Newt Gingrich Wants a Moon Base

    January 26, 2012
    John Vinson
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As the political season heats up, the presidential candidates are campaigning harder to earn your vote. All kinds of promises have been made, hands have been shook, and negative ads have been created. Most of the content being the same stuff we’ve heard before. Luckily, Newt Gingrich made things a little more interesting when talking about his plans for America’s space program.

In short, he wants a moon base and he wants one by the end of his second term as hopeful president.

Speaking at a rally in Cocoa, FL, Gingrich laid his plans out for the space program, which included some visionary outlooks.

“By the end of my second term, we will have the first permanent base on the moon, and it will be American.”

The reason you have to have a bold, large vision is you don’t arouse the American nation with trivial bureaucratic irrational objectives. It gets to the question, do you want to be part of the generation that goes to the moon and Mars, or do you want to have pork?

It should be noted that Gingrich’s speech was given in an area which relies heavily on the space program to provide people with jobs, and have personal investment in its success. However, Gingrich wasn’t simply pandering to the crowd as he’s mentioned his plans on the national scene as well.

[Credit: Spaceflightnow]
  • winston williams

    Another way of saying “I have no idea how to solve the problems on earth so let’s go to Mars”

  • Tim Thornton

    Just what we need to spend money on a Moon Station,I would agree if Newt would be the first to go and not come back, these Politicians like to spend spend, we have loss jobs in America we millions of American Citizens out of Jobs, we will not control the Illegal Imurgrents, we need to take America back from these assine Politicians

  • Ed

    no…no… the candidate I despise the most is offering to build a moon base. That could possibly the coolest thing America can do in my lifetime.

  • http://samsungwaterfilterhq.org Thomas

    Newt’s backing those lobbyists right now. Ex politicians turned Lobbyists are the ones that get all of the Homeland Security / bogus war on terror / Defense contracts that are bankrupting us. This was Newt & the boys PNAC agenda. How do ya justify a Pentagon budget that went from 297 billion a year in 2001, to 600+ billion a year today? Add in the cost of the wars & the Homeland Security / bogus WOT crap, and we’re pissing away like 1 trillion a year. He’s backing those oil-stain lobbyists, too.