What Do Users Think Of Google’s New Look?

    September 22, 2013
    Chris Crum
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As previously reported, a Googler quietly indicated that Google will be rolling out its new look for the top navigation bar (or “Google Bar”) over the coming weeks. It’s a design that people have been seeing here and there in various tests for quite some time (or at least something very close to what people have been seeing).

What do you think of Google’s new design changes? Let us know in the comments.

Google has now taken to its Inside Search blog to make an official announcement. Here’s the look you can expect to see soon instead of the black bar that appears across Google properties:

New Google Bar

New Google Bar

Here’s the old version in case you’ve already forgotten:

Google Black Bar

“Your Google products are now accessible under a new app launcher, located at the top right of the screen,” says Tech Lead/Manager Eddie Kessler. “Just click on the familiar ‘Apps’ grid, also present on Android devices and Chromebooks.”

“As part of this design, we’ve also refined the color palette and letter shapes of the Google logo. We’ll be rolling out this update across most Google products over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out and let us know your thoughts.”

The logo has also caught some eyes in the wild recently. Here’s a better look at that, if you haven’t seen it yet:

Google Logo

Again, here’s the old version in case you’ve forgotten:

Old Google Logo

So what do people think? Here’s what they’re currently saying on Twitter:

And now each of the big three search engines have made changes to their logos. Here’s Yahoo’s, and Bing’s.

New Yahoo Logo

New Bing Logo

I think it’s safe to say that Google’s change is the least drastic. It’s a little flatter.

It’s pretty similar to what they did with the Chrome logo a few years ago.

Chrome logo

Image via BetaNews

This actually fits in pretty well with Google’s whole strategy of unifying its various products as one central Google product. Google has been gradually going in this direction over the years, and last year’s major privacy policy consolidation enabled it to treat its properties as such.

This concept is taken further with the new navigation design, which is more in line with Google’s mobile devices. Things are starting to feel more and more like you’re simply using Google, regardless of which product you happen to be using.

Do you like the direction Google is going in? Which of the three search engines has the best new logo? Let us know in the comments.

New Google Logo Image via TechCrunch Google Bar Shots: Google

  • Major Gashpar

    Less than zero and horrible indeed, same as 2013 “ram through your throat” new Gmail create message pop-up. Stop with this pathethic bullying before it’s to late (for you). Rest of us will find somthing else eventually…

  • Lenny

    I think it’s stupid. For me the old version was perfect for me and my friends. It was easier for me now I have to exit the thing I’am in to get in to news. Say you are in Images and want to go to News, you can’t switch.

  • Eloise

    I hate it, it’s really confusing and stupid, why didn’t they just leave it the way it was? I also hate how they forced the design on users without asking first, or saying would you like to try out google’s new design? The older one was better as it had all the buttons you needed at the top.

  • HJ

    New look is ok, I am just waiting for then news when Google places a big for Wikipedia. The search results tell us that it’s gonna happen sooner or later :)

  • HJ

    Apologies for the typos in the previous comment. It was: New look is ok, I am just waiting for the news when Google places a bid for Wikipedia. The search results tell us that it’s gonna happen sooner or later.

  • Scott

    Whatever we think won’t matter either way, Google doesn’t care what we think. They don’t respond to support requests, then never respond on their forums.

  • http://www.icahbanjarmasin.com Icahbanjarmasin

    Google Is The Best and Bing Of The King Yahoo Number One.

  • http://www.health-diets.net Linda

    Google’s new gmail Compose is a nightmare for anyone who has to reply to messages from web forms or if you make use of the ‘send email as’ feature when replying.
    I want to be able to see the To, From and Subject fields while I am composing or replying, to ensure I do not make a mistake. Why on earth are all the field labels hidden as soon as you start typing? Drives me mad to have to keep clicking to see fields, and I keep making mistakes and having to resend emails because of accidentally replying to myself (re webform messages sent from server) or using the wrong Send As address.
    Google’s arrogance at not giving us a choice is typical, and google please note you have created for yourselves more bad karma than ever before, so stop telling us just to ‘get used to it’.
    I am sending Gmail a complaint through the Feedback link every few days. Suggest all those who agree with me do the same to keep everyone at Gmail nice and busy reading them.

  • http://www.valuecrate.com Leo

    It is so inconvenient. Every time when I reply to customers, I have to change the subject. The new look takes too much time for me to switch and the auto complete does not work any more. I have to type each time to change the subject. I wish Google could get our previous version back.

  • http://www.3sfmedia.com/ Scoopy

    Haven’t noticed new look… OH! That’s because I am using Bing now. Switched a while ago since I wanted relevant search results instead of getting “Scroogled”.

