Over Half Of Windows 8 Users Still Prefer Windows 7

    September 27, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Windows 8 is finally launching next month. It’s do or die time for the folks at Microsoft, and they need this to be a hit. The response to Windows 8 has been relatively positive, but the new OS has had its fair share of detractors. It’s even rumored that Intel’s CEO privately stated that Windows 8 isn’t ready. A new survey indicates that more people may dislike Windows 8 than initially thought.

Forumswindows8.com, the self-proclaimed “largest Windows 8 help and support forum on the Internet,” recently surveyed over 50,000 Windows 8 users. The survey covered everything from strengths and weaknesses to general thoughts on Windows 8 versus its predecessors.

The good news is that Windows 8 isn’t universally hated. The bad news is that a majority of Windows 8 users still prefer its predecessor with 53 percent saying that they like Windows 7 more. In comparison, only 25 percent chose Windows 8 as their favorite.

That being said, those surveyed dumped a fair amount of praise on the operating system. A majority of users (56 percent) chose the fast boot and shut down of Windows 8 as their favorite feature. Fifty percent of users listed the easy installation as their favorite. From there, the numbers drop somewhat dramatically with only 35 percent of users listing Internet Explorer 10 as their favorite feature.

In what may be more damning than anything, only 23 percent of users listed the Windows Store as their favorite feature. The Metro WIndows 8 UI doesn’t fare much better with only 22 percent claiming the feature to be their favorite. These are the two big selling points of Windows 8. Without support from users, Microsoft doesn’t have much of a chance.

The theme of hating the new UI carries over to the answers supplied by respondents when surveyed on weaknesses. A relatively small, but still significant, 18 percent say that Microsoft needs to improve the two UI style system on desktops. A much larger 35 percent say that the price of Windows 8, which is set at $199 after a promotional price of $69, is too high.

Despite the complaints about the desktop version of Windows 8, Microsoft seems to have made the right move with their Surface tablet. Out of all of those surveyed, a sizable chunk of respondents (25 percent) said that they would choose the Microsoft Surface tablet over the competition.

Overall, this survey represents something that Microsoft should be concerned about. They’re less than a month away from launch and people still prefer Windows 7. To some extent, it’s to be expected. Every new operating system is met with trepidation, but Windows 8 was supposed to be different. It represents a cool, hip new Microsoft that’s focused on the consumer and entertainment.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft to find out if they have any plans leading up to launch to get people excited about Windows 8. We also asked if they have any plans to help fix or allieve the complaints that the respondents had. We’ll update as soon as we hear back.

  • michael

    What the ?? is microsoft thinking introducing a tablet touch screen O.S. on a desktop PC interface?!? – This is the most awkward non-intuitive approach for those of us who have a standard cell phone and dont care to use every new and different tablet/tile based whizbang gadget that pleases the corporate collective. Windows 7 is a most welcome and (intuitive) successor to the glitch-ridden Vista disaster – but no sooner do we get a decent working product (again) and get it installed than we have microsoft cramming this crappy looking monstrosity down our throats like it or not. This belongs in a touch screen environment, and a desktop PC keyboard sitting position is not conducive to this kind of interface. If they wanted to make this an option why not offer a way to select it either when loading the OS or easily selectable within the user interface without having to hack the registry or download some third party software to get something youre comfortable with — why on earth would you deviate from a time tested and universally familiar aero interface that is ingrained not only in home use but in business use all over the world. If microsoft knows whats good for it, they will listen to their customers instead of bullying them into their latest marketing debacle – WHEN SOMETHING WORKS DONT BREAK IT-! Even the most advanced of planes have had wings since day one, BUT THEY STILL HAVE WINGS !! Why does microsoft insist one alternating from one good OS to one bad OS then one good to one Bad etc etc ??!! Just because the uber techno geeks in the bowels of the microsoft kingdom think this is what the future should be doesnt mean its what 100% of the world wants-! We want at least one choice of something we dont have to spend weeks or months relearning just because they want to out do MAC or anyone threatening their egomaniacal empire – Listen to us microsoft, new OS options are here and are still emerging so if you want to try these one-off lab experiments do it on your corporate lab rats, not customers who have to pay for it whether they like it or not, and at least let us have a choice – windows 7 is a great product, if you yank it and shove this crossword puzzle down peoples throats youll be sorry and well go elsewhere – ie: mac, linux etc.

  • michael

    Additional to last comment: I meant to say even planes have made many changes to their wings up to the most advanced fighters, BUT THEY STILL HAVE WINGS.