Netflix Redesign Rubs Many Users the Wrong Way

Users not shy about letting Netflix know

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Netflix Redesign Rubs Many Users the Wrong Way
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Popular movie service Netflix has undergone a redesign, and it while it’s certainly not unanimous, the overwhelming majority of users (at least on Twitter and in Netflix’s blog comments) do not like it.

What do you think of the Netflix redesign? Let us know.

Netflix Director of Product Management Michael Spiegelman said on the blog, “I’m excited to announce that we’ve updated parts of the Netflix website with a new look and feel to make it easier for you to find something to watch instantly.”

“Starting today, most members who watch instantly will see a new interface that provides more focus on the TV shows & movies streaming from Netflix,” he added. “The title images are larger, there are more of them on the page and play buttons appear when you hover your mouse over the title images. Star ratings, information and other functions are available when you mouse over the title images. We’ve also made some changes to several pages on the site: adding more rows, and filling out the rows with more TV shows & movies, which you can find by hovering your mouse over the end of a row.”

And now for the complaints. Are are some posted in the comments on the Netflix Blog:

“The scroll-on-hover is terrible — the mere act of scrolling the entire page vertically causes random rows to start moving as they move under my mouse cursor and I never get to see the title on the far left or far right because it has already moved off screen and when I actually want a row to scroll, it scrolling is way too slow.”

“Thanks, now I can instantly determine that Netflix.ca has nothing interesting to watch.”

“Horrible! Everything feels as if it’s running together. I hate the way you have to hover over the last movie to see more in the row. They need to change it back or at least find some sort of compromise! I was in the middle of watching something when the site updated and when I came back to the main page my first reaction was to refresh the page twice hoping it would fix itself!”

The new look is a little jarring at first, but it’s nice that the movie covers are larger. I think I’ll get used two it, but I do have two concerns. One is that there is no plain display of the movie title without mouse-over. If I want to quickly search through movies, it would be nice if their titles were easily comparable. The other concern is the horizontal scrolling. the fact that this has a fixed maximum speed makes it impossible for me to quickly skip past movies that don’t interest me. In addition, I have to move my mouse back and forth across the screen to poorly defined zones if I want to switch from scrolling right to scrolling left. I would much prefer a real scroll-bar.”

“What happened to the ability to sort by rating? Now, you have to mouse over every. single. title. to find out that it only has two stars instead of being able to avoid it altogether. Also, the scrolling function is frustrating and slow.”

“It’s quite dazzling how much I hate the new look and feel of the Netflix site. It might be a great idea for people on tablets or PS3’s or dealing with remote controls for input, but for those of us who have keyboards and mice (or trackpads), you’ve just made navigating the site considerably slower. Beyond just navigation, I think stripping out the titles from underneath, as well as the projected star rating, makes finding a movie on the fly just that much more difficult. Because nothing’s in alphabetical order at this point. Now we’re just looking at random movies in a random order, possibly by genre, but also possibly in some randomly selected genre that is somewhat related to a movie we didn’t actually mean to watch, because we accidentally clicked it when we were trying to scroll past it. It’s a horrible design. Flat-out. This is one of those design changes that’s going to be talked about on the tech-review sites later today, and not in a good way. It’s the Gawker or Digg debacles all over again, because you’ve deliberately made your site more difficult to use.”

And the conversation continues on Twitter of course:

Netflix redesign. Still horrible the second day. 2 hours ago via Twitter for Mac · powered by @socialditto

The Netflix redesign feels like a mistake. Feels like it’s redirecting to an alternate mobile version unintentionally. http://t.co/X0HgyIw 2 hours ago via Twitter for Mac · powered by @socialditto

I don’t like it at all, the scrolling is shotty at best. RT@shannon_patrick Holy #Netflix redesign, Batman! #whaahoppen? 4 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Wow, when did Netflix redesign their website? Switch it back, please! 4 hours ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

RT @bySeon: The Netflix website redesign is awful. Kept loading up a movie when I really want to read the description. Not very mouse fr … 5 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Not a huge fan of the @netflix redesign. The padding is super awkward. 8 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Netflix redesign is great if you like ugly, functionless things. And I happen to, as a rule. 11 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

The Netflix redesign hides information in mouseovers, removes sorting and filtering, and is grey and ugly. What did it actually improve? 13 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

You get the idea.

