Nightmares Fear Factory Has The Best Flickr Photostream Ever

By: Chris Richardson - October 7, 2011

There’s no denying the awesomeness of Flickr in relation to the cornucopia of images Flickr visitors are privy to, images of all kinds of variety. In fact, considering the never-ending growth of its index — earlier this year, Flickr reported its 6 billionth image upload — it would be an exercise in impossibility to categorize them all. That being said, every so often, some photostreams stand above the rest, and deserve to be acknowledged.

Such is the case with the Nightmares Fear Factory‘s index of images. What we have is a haunted house in Niagara Falls taking pictures of its visitors right as they are being spooked, and posting them to their Flickr account.

The results, as you can see in the lead image, are simply fantastic. In fact, I’m having a hard time coming up with a more impressive use of Flickr’s service, although, I’m sure someone will correct me if necessary. In Nightmares Fear Factory’s Flickr stream, there are 20 pages of images to pick and choose from, and you won’t be disappointed with any of the offerings. However, to entice you even further, here are a few more examples of what you can expect:

Nightmares Fear Factory

Nightmares Fear Factory

Nightmares Fear Factory

Nightmares Fear Factory

Nightmares Fear Factory

As I was saying, this is perhaps the best use of Flickr’s photostream technology, maybe ever, and as you can see, I’m not the only one who thinks that way:

best flickr account ever : pics: @NightmaresFear You guys made the front page of reddit… Holy influx of custom… 5 hours ago via twitterfeed · powered by @socialditto

RT @sarahamil: The @NightmaresFear Flickr stream is hilarious and makes me want to go #greatidea 20 minutes ago via HootSuite · powered by @socialditto

What other Flickr accounts are you most fond of? Is there one that’s even better than Nightmares Fear Factory? Let us know what you think.

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  • Peter Zmijewski

    Amazing Post!!!!!!!
    Nice Topic to be discussed………….
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin Perry

    [Major Spoiler Alert!!] What the people in the photos are seeing is a car coming at them at high speed, crashing through a wall.

    The Nightmare Fear Factory tour is completely pitch black so that you can’t even see your hand in front of your face and your eyes never adjust to the darkness. For 10-15 minutes you follow these tiny red lights through the darkness. Guys in freaky costumes jump out at you from nowhere, often grabbing you and pushing or pulling you. The fear comes from a combination of people jumping out and grabbing you accompanied by creepy noises like eerie music, loud screaming, sinister voices, and even whispers right in your ear.

    By the time you get to the part with the car you’re thinking, “holy crap these people might just be crazy enough to let this car run me over.” And that is the reason why people are looking so terrified in the photos.

    In all, about half a million people have gone through the Nightmare Fear Factory over the last 30 years and of those, about 100,000 have chickened out and had their names put on the public “chicken list”. There are some potential privacy issues, as your tour is recorded and played live in the lobby, and of course when you get to the car part they take your picture and post in on Flickr if you look ridiculous enough.