  • robert

    It adds clutter and is an atempt to invade the users privacy. Though Google has been the leader in search engins – I will now look for a replacment

    • Austinuity

      How is a new interface in anyway invading privacy? They aren’t adding snooping mechaninsms, they are simple removing the horrible black top bar that takes visual focus away from the content and condensing it into one space. And a logo is just a logo, nothing more.

  • Randy Fox

    They should put digital eyes that follow you and ears or a picture of Obama saying “I know what you did last summer”

  • Maria

    I could access what I use (maps, youtube etc) with ONE click. Now I can’t anymore.

  • jjj

    Now it takes significantly more mouse movement and an extra click to get to google news. Screw that.

  • Fred

    why is it that the new changes require login in to google. All i want is a simple no-nonsense ad free search page. Is that too much to ask, or are expected to sign away our lives with googles (we exploite you) privacy polices with phrases like we reserve the right to use what ever you upload for google purposes without you permission even if you delete it.
    You have to be a moron to actually sign in with google to goole

  • wayne oldfield

    So not sure what you did but it’s now harder to go to the news …..aw well been thinking of checking out bing anyway ….good going

  • Big Dawg

    Hate it, hate it, hate it! Please contact me with any advice on how to return the black bar back to it’s original status, I hate this change.

    OTOH, added Google Shortcuts and Multirow Tool Bar, which corrected problem to a degree. Thanks for letting me vent.

  • LongTimeGoogleUser

    I hate this new design. I’m getting sick and tired of Google fixing things that aren’t broken. STOP CHANGING THINGS SO MUCH. It wouldn’t be so bad if Google allowed their users to choose. Noo, users are forced to use their new horrible designs/changes or find something else. Of course the problem with that is that they have taken over the internet and now there really is nothing else. Constantly changing from good layouts to bad layouts is considered a little evil in my opinion Google.

  • Matthew Vincent

    It is more than a visual change, it cripples functionality.

    When you click on one of the Apps, it doesn’t take you search with you.

    This is incredibly frustrating for trying to search for financial info.

  • Judith Webster

    I hate the new look Google, I want the black bar back it was so much easier to use

  • Minka

    Why did they change it?. It was perfect before! The functionality was so much easier and simpler with the black shortcut toolbar. Now it’s just shit. I still can’t understand why they got rid of it. Bring back the toolbar!

  • Mike Drabik

    I just plain hate the new interface!!! The previous interface —bookmarks bar — was fine. But now —- if the icon isn’t there – ya have to click-click-click, search-search to find what ya want.

    And I surf on Chrome incognito – all the time. SO, if their solution configure Chrome persevere cookies – they can just shove it.

    So, – Google – put the damn thing back to the way it was!!! Otherwise I’ll just make a bookmarks folder; put what I use most in it and ignore your blasted “new and improved” interface altogether!!

  • ian

    it is very annoying…. how do i keep the original. please advise because i will just give up and go to yahoo.

  • JD

    Worst move you could have ever made by changing the home page and removing the black bar. How could you ever think that people would rather have to click on a box, search for the link and the select it, would be better than having one click links on a simple bar ? You should be fired! Hell, you don’t even have the return to Google image top of page so you have to scroll all the way back to the top WTF R U TKG.

  • mik

    Ugh I hate it! I hated it when they took away the bar and gave us the silly google drop down, everyoen complained about that and it went away until 2 years later they fdo exactly the same thing just in a different spot.
    Google stuff used to be simple and straight forward. Like it was designed by trhe engineers that understood that peopel wanted to be able to do stuff with it, quickly and easily. But now they are all “we must have awesome design” and let the stupid designers have their way everything is all looks and allt he usefull things hidden away so you need to click half a dozen times to do what once took one.
    Gmail is screwed, chrome is screwed, G+ is screwed youtube is screwed, its just all screwed its liek they assume everyone is using everything on a tablet and no one uses a PC any more.
    I used to love you, but not any more.

  • Diane

    I hate it! I want the old black bar back! The black bar was much quicker and easier to use.

  • Henry

    I hate it!! The old one , was 10000 times better than a new one :/

  • Jan Thomas

    I hate the new logo and the search sucks!!!Why did they have to mess with something that wasn’t broken, was even a service and is now a piece of shitty junk????? I’m getting popups all over the place. Please go back to the way it was when Google was a good thing and not a hassle…..

  • Nancy Lust

    I HATE the new google. I want to be able to navigate with fewer clicks. Now it takes one more click to get from Search to News or to Gmail. And WORST of all…I couldn’t access Google Images! I had to Google “Google Images” If you must have the 9 square grid, PLEASE let users customize those squares so that we can put the apps that we use most frequently on the first page of squares.

