New Myspace: A First Look at the Huge Redesign

    December 3, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Myspace first teased their big redesign back in September, and the company is starting to let people in, sending out pre-launch invites to a select few. What follows is a quick first look at the new social network, which focuses heavily on music and discovery.

When you first create you account, you’ll be met with the New Myspace landing page, which allows you to post a status (Myspace asks “What’s the latest?”) and navigate to your stream, your music library, and your connections. Connections come in the form of people and songs. Once you “connect” to a song, it is added to your library (and you’re allowed to comment on the particular track). Once you “connect” with a person, you’ll start to see their updates in your stream.

When adding a new post, you have 150 characters to work with. You can also add photos and songs to your updates. To add a song, just click on the music notes icon and start typing – the instant search will find what you’re looking for, considering it’s a part of the library.

On the bottom of your screen is the player, where you can interact with all the music you discover on the site. You can create mixes, add to your connections, and launch radio based on certain tracks (similar to Pandora or Spotify).

That’s where you can access the “Discover” section as well, which lets users browse trending music, mixes, videos, radio, people, and articles. Like the preview suggested, the new layout is media rich with a heavy lean toward tiles and a new side-scroll that rewards widescreen displays.

Searching inside the new Myspace is pretty cool, in that all you have to do it start typing – from anywhere. Whether you’re on the homepage or another user’s profile, just start typing and the search screen will pop up:

Here’s an album page:

User profiles also sport the same side-scroll format, and feature a profile pic and a large background image. From a user’s profile, you can check out their top-artist, mixes, connections, photos, videos, etc.

Upon first look, it appears that the New Myspace sports some of the best elements of a streaming music service like Spotify or Pandora, and also adds a vast social networking layer on top of that. We knew that the redesign would focus heavily on music, and it does just that. They just started the limited distribution of invites for those that signed up early, so the network is far from densely populated as of right now. It’s a huge redesign, that’s for sure. It truly feels nothing like any version of Myspace that you’re familiar with. It looks great and UI shouldn’t be a problem for the site moving forward. Whether people will want to jump back on the Myspace train, no matter how impressive the redesign, is the big question.

  • http://www.ofinteresttome.com/ Matt

    You know what? I can’t wait to check out the new MySpace. I’ve had an account there since 2005, and seeing how the only reason I’ve gone there over the past year or two is music it’s nice to see them make that their focus.

    Good luck MySpace!

  • Chris

    Love new look.

  • http://widows7 calvin mishler

    I think the new myspace is ‘fuckin great opp’s sorry about getting so blunt though anyway’s i know sorry never cut’s cheese cause it anit nothing but a word though i mean god’dam some people it dont matter how old they are take that one fucking word way to serious reallity it anit nothing but ‘4; letter’s.

  • Roy

    Looks like a bunch of junk.. it’s okay for now.. but how will they integrate ads? they are an ad agency.. when will they trying to push ads at every angle.

  • Mike

    Not a big fan – specific media is going to throw ads all over the place and find a way to ruin it…After they fire half the company for the latest earnings reports….

  • ruthless

    the new myspace will not play audio on a mac. It works fine on a pc. I have a pretty new mac and all the settings are correct. Does anyone else have this problem?

    • Lukdush

      It works on my mac! :)

  • Julia Rubinic

    Three Sheets Market Research did a usability study of the new MySpace with a drunk user.