Nerf Rebelle: Brilliant or Sexist?

    December 8, 2013
    Toni Matthews-El
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One of the hot toys for the 2013 Christmas season is the Nerf Rebelle series of weapon-like toys. They’ve been made available by Hasbro with little girls exclusively in mind. How do we know they’re for little girls? Well, there’s a lot of pink and purple. In American society, it’s still common to “color code” toys so that parents won’t be confused regarding which items are for little boys and which items are for little girls. This is a marketing policy that started long before anyone ever heard of Nerf products.

Still, it’s a bit disconcerting to some that this is happening in 2013. Especially when we all know the source material was anything but polite and pink: The Hunger Games and one Katniss Everdeen. The character was a rough and tumble young woman because she had to be. Because in her world, there was no room for being delicate. Strength, determination and the ability to hunt for food meant survival. There is nothing pretty or pink about survival. So why couldn’t Nerf market their products to little girls as is, with this life lesson in mind?

Well, perhaps they will. They’ve just got to get their foot in the door first. Remember, we’re in uncharted territory right now when it comes to these kinds of toys and girls as an overt market. Nerf should be applauded for seeing a demand and rising to the occasion. After all, we’ve had a number of women in badass roles. Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in Terminator 2 comes to mind. These are roles that didn’t see a toy company roll out a product aimed at girls based on these strong characters. Pink or not. Usually toy weapons are sold to boys so they can pretend to be cops, cowboys, etc. Nobody was giving toy weapons of any kind to little girls since the idea was that these things didn’t or shouldn’t appeal to little girls. But somebody out there made a connection. And if this toy does well, who’s to say that changes won’t be made in the future? It’s about supply and demand and public, meaning kids, feedback.

If a little girl is sitting there watching Katniss on her television and deciding she wants to be Katniss, it could be she wants a toy to help her pretend and doesn’t care what color it is. The fact that little girls are asking for these toys and they’re such a hot Christmas item seems to suggest just that.

For those modern moms wanting to buy such a toy but are hung up on the color scheme, there’s always the non-feminine version. If your little girl wants to train in her own imaginary version of the Hunger Games, it’s doubtful she’ll notice.

Image: RS09 Youtube

  • Lori

    I don’t like the marketing…how are any of these products supposed to make my daughter strong and confident? The company has never used that type of speak in their marketing towards males. My daughter was interested in archery way before hunger games and such. We joined a local range, she gave it a try, she joined a league. And, guess what? She is really really good at it. THAT has helped make her strong and confident. If a little girl wants to be “Katniss” then take her to a range, have her take real archery lessons, see the excitement and pride and determination on her face as she draws back an arrow and lets it fly…and watch her reaction when her arrow hits the intended target. Nerf has plenty of versions of toys for whatever child desires them. Don’t market this particular line to young girls as confidence and strength builders.

    • James

      It isn’t the job of “these products” to make your daughter strong and confident. It’s YOURS as a parent.

      They do test groups on these things. These are the colors that GIRLS decided they wanted the most, not executives.

    • Carlos

      The thing is, girls weren’t buying Nerf guns in large numbers before they were pinkified. Now they are. Clearly, it’s what was needed to get them interested.

      • Evan

        You wanna know the real reason girls started buying these Nerf guns in large numbers? It’s cause they felt like the product was acceptable to buy cause it had girls on the cover. Cause they knew that the products with boys on the cover were considered boy’s toys and they are either not allowed to buy them or they’ll be shamed or laughed at if they do. You can’t say it’s not the same for boys and girl’s toys – no doubt you were conditioned to think that playing with girl toys was shameful as a kid. This is the kind of conditioning that limits kids’ options and instills untrue stereotypes into every kid that lives in this society.

    • brian

      ” If a little girl wants to be “Katniss” then take her to a range, have her take real archery lessons,” huh?? Are you kidding me!! So by that logic we should take little boys to the gun range and let then shoot guns. There are very few toys that target girls to be more than what people would say (in the 60’s) are traditional role…dolls, make up, baking. Now hey come out with a toy that breaks the role and you bash them…please. I’m all for letting girls do what they want and yes they are taking advantage of the Hunger games movie, but this is one of the few times I have to say good for the marketer and breaking stereotypes for girls. And boo to ignorant people like you who think its sexist.

      • Gary Marecki

        Umm…I do take my boys(and girl) to the gun range. I teach them safety and respect for guns as well as how to shoot.

        • Dee

          Shame on you.

