Obama’s Approval Rating Suffers

    February 8, 2014
    Aleyia Dixon
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How’s that approval rating these days, Mr. Obama? Well to use Politician Speak, one might answer this question with,” What that question depends on entirely what you mean by an ‘approval rating.'” Although the ratings haven’t changed much since the recent State of the Union address- which is usually thought to be the main point of those things- the president has enjoyed an steady approval rate no lower than 40 since September 2013. Now currently sitting at a comfortable 48 percent/50 percent this week, it looks as if the country is relatively pleased with the president.

This is in America, however. Time has recently told us that there is a totally different perspective of Obama in Israel. A new poll has revealed that 70% of Jewish Israelis do not trust having Obama with their country’s relations. Last year in March, Obama left the country with glowing reviews of promises to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, and most of the country believed in him. Since then, however, Obama has participated in agreements with Iran that have been met with general Israelis disapproval. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his ministered protested the initial pact, and accused Obama of being naive.

Further negotiations have lead to more strong sentiment from both Israel as well as retaliating stern reprimands from the State Department of Defense. Since the Secretary of State, John Kerry, has the most active role in these slow-moving negotiations, he has received a lot of the Israeli blows– Israeli Defense Minister was admonished to publicly apologize for calling Kerry “obsessive and messianic.”

It’s safe to say until negotiations are settled and everyone is satisfied with the agreements (when does that ever happen?) Obama along with his administration will be seen as The Bad Guys in Israel. Here’s to an effective and expedient resolution between the volatile countries.

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  • Floyd Farmer

    "an steady"? Really?

    • Aleyia Dixon

      ikr. Unfortunately, I can not make edits on this post at this time. Blame the internets, and carry on with comprehending the gist of this article :)

  • James Irving

    I notice that the latest Zogby Poll has the President slipping among the black voters. Only 84% of them approve of the job he is doing, down from 93%. If I were a Democrat politician I don't think that I would worry when I had 84% approval rating even though my leader was doing the worst job of any president in the last one hundred years..

    • merccougar89

      I don't think that I would worry when I had 84% approval rating even
      though my leader was doing the worst job of any president in the last
      one hundred years..

      Just because the blacks like Obama,it doesn't mean they are going to run out and vote for white DEM candidates..They haven't gotten anything from Obama and they basically don't have any incentive to support him anymore.

      • Lewis

        No reason to support him in the first place. But because he's black, it's all good. I'd love for Jay z to give me reasons he was so vocal in his support for Barack. The guy did jack shit in my state of Illinois to warrant the jump to become US Pres. I literally still lol at the "logic" of US voters for him.. Oh wait, there really wasn't any. My state is one of the most economically challenged and corrupt in the whole country- but you want to vote the guy into office? lmao Dumbasses.

    • Bubba

      i hate to hear the race game every time.He is not Black he is a poor President and as a person he has a lot of lying bones on his body…He has been bad since the time he was elected the first time than a whole bunch of idiots went and did it again for the second term.So suck it and quit playing the race game.Any color he stinks as our Leader in Washington.

      • Patti Burroughs

        Bubba I agree. Obama is as much white as he is black. He is bi-racial. So,people, quit using the race card. He is a lying, conniving, manipulator. And he wants a third term. If that happens, I feel like this country will have a civil war on it's hands that this country has never seen. It will bring the USA to its knees. He wants to be King!! Please vote so that he cannot get a full house and senate to back him. He needs to be a lame-duck prez and let's work to get him OUT!!!!!

        • Mike

          So now that he's a failure he is recognized as being half white? If he was a decent president, nobody would mention his cracker blood.

          • Patti Burroughs

            I have never thought of O as a black man. He is bi-racial. And, along with you I can't believe folks that do not recognize this fact!!!!!

        • amyl29

          how in the hec could 48 percent approve after all the stuff out there, forget the secret stuff the guy does. even 'educated' people-, it's unreal. everything about the guy is a lie yet 48 percent still approve????? even people who went to Columbia and elsewhere say he never even attended or was accepted probably yet everybody is supposed to go along with the guy and even people who went to certain colleges believe him?

  • Nathan

    Screw Israel. Is Israel the US? No.

  • Rambler

    Is Israel Obama's employer, do they pay his salary? So what if they are not happy with him?

  • Kermit29

    Obama's approval rating in the googleshere (pop culture/media) continues soaring.

    • amyl29

      with everything that's a lie it would amaze me if the approvating was even true, hope that is at least…

  • Vincent

    It doesn't matter what color Obama is. He is a horrific president with a Socialist Agenda. Do you think he gives a crap about gays? He only cares about their votes, so he panders to them. Do you think he really wants to legalize illegals? Only to the extent that they can help secure a super-majority trifecta so the liberals can in effect do what the communists did in Russia. He believes in the government transferring private wealth and believes that GOVERNMENT is the answer. If he has his way he will in fact do what he promised: FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION OF aMERICA. We have ceased to be a world leader; a beacon to the world and he would drag us down further. Is THIS the America we grew up in? No…and it will only get worse if he gets his way. It is almost too late already.

  • Vincent

    One more thing… He has John Kerry creating MORE instability in the middle-east. The Muslims know what their end-game is: **Destruction** of Israel to promote Islam. They now have an active ear in Barack Obama (funny… doesn't he have Muslim connections????) who is pushing momentum in the way of the Palestinians (who have long supported terror, if you recall). He has directed Eric Holder to SELECTIVELY enforce the law, though both have sworn "to uphold the laws of the United States", not choose which laws are good laws and which are bad. Holder is still in his position despite being cited for contempt of Congress. Obama has set a smoke screen for Hillary Clinton though the Benghazi was a total F/U and obviously they have "circled the wagons". Obama has stonewalled the IRS scandal and has taken NO action in spite of mounting evidence. How can we trust this president with anything? Frankly, he should be impeached.

  • amyl29

    all these guys up there supporting him really screwed up . cause it's obvious to everyone the guy is a fake yet you have people like john Kerry and all these music artists representing him still
    I have one thing to say to them. who is this guy that you're willing to rep an obvious hoax/fake of a person, as in a man with a fabricated existence, who is he, really? must be a pretty important guy there.

  • merccougar89

    I will never forget the way Al Sharpton trashed Herman Cain and when they call the Tea Party racist,I laugh in the face of liberals because Herman Cain is 100% AA and not mixed breed and the Tea Party would have voted for him in a NY second and they did..