Again, that’s not to say there aren’t people out there that actually do like it. Every now and then, you’ll come across a positive comment, but then again, that’s the nature of the web. People tend to speak up more when they’re upset.

I don’t think I’ve completely formulated my own opinion of the redesign yet. I’ll have to use it more, but I definitely like the mouseover play buttons.

Play Button

I also kind of like the side-scrolling functionality where you can just let your mouse sit there and browse titles as they hover by. While I’ve yet to experience it on a tablet, I can definitely see where this would be attractive on such a device.

Either way, most major redesigns on the web get similar reactions at first, and then people get used to them, so I doubt Netflix is too worried about losing users over this.

Is the Netflix redesign an improvement or a downgrade? Tell us what you think.

Netflix Redesign Rubs Many Users the Wrong Way
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  • http://thevideobossbonusx.com/the-video-boss-bonus Devon “The Video Boss” Woods

    Yikes! I almost hate to comment but I actually like the new design. Maybe I am just a simpleton. Now, I will say that it looks like a BIGGER version of Redbox’s website.

  • Matt

    Thank you, now I know I am not the only one that hates the new netflix look. I hate how you have to hover over the movie for a few seconds to see the rating or to read about the movie, and while you are hovering it starts scrolling vertically. Or maybe you just want to scroll the whole page horizontally, and then part start scrolling vertically again. Has to be the biggest headache of a website I have ever seen!

    • Mike

      Exactly. The same operation (mouse over) should not have multiple functions especially when one of those functions contains all the information. This seems very basic to me. Also, I have never heard of a website that actively hides necessary info. Hiding the title, star rating, etc. would be like Amazon requiring you to hover to get the price.

      It ain’t the change that bothers me, it is the change backward.

  • YM

    I tried using it on a tablet. It is actually much worse than a mouse, because tablets and touch devices in general can’t hover. I expected to at least be able to swipe the rows ala cover flow, but that doesn’t work.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      That’s interesting. Just glancing on it on a desktop, it looks like it would have been made with tablets in mind.

  • Vizhon

    They lost my business already over it. It’s that bad.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Wow, really?

      • Tony

        Good job for the story, most news articles are avoiding the bad publicity. Let it be known Netflix is not Facebook, we have to go with the flow because it’s free. Netflix comes from working customers who enjoy how they are entertained, not forced to endure for entertainment.

        • GinsuVictim

          I agree with Tony. Chris did a nice job of getting across the frustration many of us are facing, unlike this one article which ended with, “The comments section on the Netflix Blog is filled upset customers who prefer the ways of old. Something tells me they’ll get over it.” What a dick.

          Chris, thanks for a well-written, unbiased article.

      • Marnie

        Due to the complete lack of response on the blog as well as over the phone I was forced to cancel my membership. I have been a Netflix customer for YEARS, but this is ridiculous. I should not have to get sick to try and watch a movie.

      • Mike

        I am giving it a couple of days, then I will put my account on hold. If the UI does not change by the time the hold expires, I will cancel. I don’t want to, but I don’t want to pay the same I have been for a worse service either. I find it frustrating and backwards (by web standards) to use. The only thing I could think would be worse, would be having to enter your password to see each movie description.

  • GinsuVictim

    Almost 1900 complaints now on the official blog, and the Twitter complaints continue to climb. This is the worst downgrade I’ve ever seen. People of Earth….continue to voice your displeasure with this horrible redesign!

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      I was amazed to see the amount of comments on the blog.

      • GinsuVictim

        Over 2000 now.

        • Avidan2006

          Now the number has just edged over 2500 and counting. That doesn’t include the people who have called Netflix’s customer support line. I called and the representative I spoke with told me she had been inundated with complaints all day, regarding the interface.

      • Mike

        You shouldn’t be amazed. It is the only way to give feedback other than to call. Netflix has been a favorite of mine for years, but I am not sure this bodes well for their future. Someone will come along and unseat them with real customer service.

  • Timothy

    I think you under estimate how bad the new interface is for me the paying customer. I have been with netflix for years. I will absolutely cancel if this new look remains for 48 hours longer. There are other options out there.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      I’ve been a customer for years as well, and as I’ve messed around with it more, I’ve determined that it doesn’t bother me at all.

      • GinsuVictim

        I like to browse and sort, and now browsing is deathly sloooooow, and sorting……there is none.

        • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

          A far as speed, I haven’t had any trouble, so I can see where connection could play a role.

          • GinsuVictim

            I’m not talking about connection. You have to hover over the end of the list and just watch as it drags by. Some people think going to the DVD section is a workaround, but then you don’t get to see the many “streaming only” selections.

          • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

            Oh ok…on the speed. Doesn’t really bother me. I find the speed adequate, though I guess it would be nice if it let you speed it up. I still find it more convenient than having to click through multiple pages.

          • Mike

            I am a heavy user, Chris. I like to be able to glance over a page of movies at a time and know the following things: Title, is it in my queue, have I seen it, what rating did I give it, is it something they think I might like (suggested rating). This determines whether I will even read its description. All of this info has been removed or hidden. For years they have touted suggestions, now it is hidden. Why?

  • Anthony Cox

    That’s the problem Netflix takes our money and doesn’t care about the customers. We all love Netflix service but why handicap the service and not care the whole experience makes it sick to even look at for too long? I will be changing as soon as another company can get even close to what Netflix was last week.

  • Tony

    Hey there,

    This is a Netflix Customer, Director of Household Entertainment at my home. I’m excited to say Micheal Spiegelman ( I say your name with contempt as if a disgusting taste was in my mouth)you have ruined the whole Netflix experience for my household viewing entertainment. I’ve been keeping up with stocks and Netflix is down today after a brief spurt. The message is getting out that your upgraded page is giving customers headaches, nauciousness and frustration enough for comments to get very personal. No response has been made and your attitude of “they will eventually love it” is far misplaced. Yes we do love Netflix but some are willing to stand and say no more bend over and take it. Some of us are willing to complain complain complain until we feel vindicated and something is done. It’s not just funtionality, it’s actually making people sick to look at it for too long. I understand you have big corporations pushing you to push us, but if you allow that you will lose and the big corporation will roll over you beacause you failed to see the big picture. The customers pay for this service, it’s not free, it’s not Facebook. When you ignore your customers and insult them by calling them “Knuckle Draggers” You disrupt the good thing you had going. Want to make it another 10 years? Listen to us before you end up putting in applications back at Yahoo.

    June 10, 2011 10:13 AM

    • GinsuVictim

      You forgot to remove the time when you copied and pasted it. ;D

      • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum


  • wolfie

    “Either way, most major redesigns on the web get similar reactions at first, and then people get used to them, so I doubt Netflix is too worried about losing users over this.”

    It literally gives me a headache to watch the titles scroll across the screen and I know I’m not the only one. I’ve resorted to using this link (http://www.netflix.com/WiHome?fcld=tru e )which brings you to the original site, but the second you click any links it reverts to the new “improved” mode. I don’t know what they were smoking when they designed it but it sure as hell doesnt “make it easier to find something to watch instantly”, My roommate is going to cancel our subscription if they don’t change it back, which really bums be out because i liked netflix but the new layout is just too much of a pain. I really hope they listen to all the feedback and at least give us the option to choose the new shitty mode or the old functional one

    • wolfie


      • GinsuVictim

        Why repost it the correct way when it’s virtually useless anyway?

        • JT

          Because it’s slightly less useless than the redesign?

      • http://www.catdoorsale.com Maleia

        I like it very much. its better than pushing a button
        to wait for a whole page to reload.

    • Mike

      I shouldn’t have to get used to a downgrade. Netflix website offers less than it did before. That seems like a downgrade to me.

  • http://www.cinemainsane.com Ormsby

    Nobody likes the changes, it’s clunky and quite frankly an eye sore. They should have given us a choice to try the new layout or use the one everyone liked first, that would have been a smart move. It’s been two days or so now, people I know and myself have called customer service to complain and there has been no response from Netflix to this fiasco. This makes their customers more angry, that it seems Netflix isn’t listening to them. I hope they wise up and change it back (or give us the option of using the good layout) before they find out what it’s like to have a mass exodus of paying customers.

  • Jim Perine

    I loved the old menu that I could make into a list in chronological order. I prefer movies from the 30s, 60s and 70s and it allowed me to quickly find the films I wanted.
    Now, there is no order, and no list, just a jumble.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Good point on that. I don’t often use the site in that way, but that is something I hadn’t really noticed.

      • GinsuVictim

        Yes, many people used sorting, myself included, and now that option is gone except for the DVD section, which does not display all of the “streaming only” selections.