          • Cody

            Shame on YOU for being such a fearful pantywaist.

      • Lee451

        Yes, all children should be taught gun safety and shown what kind of damage they can do. I got my first gun at age 6 (12 ga. shotgun) and have taught many to use them properly. Every time time I took a newbie out I carried 2 identical glass jars, a .22 pistol and a .44 magnum. After seeing how a .22 will shatter the glass but that the .44 would leave a pile of glass powder they understood that guns are not toys. Too many kids now only get firearms instruction from video games.

      • Cody

        Actually yes you should take little boys to the gun range and let them shoot guns you pussified milquetoast.

    • SD

      Strong and confident? That’s your job, not a toy’s job. Get over it.

    • Megan Kriss

      Your sons are male. As far as society’s concerned, that’s enough of a reason for them to be strong and confident. I’m a college student and got the Sweet Revenge kit yesterday so I’d have my own gun for my campus game of humans versus zombies (a tag type game common across college campuses that’s highly male dominated). I would have gotten a gun anyway, but I would have painted it so I could have a pretty one. Turns out, my blaster is better than the equivalent in the GENDER NEUTRAL, not male, line. My boyfriend, a nerf fanboy, now wants four of his own. I get a nerf gun that’s high quality, pretty, and makes me feel like a badass while shooting at male zombies a foot taller than me? I don’t feel discriminated against, I feel empowered. Sometimes girls want pretty things. Swell. Some girls don’t care and usually, the only thing stopping them from getting a gender neutral nerf blaster is their parents. What’s sexist to me is saying that this isn’t a product for boys, because my boyfriend and his two friends, who after seeing my blaster also want one, will undoubtedly get grief for having them unless they paint them. Oh yeah, and you who acts like being traditionally feminine in desire for pretty things is bad. Feminism is about everyone, regardless of gender or sex being able to do whatever (safe, kind, and legal) things they want. And I, and lots of girls, want to play with pretty nerf guns.

  • Bill

    Give me a break.
    This is a social comment on how people spend time and energy on such trivial BS.

  • Norman

    Why are little girls watching Hunger Games anyways?

    • Elizabeth

      They are watching it because they want to, and why shouldn’t they, it has a wonderful lesson! It teaches them that sometimes the world out there is completely horrible, but that they can do something about it, regardless of their gender. It teaches them that a) you CAN make a difference and b) just because your a girl doesn’t mean that your any less important, and that is the most important thing we can teach young girls in this patriarchal society. That yes you’re a girl, no you don’t “need a man or love intrest”, and that you can accomplish anything.

  • Teri

    Ummm before I had even heard of Katniss or Hunger Games, there was a character called Merida in Brave that our daughter just loves. Merida is where her interest in archery has come from. I don’t mind the color scheme at all and that is coming from a woman who despises the color pink. I enjoyed things of this nature as a child and have never given it a second thought as to whether or not I should have because I was female. This article seems to be a wee bit petty on this point to me.

    • Blahzey

      The character Merida was stolen by Disney and reworked from a kids t.v. show titled “Jane and The Dragon”. I’m sure my kids would like at as well. But, for some reason or another I can’t let them watch it knowing it was stolen from someone else….But who gives a f(_)ck in all reality….It’s Sunday and kickoff is just moments away.

      • Lucy

        In what way was Merida stolen from Jane and the Dragon (which was based on a book, by the way)? Other than both being girls in something resembling the same time period, I don’t see the connection.

        • James Irwin

          Red hair. That’s it. People love to make things out of nothing.

  • Stupid

    This is stupid. I get sick of all this sexism crap. Everything in America favors women anyhow. We all know it and we all see it every freaking day. Women can do no wrong and men no right. This will blow up in a woman’s face though. Men are already starting to drop out of society and not wanting to get married. In the end, all feminism will have done is weaken America. Increase in abortions, increase in divorces, increase in male suicides, increase in boys committing suicide, boys not wanting to go to college, decline in the marriage rate, increase in single parent homes, decline of the family unit, societies over sensitivity to everything, 93% of all prisoners are male – 7% are female, most of those prisoners were raised by single mothers —– these is what feminism has brought to America. Being equal is fine. But feminism isn’t about equality. It never has been and it has gone to far.

    This is a toy bow and arrow. It has nothing to do with sexism. Let whatever kid that wants one use it. Who freaking cares, but don’t make it into some stupid male-female issue.

    • SisterT

      Nomen est omen, STUPID.

