‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 2 Has Begun Filming

By: Chris Crum - July 30, 2013

Orange is the New Black continues to capture a great deal of buzz on the Internet nearly three weeks after the launch of the entire first season. Netflix announced that it would produce a second season even before the first one debuted, and things are moving right along.

As reported earlier, Lorraine Toussaint has been added to the cast, and Danielle Brooks and Taryn Manning from Season 1 have been promoted to regulars.

It has also been announced that production has begun. From the Orange is the New Black Facebook page (also announced on Twitter this morning):

Orange is the New Black

Whip your hair(net) back & forth, production has started on #OITNB season 2! Stay tuned for news and updates!

Separately, Matt McGorry, who plays John Bennett on the show, told Entertainment Weekly that the show was to begin filming on Monday.

Netflix has not announced a release date for the second season, but has said that it will debut in 2014. Other Netflix shows like House of Cards, Hemlock Grove and Lilyhammer have second seasons on the way. Lilyhammer’s will debut sometime this year. Arrested Development, which has earned three Emmhy nominations is likely to get picked up for another season as well. So far, Netflix is keeping the original content train rolling right along.

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  • Tammy Gutknecht

    This show is amazing and funny!!! I love it!!! My favorite show ever !!!

    • marie

      I feel the same, I have loved this show, its so funny, cant wait for series 2. Please hurry up x x

      • Lee

        Ya girl gonna for sure get those new teeth after piper best dat ass! ! Haha!!

  • http://Netflix Lissette Melendez

    I can’t wait to series 2 comes out already love this show

  • Anonymous



  • Caroline

    Loveeee this show! Can’t wait for the second season!

  • Paige

    The best show ever! It is so well written! I love, love, love, it!!!!!

  • Paige

    The best show ever. Very well written! I really hope it’s early 2014 when season 2 releases.

  • Kim Sisson

    Love love love !!!

  • jennmachs4life

    Can’t wait for next series…. I love it ..!

  • Sarah

    Omg I have to wait till 2014?!?!?! Did piper really kill crazy???

    • Philipp

      Since Taryn Manning was just promoted to regular I’m guessing no.

  • JR

    OMG, 2014 !!! I watched all 13 ep. In a week and I thought I was pacing myself. Can’t believe I have to wait that long. Funny I walk thru those doors everyday and I am addicted to the show :)

  • Tammy

    OMG I love this show , Way to go Netflix you knocked it out of the park with this one !!!! I too watched this show all 13 episodes with nothing short of excitement to see what would happen next..My daughter and I are so excited that we found a show that we both agree is intense for both someone in their early twenties and mid forties ,,,, We cant wait until 2014 !!!!!! Seems so far away but we will wait with great anticipation and spread the word of how great this show is ,,,, Oh and great to see Hemlock grove is doing a season two way to give cable a run for their money Don’t Stop producing !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • peter

    Orange is the new black is really awesome. I hope they make a box set.

  • Lara


  • Kaligurl

    OITNB is a Hit! I’m thirsty for more! Hurry up 2014.

  • shanna

    Season 2 2014 wth did piper kill that chic

    • Can’t wait

      Probably not since Taryn Manning was promoted to a regular and is no longer considered a guest appearance.

      • Pope

        I think it was a staged fight. I think Piper was helping her get her new teeth by beating the shit out of her face breaking her teeth for her Christmas present.

        • casey matthews

          hilarious!! and you are probably right on about that

  • casey Forrester

    #hooked!!! From the opening scene to the credits of the last episode!! Hands down best show i have ever seen. I caught it at a glance while my sister was watching it, five minutes in and i was hooked! Can not effing wait till next year!! #amazing!!

  • James Cleveland

    One of the best shows I have seen in years.

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    When is the second season coming out!!