    • JenK

      This is my biggest frustration with the new system too. Had friends over last night, we couldn’t find a movie to watch because there was no way to sort, and my Netflix recommendations are not reflective of the group’s taste (or mine for that matter!)

  • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

    From the brief demo Crum showed me, it seems a lot of the complaining is just because people are resistant to change. Is Netflix’s new interface slightly intimidating, especially when you consider the old one? Perhaps, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end all, be all in the form of being terrible, either.

    • GinsuVictim

      Go read the complaints. This isn’t about being resistant to change.

      • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

        Clearly it is. People don’t like the Web 2.0 interface, because, well, it’s something they didn’t expect. I understand that, because people have to get comfortable with the new design, and, like it or not, new interfaces are intimidating, much like new, revamped operating systems are.

        Remember the backlash against Vista, even though it was much more stable and secure than anything in XP’s source code? To me, this is exactly the same.

        Furthermore, the Netflix service does NOT work any differently. You still get movies in your queue mailed out and Netflix Instant works as it should. Much ado about nothing, at least from this perspective.

        • GinsuVictim

          Actually, Netflix Instant has had their instant queue system busted for about two months now.

          • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

            Not for me. In 2011, I’ve used it on the PS3, Xbox 360, the Wii and my computer.

            It works every time I access it.

          • GinsuVictim

            Since I can’t reply to the message below, check out hackingnetflix.com, where many users have reported their instant queue being constantly shuffled on them. When I add to queue, it’s always random now as to where it ends up. I’m not alone. Some people spend hours organizing their list, only to have it randomized multiple times a day. I use Netflix on a PC, Wii, 360, Roku, and 2 iPods.

        • MRichards

          My complaint is not because I am “resistant to change” it is because the new page design and scrolling feature are literally making me ill. The scrolling is causing my eyes to rapidly and involuntarily move from side to side. It is causing eye strain, headache and nausea. I can’t even complain about the stuff that everyone else is complaining about because I can’t stay on the page long enough to check out any of the other changes.

          • GinsuVictim

            You are not alone. I’ve read MANY complaints about motion sickness due to the new layout.

          • wolfie

            Same here, i have to stay away from any of the scrolling pages, gives me a headache. I’m not resistant to change, if the change was an improvement. However the new layout is making people ill, and if that’s not enough the scrolling is way to slow and you now have to hover over each title to see any star ratings and information, and even then it won’t display what language the movie is in until you click the movie title…. it’s just a big mess

    • Mike

      Resistant to change is one thing. Removing useful functions and making information harder to find is something entirely different. Why should I have to search to find a movie title? Why should I have to hover to see if it is something Netflix believes I will enjoy, especially considering that rating system is the backbone of their operation? Why should it be more difficult for me to do the same things I could before(i.e. rating a movie, moving it to my queue)? Why should I, as a long time customer, have to work harder?

      Netflix’s service is not about delivering movies to your home (streaming or DVD). It is about them being able to aid you in making a selection by providing you with information and recommendations AND delivering it to your home.

      You are a jackass.

  • ken

    It is horrible, I can barely find anything other than the 8 titles being pushed on you. This takes netflix from a “must have” to a “thinking about canceling it”

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

      Then you aren’t trying hard enough.

      • Jim

        You’re being a big tool, Chris. Happy?

        • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

          Because I can use the new Netflix without running to the Internet and complaining about it? OK, then I guess I’m a tool.

          • Avidan2006

            I can use the new Netflix interface as well. A child can use it, because it was made for a child. That has to be the answer. It’s for a non-discriminating child who is willing to watch whatever it’s fed on the recommended page. Talk to any competent web designer. The layout is atrocious and removes most of the functionality.

      • Mike

        NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH?!! God, you’re a jackass.

        I should not have to try hard to use a service I paid for. Especially when it was easier than before.

        Would you be happy if your local box store removed all the prices on the shelves? You could find the price by asking and having the store look it up, but why should you?

        • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

          What, exactly, are you looking for? Netflix to suggest every movie you want to see ever? I’m sorry if you can’t navigate around the new interface, but considering the ease we had around here — to a man — it makes me think you’re just complaining because it’s something different.

  • J.C.

    Hate it, the layout looks like the system broke and is waiting to be fixed. I’m cancelling.

  • dhfdfh


  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_218498411517909&ap=1 English_Wolf

    Facebook created to protest the change.


