s hope that in this case, it ends up bringing Robert the help he needs.

Overweight 23-Year-Old Makes YouTube Video Asking For Help
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  • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-richardson Chris Richardson

    I’m the only one seeing Chumly from Pawn Stars here?

  • givesuccess

    Sadly, a few Chumly’s! Pls someone help this guy!

  • Elissa@818

    Happy late birthday! I wish you the very best!! Good luck on your journey and believe in yourself:)

  • Pino

    I find it shocking that people find it shocking that there are a lack of derogatory comments. When will people realize that every sumbitch on this here internet is actually a Pretty Cool Guy, and all the hate and flame and shit is in no way different from two dear friends calling eachother dickheads just for laughs.

    This guy cried out to humanity. Humanity responded. And that’s normal. Quit thinking so lowly of your own damn race, people, we’re so completely awesome.

  • Deborah

    First thing, A BIG Happy Birthday to you. We share the same B-Day. You have a long road ahead , but no doubt you will make it , best wishes to you , stay strong and know you have many on your side that want to see you succeed.

  • Dellow

    Boy I used to be morbidly obese BMI 40+
    Dieting does not work! I got myself a lapband.
    You should get a lapband that is the only thing that really work, trust me, I know, been there done that!

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