  • cotyledon

    A truly stupendous advance . . . two clicks needed now when one was fine for years.
    Mind you that’s just like the attitude of the banks . . . “We are improving service by closing your local branch”.
    I do know what these people have for brains.
    The rush to make everything look like a small screen app tramples good sense, taste and practicality – why not.

  • steve

    i realise clean and spartan are the new catchwords but this is ridiculous the impression is too much white space and everything hidden, also in both Google generally and in Gmail you now need to click several buttons to do what one click used to achieve. you may win a few art design awards but no user friendly or ergonomic ones. there is too much of this sort of thing going on on the internet.

  • http://group47.com Rob Hummel

    I hate, hate, hate the new interface/GUI that Google has rolled out. I go to maps now, and things are hidden from me; whereas previously it was obvious where street view was, zoom, etc… Yes, I can “figure it out,” but why is a design that requires extra thought and clicks an improvement?
    Answer: It’s not.
    Google: you are detrimentally impacting my productivity. Google and Apple both have become like big brother and foisting changes on the users that no on e was even asking for. It’s been said a thousand times already: form over function

  • http://Google Heather

    I don’t like the grid and want the black bar back. The grid requires more clicks and delays to get the same thing done, taking up more of my time. I don’t want to click on a bunch of things to switch pages, I liked the “one click” to navigate around the various Google pages. Please bring back the black bar!

  • olddavey

    It,s crap!

  • BrokenEye, the True False Prophet

    Its extremely inconvenient and unintuitive, and vaguely unattractive. Basically entirely inferior and 100% consistent with the level of incompetence I’ve come to expect from Google’s new design team and their “if it ain’t broke, fix it ’til it is” policy.

  • Ric Olf


  • Walter

    Google made their name by bucking the portal trend at the time eg. Excite, Lycos and Alta Vista. Google had a clean page with a single input box. Results were relevant. Guess what. From nowhere it became the biggest search engine virtually overnight. Ever since, Google have been fanatical about reducing clicks and clutter. But while I have remembered their USP, it appears they have forgotten what their customers want. Black bar back. New email compose obliterated. Or really.. Just like people are leaving Apple, Google may find Bing suddenly becomes more appealing.

  • Brenda Travis

    We hate the look of the new Google and want our I-Google back. We are now looking for a new alternative to Google.

  • Alan

    Click, click, click… found Google shopping.
    Yeah, it’s terrible

  • Chris

    I very much miss having the shortcuts to Google Apps in a bar (white, black, I don’t care!) rather than in the app block. It is just so much more efficient to click once to get to the most used apps instead of clicking the block and THEN clicking the app. Same with getting to Contacts from Gmail — should be just one click rather than two.

  • Linda Wallace

    My gripe is the new interface requires additional clicks to get work done – very annoying. Google has been known for minimalist interfaces, and this one is a failure.

  • Wendl Ormsby

    It forces me to sign in with a new password 3-4 times a day!! I’m really at the point to dumping it alltogether and re-install Safari which got so slow that I had to install google Chrome which is trying to realign my internet experience!

  • cephalectomy

    I dont mind the toolbar, but the new text font and size and overall look of the search results page is ugly and looks like bing.

  • Haystacks

    The search results look awful.

  • Annoyed by Google

    The new design most probably causes eye cancer.
    But at least it’s annoying and unbearable.

    For now I switched to startpage. I didn’t want to, but google leaves me no choice.

    All the NSA crap wasn’t enough to follow the sheep to the “secure” search machines but the new design crap from google did it. Good job, Google!

    Now I’m using startpage to find a cure for this internet-cancer. The NID-cookie-entry that some blog recommends that supposedly should end this madness doesn’t work for me.

    • Annoyed by Google

      Ok, I was wrong: The cookie-entry works if one lets google set cookies from then on. I only changed the cookie but prevented google from adding any other cookies.
      Apparently google doesn’t read the existing cookie-entries when it’s prohibited from adding or changing regarding cookies… or something like it.

      So, I can say: The NID cookie trick works for me (Opera 11.64).
      Other browsers need a little more effort that just a right-click… :-)

      But here’s the site were I got the tip from:


  • scrimm

    the new search look is really bad

    at first i thought it was a prob with my scripting, java, flash, windows fonts,…or something.
    so i restored to a previous point, (and then had to re-update all my programs)….thats how much i dislike it.

    there are only two questions i need answering
    1. can i change it back to how it was?
    2. if not – when will google change it back to how it was?

    • scrimm

      old style is back in uk!

  • jayrow

    Sorry Google but you missed the mark. The new look is awful. It’s dull and generic, requires more clicking to get where you want to go, just bad. Please switch back!