  • shawn

    i dont mind change but this one is one that i dont like.tried to use it several times and just dont like it.it bothers my eyes and i found a lot of movies i never heard of by using the old features.netflix has no real competition right now but i think it is on the horizon with redbox going to start using instant stream and they are in talks with amazon to merge to go after netflix.and redbox is already starting to start to do video game rental(netflix should remember that with the help of gamefly they knocked off video store competition and netflix contemplated renting video games) so netflix should be looking at improving the product they offer instead of these meaningless updates that are just what a company does when it gets big does to save money.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      They have been greatly expanding their catalog of streaming content, and are even getting into exlcusive content with the launch of the Kevin Spacey show facebook-coming-soon-to-netflix-2011-03″ rel=”nofollow”>House of Cards.

      • shawn

        i dont have to much of a problem with what they have to offer to stream.yes it could be better and i know they are doing a lot to get new stuff.with the new layout not as user friendly as it was for people who use it a lot and like to find movies they never heard of.if a redbox and amazon merger happens(those two might look more appealing to the film and tv companies cause amazon offers you to purchase the movies.also with redbox getting into video games also and if they start mail ordering those also it will be big) then netflix might want to reconsider where it spends it money on useless changes like this and by giving the competition more ammo to overtake them by reading all the things people dont like.netflix started off small against big video store chains and those places ignored the small majority who started leaving to find a better service and look where those stores are now so netflix should remember the way they got to where they are now.

  • Kale 32

    Wow, they’ve changed the WI section at the website to match the new PS3 interface. And PS3 users greeted the arrival of the new UI last month about as well the online posters have over the website redesign..There has been an overwhelming negative response to the PS3 change-going back to February when it was first introduced. Please know that those who are not happy are not people afraid or resistant to change. It’s just that the changes that have been made DO NOT IMPROVE on what was there before. They in fact, make the Netflix experience worse.
    I support any change that actually makes using NF better, easier, or faster. The new PS3 UI does none of those. It has reduced functionality, made it more difficult to navigate your queue, and restricts exploring for new content not already selected. If you scroll too fast, the app will freeze up, forcing a reboot of the console. This new design for the website is also restrictive, and just isn’t an improvement over the original-which was by no means perfect, but this redesign makes it seem lightyears better than it ever was before

    • Jason

      I didn’t experience a new UI on my PS3 until today. I had no problem with the previous interface, now it’s about as frustrating to use as Netflix on the Wii. I can’t view dramas, thrillers, documentaries, etc., by subcategory. At least on the new website you can click a category, and it takes you to some static pages with the movies arranged in a grid. On my PS3, I used to be able to see 10 movies in my queue at a time, five columns and up to a hundred rows. I could tell visually where in my queue a particular movie was. Now, you can only view five movies at a time, all lined up in a single row that can be HUNDREDS of titles long.

  • Kristen

    What I can’t believe is that no one is talking about the fact that if your window is not to the correct length, because they docked navigation bar at the top, you can’t scroll sideways to see the search box. That’s mistake number one! When you dock the navigation bar always make sure it goes side to side. I like it docked at the top, but seriously. I should never have to resize my browser just so I can get to the search box. I also don’t want to hover to see the ratings that Netflix thinks I would give a movie. I want to see it at a glance. To me as well, this is definitely a step backwards. Not forwards.

  • http://www.dallasalexander.me Dallas Alexander

    Yeah, while the design is done well the ui and ux needs some help. Never been big on NetFlix sadly due to the poor selection.

  • Jeff

    I just wanted to add to the list of people who don’t like the redesign. I feel like they are trying to take away the ability to personalize the site and user experience by removing the star ratings and leaving only one recently watched title on the front page. I mean what if you have more than one person watching? It makes me so sad because I loved netflix and now it’s ruined.

  • Ari Bilow

    Sort by rating. Bring it back or I cancel.

  • Susan

    The new Netflix interface SUCKS big-time. I liked being able to sort movies by their Star rating to find shows of acceptable quality. Now I’d have to scroll through 42 pages of icons, hovering over each one to spot ones with 3 stars or better ratings. That is totally unacceptable. I have canceled my subscription until the sort functionality is restored.

