Over 500,000 People Want The NSA To Stop Watching Them

    June 27, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Earlier this month, Mozilla launched an anti-NSA spying campaign called Stop Watching Us. The goal of the group is simple – pressure Congress into passing laws that remove the NSA’s ability to gather data on American citizens. In just two weeks, the petition has already proven itself to be a success.

According to the official Stop Watching Us Web site, 514,280 people have signed the petition thus far. The organizations, individuals and businesses that have signed on has also increased significantly. Some of the more illustrious individuals to sign the petition include Sir Tim Berners-Lee, John Cusack and Wil Wheaton.

The list of organizations that have signed on is even more encouraging as more than just tech groups have joined with Mozilla in pressuring congress. Political groups like the Green Party and the Mansfield Central Ohio Tea Party have joined forces with the Association of Research Libraries and YourAnonNews to fight against NSA spy programs.

Unlike other petitions that only promote slacktivism, the group behind Stop Watching Us have been incredibly proactive in contacting senators and representatives. Over one million emails have already been sent and concerned citizens have logged in over 15,000 minutes in phone calls to their representatives’ offices over the last week.

Hundreds of thousands of signatures isn’t going to enact change overnight, but it does send a strong message to lawmakers that the American people think the NSA’s powers have gotten out of hand. Some in Washington are already trying to restrict those powers with various proposed laws, but it’s going to take a lot more effort to convince everybody.

[h/t: Business Insider]
  • http://Mabuzi.com Kevin

    At least we know now that this very conversation is recorded so we can feel safe. Doh!

    The government passes the data to third party companies for analysis. What do the private 3rd parties do with the data? What are their KPI’s

  • Name

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many people did not sign the petition because they don’t want their name on a list. I know the mainstream media outlets will not cover this, but many, many people in this nation feel that something within our government has not been right since 9/11.

    Personally, I don’t have all the answers. I know I feel just as safe today as I did before 9/11. I literally have no fear of terrorists. I have a better chance of getting killed by a street gang member than I do a terrorist.

    However, I do see quite explicitly how our rights have been decimated since 9/11. Many people have not read the Patriot Act(s). I will say this to everyone: read them! It will shock you.

  • John

    Just 500,000, what a shame. Of course “Name” is correct when he/she states ” Many people did not sign the petition because they don’t want their name on a list.” This is a pity, because that amounts to intimidation, and not wishing to destabilize their status quo (whatever that may be). I have signed every privacy petition, or Edward Snowden one that I have come across, and urged my friends to do the same. I believe that if this situation continues, (which it will do – the government has to stand by its action) There is no choice but another 1776, and the people need to overthrow this tyranny.

    • Average Guy

      Another Major reason that there aren’t more people is that many are unaware that this petition is even happening. I found out about this 5 minutes ago.

  • George R. Goffe

    I have asked my reps, Feinstein, Boxer, and Eshoo and get a pat on the head from Feinstein and writing that states that she will do what she thinks is right irregardless of my wishes. Boxer gives me a generalized pat on the head. Eshoo seems to care a little more than Boxer and hasn’t really commented much on what I have to say.

    Apparently they do what THEY want to do without regard to their constituents.

    Here’s a VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE about this behavior:


    I think it’ll get you steamed!


  • George R. Goffe

    After reading some of these comments, I find that I am in agreement with them. The Gov is OUT OF CONTROL! Our supposed reps are NOT doing what we want, they’re doing what they want and/or what their Corporate constituents want.

    Don’t re-elect anyone is starting to sound like a great idea.