Obama’s “Four More Years” Tweet Is the Most Popular Tweet in History

    November 7, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Good morning, America. Last night you reelected the President. And although there will be no change in the White House for the next four years, there has been a shakeup inside the ranks of Twitter’s most popular tweets.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new most popular tweet ever:

As of 9 am ET on Wednesday, this tweet has over 626,000 retweets and over 212,000 favorites. But it only needed a few minutes to become the most retweeted tweet in Twitter history. Shortly after posting the tweet, Twitter’s @gov team informed the President that he had officially claimed another prize:

In all, Twitter reports 31 million election-related tweets yesterday and a peak tweets-per-minute total of 327,452 – right as the networks began to call the race for President Obama.

  • Kay Jorgan

    Wow…in HISTORY? Exaggerate much? Twitter’s only been around for six freaking years.. I thought the article about racist tweets was pathetic…then I read this one. Oh wait…I see it’s by good old Josh who apparently has a hard on for Obama.

  • ThomasinaP

    You’re forgetting the Tweetsie Railroad…. er…wait…no, never mind…

    I agree “in history” may be technically accurate yet clearly misleading in implied scope. But perhaps he simply forgot to insert the possessive pronoun “its” in front of “history”. Or perhaps the writer’s only a mature-looking 6-year-old and that IS “history” to him. Heh.

    Frankly I think it’s time for Barack & Michelle to get back to business and forget all this lovey-dovey stuff… . Why, why, it just unnatural or someting. Besides, it makes me jealous.

    ASIDE (about the author’s hair): What’s WITH all these man-dos that look like a greater or lesser version of that frail-looking little fellow who used to host a kid’s TV show until he was caught masturbating in a theatre…what was his name again? Oh yeah, Pee-Wee Herman. Automatically I think about him when I see that little blunted Alfalfa peak on a guy’s head, no matter how cute he is.
    “I’ll bet Pee-Wee thinks it’s funny too. hehehe