  • Zannah Becker

    I experience actual physical nausea in my stomach from the scrolling feature that they have added. Many others have complained about the same feeling as well as eye pain. Why would I be expected to “get used to it” when I pay for a service that is supposed to be a convenience to me? Convenience does not include physical illness and discomfort.
    Am I paying for streaming films on demand or a new prescription drug with countless side effects?
    The ease of access of the interface is overall poor in design.
    It would seem that Mr. Swase feels that the opinions and needs of his paying customers be damned in favor of his new and wonderful interface that supposedly tested so well.
    While Netflix may seem to be crushing the competition they seem to also be suffering from getting too big too fast. They have yet to fulfill their promise of more new films streaming on demand. Just because you can get 10,000 “B” grade movies with a one star rating does not a superior provider make.
    If Netflix chooses to continue its condescending manner of addressing and dealing with its customers they may find themselves short a few thousand subscribers this month.

  • Tim

    This is horrible. There is no longer a way to sort by year released, alpha, or rating. What the heck is the default sort?

  • Josh S.

    I think it sucks. It is tedious with a mouse, sluggish, and too freaking big. It looks like some old person turned down the resolution on my monitor “to make it bigger” but just for Netflix. Plus, it feels like certain material is being shoved down my throat, while other stuff I might be interested in is hidden.

    At least give us the option to turn it off, darn it.

  • rick rickard


  • Michele

    The redesign is definitely harder to use. It’s slower and harder to scroll through — sometimes I can’t get it to scroll sideways at all (not able to figure out why not). While the display of individual “boxes” is larger, it’s not as efficient because it displays fewer titles. I hope they go back to something like the old display.

  • Atmos42

    I think it says something about the almost universal hatred of the new interface, when someone goes out of their was to program a Chrome plugin that shows you the old netflix site.


    Now, if they would only fix the horrid new PS3 interface, I would be happier.

    • http://inspire-gifts.com GCornett

      Thanks for the plugin link – works almost perfectly.

  • ZCH

    I hope they change the new design soon.

    I used to find the ratings incredibly helpful in determining programs to watch. Now, in order to see the ratings, you have to mouse over every. single. item. in order to know any information about a title. It’s just like I took a trip to Hollywood Video, where all you see is the cover image of a movie, and you have to flip over the case to find anything about it. That would be a step backwards in my opinion. Two thumbs down!

    The auto-scroll function is slow. Make it a manual scroll again.

    Titles and ratings visible please! Also, does the mouse over have to be so slow? Must we wait so long before the description window comes up? Why can’t it just be there as soon as you move the mouse over the program?

    I’m seriously thinking of canceling my subscription if they don’t fix this soon. It has become too difficult to find programming that I find interesting.

  • Thomas Thorne

    As a usability professional, this is a step backward. The old interface offered so much more information at a glance. Hover scrolling is always a bad idea. The new look is dumbed down. This does not support end user performance at finding titles nearly as easily. The old interface was all the way around more usable, and I have to wonder what kind of testing was performed on this site, and whether there was any design process involved at all. At the very least, Netflix should provide viewing preferences for users.

  • Doug

    I cancelled my account after this mess led to research other services. I found that Hulu plus has the entire criterion collection. I mostly watched classic and foreign films on Netflix anyway, so this is now a no brainer. Thanks Netflix!

  • Val Davis

    The new NetFlix site is a mistake. Like most other webcentric businesses, NetFlix has been sold the belief that “Web sites must be in constant flux to be interesting”. I personally find this to be total malarky. A good web design that works is rare, and when you have a great one, please leave it like it is. If you need to change database functionality on the backend, thats great, but leave us with what we like and what works. Don’t change for the sake of “being fresh”.

    I am very disappointed NetFlix.

    A paying customer.

  • Dan

    I was given a fully paid 6-month Netflix subscription by my son. When I tried to use it, Netflix insisted on obtaining my credit card information. I refused. They refused to honor the subscription. Needless to say, they bought a lot of bad advertising from me.

  • Josh

    The worst of all is the ignorance the Netflix displays towards all the users who care to express their opinion. So far I haven’t seen a single positive response anywhere online, but the company still stubbornly claims “the majority of users like it better”, which is just ridiculous given the dismal new interface (no sortable lists, terrible hover-scrolling, ratings not immediately visible). I can only hope that media puts pressure on them by making the voice of the users heard.

  • Chris 54

    Seems like they’ve figured they already have the current customer locked in, and are looking for the next one ( the tablet user) by going one step further in the design. Glad I get most of my DVD’s from the library.

