Netflix Instant Queue Is Now ‘My List,’ And It Sorts Automatically

    August 21, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Netflix has launched a new feature called “My List,” which lets users save titles to their own row on Netflix. The feature replaces the Instant Queue for users who have had access to it (U.S. members), and adds a completely new feature for others.

The feature lets you go to your own row on Netflix and find titles you saved for future watching. With user profiles, we were told previously that each member’s queue could hold 500 titles. We’re assuming that remains the case under “My List”.

“Our U.S. members for years have had a feature called the Instant Queue,” says Michael Spiegelman, director of product innovation at Netflix. “We’ve found through talking to our customers that though many people found it useful, we could still improve the experience.”

“After you’ve added several titles to your list, our technology will go to work and sort your List, presenting you with the titles you’re most likely to want to watch right up front,” says Spiegelman. “In our tests, most members really appreciated this automated sorting and it was much more useful than the manual sorting capability of the Instant Queue.”

If you’re like me, you do like to sort your queue manually. I like to group movies, shows and documentaries in different ways that make it easier for me to find them. Don’t worry, Netflix is still letting you sort your list. You can go to “My List Management” in ‘My Account” or change the setting on the “My List” gallery age.

My List also includes more details for titles so they’re more informative. Netflix will display a tag for shows that have new seasons available, for example (they’ve already been doing this for Instant Queues). It will also let you know when a title on your List is gong to expire soon. That particular feature, Netflix says, is only available on the site at first, but will eventually make it way to other devices.

If you don’t use My List, it will gradually drop lower on your Netflix screen. Otherwise, you should find it at the top.

My List is rolling out to all members in every country where Netflix is available starting today.

  • Charles Schmitz

    What I would really like is for Netflix to save in a list all the movies that I have already watched so I don’t forget and re-watch one I’ve seen.

    • http://Whatdoesthismean?Google? Mary Fisher

      I never said I was a computer-use genius; I have to have all things related to cyber-space simple, please. What happened to the former way I could ask for a film and then access it? For whom are you “improving” your site, for us movie-buffs, or for the computer geeks who are so bored by the status-quo that they have to play around with it to demonstrate their knowledge and expediency? Please return to the days of simplicity, and go work for someone else who caters to computer whizzers!

  • Chris Goodwin

    I think Netflix is run by idiots who not only don’t know the meaning of the words “customer friendly” but I sometimes doubt they even use their own product.

    Taking away “instant queue” from the top of the page next to DVD queue makes it easier for the customer to access it????? What are they thinking? This almost as bad as the last brilliant idea to split the two services and make you access two different websites.
    Bring the “instant queue” to the top of the page, not on a drop down menu!

    And while your at it Netflix, bring back the old format on my Blu Ray player where I could see all or most of my list at the same time, instead of having to scroll through them all to find one title.
    User Friendly please! You guys are lucky there’s no real competition right now or I would trying them out.

    • http://InternetExplorer Anne Wangh

      The “My Queue” format was fine. I could always look forward to
      an interesting new DVD

      I could repeat it if I chose.

      I could add films others recommended. Why not let me continue with my queue?

  • http://nenflix leslie allen

    hey Netflix why can’t I get on yall’s website

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