      • JT

        Wow — you know a latin phrase. You must be smart – sista. Knowing a latin phrase doesn’t mean much.

        What that person wrote is right. It is reality. Sorry it bothers you. Everything he or she wrote can be supported by facts.

    • Elizabeth

      Wow ok let’s get some things straight. America DOES NOT favor women ok. Let me give you a few examples: Society more often then not still blames the victim in rape cases saying “Well what was she wearing?” or “She was leading him on.” as if consent isn’t needed. Women on average has a salary of a dollar less per hour than men. It’s still sociably acceptable for a guy to have multiple relations with women but when a woman has multiple relations she’s labeled a “slut” and shunned. Society doesn’t bat an eye when a man harasses a woman on the street but it’s unthinkable for a woman to do that to a man. When a woman decidedly to take authority of a situation she’s a “bitch” but when a man does it he’s praised as a leader. You say that men are starting to not want to get married? Ok, so why is a woman supposed to care? Good for you but we don’t need you anyway. And feminism is about equality? Here I’m going to copy and paste the DEFINITION of feminism from Merriam-Webster dictionary: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. See, EQUAL. Feminism is all about equality and just because there are some but jobs out there doesn’t discredit the whole movement. You, my completely sexiest and ignorant pig, need to do some research.

      • http://none Bobby

        Yes why don’t we get a few things straight.

        1) Society does NOT blame the victim. Men are guilty until proven innocent when it comes to rape (i.e. Kobe Bryant). “What was she wearing” is no longer admissible in court.

        2) Women are closing the wage gap and will soon pass men in the next 10 years. Women are the ones getting all the degrees now.

        3) It’s other women who label each other “sluts” out of jealousy.

        4) Society doesn’t bat an eye when men harass women? Are you effin kidding? Men can barely give a woman a compliment without a sexual harassment charge. And I would love for a woman to “harass” me. At least then she would have to acknowledge I exist.

        5) You are completely nuts if you really think modern feminism is about equality.

      • Giant Snake


  • Hype

    As the author of this article points out — there is this idea that girls can be bad asses. Sarah Conner and Katniss Everdeen. I hate to tell people that is fiction. Those women weigh 110-130 pounds and Hollywood is making them kick ass. Now granted most women in America are much fatter than that, but really they aren’t bad asses. They can’t even fight that battle buttoning up their jeans.

    It is like when we see a girl try to play football. It is such nonsense. Every guy on that team takes it easy on her. If you are a guy, you are in a no win situation. If you hit her and smash her, you are taking advantage of a girl or you are supposed to be stronger. If you don’t hit her, you lose. You are simply screwed.

    Every guy who has ever played anything against a women knows this. You go at half speed. You keep things close and at the end, you decide to win or not. Most guys will choose to lose so the girl feels good about herself. Then if the girl will get a big head about it and the guy will suddenly start winning to send a clear message to her. Don’t give me this nonsense about women in sports either. If men’s teams and women’s teams played in the same league — women would get crushed. Baylor’s basketball woman’s team with Britney Griner is simply going to get crushed by Kentucky’s men’s team. It is that simple. I know high school boys teams that could beat beat girls college teams.

    Yes, there might be a few women out there that could be really tough enough to play football or fight. But the reality is that it isn’t likely. In a situation that is real and every one is going full go, women would be slaughtered. Hasn’t the centuries of war taught us this?

    So please spare me this notion that women can be some super fighter.

    • SisterT

      Many greetings from the country with the world champion’s female soccer team – which age do you live in? Neanderthal?

      • JT

        Let them play a male team. See what happens. Any male team. The last ranked male team. Heck, come over to the states and let them play a college male team.

    • ME

      So women can’t fight a war and its been proven. Perhaps you would like to be caught by the afgan tribal women in the Swat or Korengal Valley, ask the russians and british men who fought them, or do a little research on your own. Find out why they said you need to keep the last bullet for yourself, and the first thing you plan when going into the valley is your inevitable retreat. Now make comments on hundreds of years of wartime history written by the british. If not in Afganistan maybe you would like to have faced the women russian snipers of WWII they had one of the best kill ratios. You say the worst male against the best female. I want to see you step into the ring with israli women who are taught Krav Maga or maybe just Rhonda Rousey and see how much tougher men can be than women. Please think before you blurt out your obviously wrong opinion.

      • @ME


        A few cherry picked situations out of hundreds of thousands of situations.

        Put men and women through the same training. Make everything equal and see what happens. That is the thing with women. They don’t want equal.