  • http://www.americanwebdesign.com John Klippel

    I’m not sure what all these people are complaining about. I think the new design is fun and innovative. I didn’t have any of the problems that others talked about so my guess is they are using some version of IE that doesn’t like the Javascript/Ajax that is being used to created the movement and mouseover affects. Hats off to Netflix for taking the time to want to improve their website. I am sure that “Instant movie watching” for nine bucks a month is the most popular way that people watch movies.

    • GinsuVictim

      Really?!? What’s fun and innovative about it? Tell me, because I think you’re just trolling.

  • http://It'saboutcustomerservice Joyce

    I wonder how many are viewing it on dated browsers. That could be part of the issue. Looks great on Fire Fox 4 and Chrome 10. Update people it won’t kill you.

    • GinsuVictim

      Will an updated browser bring back sorting, remove hover-over, and show me more information at a glance?


      You’re clueless.

  • Lisa Matthews

    I love the new features. What’s not to like? It’s much easier.

  • Shirley

    I have no problem with the new look at Netflix. Unfortunately there are some who have a problem with something new and different. Hubby gets nervouse when I move furniture! Oh well.

    • GinsuVictim

      Okay, now I know you’re the same person, just trolling over and over….

  • GinsuVictim

    Wow! Over 3800 negative comments on the blog now!

  • William Findley

    The new design is less efficient. Subscribers are unable to properly view all movies in a particular genre.

    • GinsuVictim

      I tell you “pick a card, any card” and fan the cards out. You’d have no problem picking the card you wanted. Now, when I say, “is this your card?” I proceed to slowly turn over every card in the deck until you find your card.
      That’s Netflix before and after.

  • http://www.destinationom.com Gaurang

    I am not happy with the change. It is better to see everything you can on the same page without the scrolling. I find it irritating as the images float and you are juggling between reading more about the movie, choosing to watch it, or trying to see the read about the next movie in line.
    The images are too large and the scrolling from side to side was not evident right away. Sometimes things are just better left alone. I will see how it goes but if changes are made back to the way it was I could see cancelling my membership as a real possibility.

  • http://billieraven.com Billie

    Horrible! I’ve been a happy member of Netflix for many years & yesterday was the first time I thought of canceling my account. Not only is the new design overwhelmingly assaulting- these large icons scroll by seemingly without controls – but the choices displayed make one feel like they’ve stumbled into a pre-teen’s bedroom.
    Where can I find a movie rental site for grown-ups?

  • Melvis

    LIKE: Bigger images, plus I seem to be seeing a wider variety of movies, which has always been a problem with Netflix in my eyes. If I didn’t select those same ten movies at the top of the page the last 15 times I visited the site, what makes you think I’m going to select them this time? Plus, I know that more than 10 movies were released last month. Why can’t I see all of them? Even the obscure ones? I have to take notes from movie blogs on what’s just been released then search for them in Netflix. I always feel one step behind and I hate that. (I guess that was a “dislike” disguised as a “like”!)

    DISLIKE: The arrows on either side of the screen worked just fine. Why go to scrolling? Plus, the inability to sort means Netflix thinks its customers are too stupid to be able to choose a movie on their own.

    I feel like there should be an entirely separate site for more voracious movie fans, where you can sort titles by a multitude of fields and see all those rare titles that come and go before you ever hear about them.

  • http://wolfleonard.com/facebook Wolf Leonard

    With the new format, I think it’s harder to “speed read” the larger images looking for titles of interest, aggravated by the scrolling needed to completely look at each line.

  • http://growingtomatoecenter.com/ Jack

    Yes netflix is a real pain in the neck. I will not use there services anymore.

  • http://www.creative-treehouse.com Dan Sanders

    All these reports have made me think two things. A: I’m glad I have not been to the netflex site in a while and B: I guess I better go this this mess.

  • http://wwwench.com Bri Ryan

    Sigh.. why is it successful sites feel compelled to totally screwup their UI ?

  • netflixusers

    Personnally I don’t like much, but the worst is their canadian contents.
    they show movies we have on regular TV
    what is new for them is from last or 2-3 years ago

    90% of the movies there was seen by most peoples with no regular channel (no cable or satellite)

    I stay only for the series I can watch in a row of 2-3 the same night, except that, netflix not worth it.

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