No, Bill Gates Won’t Give You $5,000 to Share a Photo (Facebook Hoax)

    February 13, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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There’s a new viral share hoax going around Facebook involving a photo of Bill Gates.

“Hey Facebook, As some of you may know, I’m Bill Gates. If you click that share link, I will give you $5,000. I always deliver, I mean, I brought your Windows XP, right?” says a sign in the hands of the Microsoft founder.

The photo already has over 200,000 shares.

In reality, Bill Gates isn’t going to give you $5,000 for clicking share. Nobody is, for that matter. The photo was taken from Gates’ first-ever reddit AMA, which he hosted on Monday. Here’s the original image:

Clearly, the text inside the piece of paper has simply been shopped. It also looks like they’ve replaced the little reddit alien in the background with a sex toy or something. Cool.

There’s no doubt that some people shared this simply because they thought it was funny – they know it’s fake. But there are plenty of people (evidenced by the comments) that believe sharing this photo will net them five grand from one of the richest men in the world.

In either case, just don’t share it. You may know it’s a joke but thousands of others don’t. And it’s all over my news feed. And it’s annoying. So stop. Thanks.

  • Deborah Large

    Sorry I did not read this site before I shared but I did state I did not think it was your post only that I did think it was you everyone should realize that a person doesn’t get something for nothing you would be broke for what you have worked all your life to become I’m sorry some people are that STUPID to really think they would get money to just click a button I am sorry for any more inconvenience I may have caused for sharing just me Deb

    • Matt

      For God’s sake use some punctuation woman.

      • Bill

        It would be ” , woman” Just saying.

  • Elizabeth Rectenwald

    Would be nice if it was as easy to share this article on my facebook page as it is to share the hoax photo. Just saying.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/josh-wolford Josh Wolford

      Is the Facebook button not working correctly?

  • Nancy

    Just stop. It’s not interesting. It’s not funny and especially not clever. Just plain annoying.

  • justsayin

    the picture has changed above the adult toy too!

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/josh-wolford Josh Wolford


  • Hemms

    Furries ruin everything.

    • hg3300

      I don’t see how that’s relevant here. And, no, they don’t.

  • Greg Golisz

    Hello Mr Bill Gates, I do not know what you play but if it is true then please if you want to shoot something that I was a representative of your foundation and even he could have done with me to see his woman who is in a hospital in Abuja, do you understand me at all I do not need you, I miss speak with ing but he wants to be with me, she also may like other women and, moreover, whether or not he finish his life about her not I try in every way, or respond to me or come to me you have the output that long you should ask, Greg

  • Bill Hudson

    I reposted pic & captioned “I’m betting on my man Gates” but checked into it which led me to you..
    LOL…was thinking there may have been a chance…

  • Amit Ranjan

    Sir, i think we all got life for only one time…also a bigger and like you and me. Sir please you will be think about a parent’s less child.(you are a glorious sun of sucess) YOU ARE MY IDLE.

    • Mike Johnson

      holy shit your grammar is scary bad. I take it you’re indian/an arab based on ur name, but good god nothing you said makes any sense whatsoever! the closest you came to being coherent was “YOU ARE MY IDLE.” which, written as it was, still does not make sense. However i’ll give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume that they understand you meant “idol”. return that copy of rosetta stone and stick to your first language buddy engrish iz knot four u!

  • amy

    I’m looking for a way to help my family and I we don’t have a home only one vehicle and I suffer from multiple sclerosis

  • David

    I apologize for sharing this pic even if I did so to refute it and to try to promote some logic in dealing with these inane postings appealing to gullible people with a penchant for “something for nothing”. I included the comment “Let’s see now, with about 1.19 billion active users per month on Facebook, this could potentially cost Mr. Gates about 5.95 trillion dollars (about 83 times his estimated net worth). So, perhaps this is just a joke. Nice thought though. :)” to hopefully point out the folly in this too good to be true offer. A friend commented with the link to this site as confirmation of the hoax status. Thanks and sorry. :)

  • Ronald Patrick Thompson

    I shared it and Bill Gates sent me a cheque

    • Chris Rathbun

      LOL Bill Gates doesn’t write cheques… he writes checks. Now I KNOW you are fibbin’ 😉

      • Ronald Patrick Thompson

        Not fibbin, canadian. Where’s fib?

        • Chris Rathbun

          Who said anything about being Canadian? Pipe down troll.

    • derpy

      How aboot that, eh? bwa ha ha

  • kathy jones

    I like in shared your post I’d like my $5000 if it’s not real it should not be posted for us to sharesincerely kathy jones

  • Megan

    To be fear if u had a brain u can clearly se that some one just wants to get lods of people to share this! I new it was a set up and I’m only 12!!