        • http://www.gothictoggs.net Tabz Jones

          Hmmm,so I guess all those Norse and Celt women who were taught to stand shoulder to shoulder with the men, sword in hand to protect the children in the great hall were not fighters? Or the women of Sparta who were also raised as warriors, or the Spear Maidens of Gual who took out half of Marcus Aurelius’ army before he fled back to Rome. The only reason women in the last 800 hundred years of history have been the weaker sex is because men have made it that way. And women have allowed it. The sexes are equal, both has their strengths and weaknesses and my daughters don’t need a movie to tell them they have worth. My 9 year old daughter is a better shot with a real, competition recurve bow, than my 11 year old son is. But he can shoot a rifle better than her. It’s all up to individual talent.

          • Nonsense

            In case you haven’t noticed, it is 2013.

            Those times don’t exist anymore. The only thing women know how to do now is fight for the last purse in a mall.

            Stop blaming men for everything too. Women have choice. It is that simple.

      • @ME

        You can’t compare being a sniper with actually fighting. Being a sniper is all about concealing one’s self. It is all about surprise and actually team work.

        Anyone can kill anyone with the element of surprise.

        Take the championship team of men and the championship team of women and let them compete. Not a Bobby Riggs type of competition where he is ancient and playing up to the crowd. Not something staged. Let’s see what happens.

    • Dee

      A man can be put down easily if you know how, and it isn’t rocket science.

    • jen

      Excuse me? Yes, not all girls are athletes. But some girls are. The REAL female athletes don’t need guys to go easy on them because they know they can play just as well. And about “centuries of war”? Women weren’t allowed to fight. Look up Joan of Arc. You may know women who are weak, and yes there are women like that. Some guys are weak too. I play on a guys hockey team. I do fine. Please rethink your ideas, and go box a female boxer. I think she’ll probably beat you.

      • Giant Snake

        Go box ANY boxer for that matter. Unless you are a boxer too you will get owned.

  • Me

    My baby girl (okay she’s 9) is a badda** with a bow. It’s not pink or purple. It’s black. She shoots it because her dad took her AND her brother out to shoot. He bought her the best arrows and a bow that she could easily draw back because more than color, the thing that will get a girl, boy, or any person hooked is the ability to succeed at it. Set children up for success (which doesn’t mean hand it to them . . it means let them know it’s in reach) and they will be drawn to it.

  • JT

    I once went to a feminist lecture. Those are some of the most unhappy women I have ever met. There is always a problem. It doesn’t matter what it is. There is always a problem. If there isn’t one, they try to create one. The even pointed out a happily married woman in the audience and tried to convince her that her husband was her problem. The married woman was very smart and took care of those allegations quickly. She wasn’t a feminist — she was just a very good and smart woman. If anything, she should have been the example for young girls.

    Constant complaining. I think feminists want it that way. It most certainly isn’t about fairness or like someone else about said –equality.

  • Lynn

    My daughter is 15 and she made the comment that it was wrong. She said why did they make it pink just because it’s for girls. She sees the wrong in it.

    • JT

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with making it pink for girls. Girls like the color pink. You know the funny thing about this is that fathers love their daughters. They want the best for them. Most husbands actually love their wives. There isn’t some grand conspiracy to keep women down. I am single and I can honestly say I have never gone into any relationship thinking how could I take advantage of a woman. It doesn’t even cross my mind. All I think is hey she is good looking, I want to get to know her, and see what happens. That is pretty much it. Nothing complex. No grand schemes of holding women down and oppressing them.

      Men just get sick and tired of hearing that everything is an issue. It just never stops. When everything becomes an issue, people get pissed. Then a bad situation exists between the two. In a very real way, women complaining about men all the time is literally making men not like them. Then the bias comes in. That is where the sexism starts. It gets to the point you don’t even want to be around a woman because you know after one issue there will be another then another. You don’t want to hire them or marry them.

      • jen

        I always hated pink. My favorite color is blue.

  • http://yahoo ian

    im sorry my daughter loves pink and purple and loves these toys because of that. she also is in to archery as is my wife and both of there bows are purple. if u don’t like it don’t buy it. should guys be offended because a lot of there stuff is blue and black. prostate cancer awareness stuff is blue and breast cancer awareness stuff is pink should we change that as well.

  • Bob

    Are shorter womens tees in golf sexist ?
    Is the disqualification of any man not being allowed to participate in any womens sport while women are allowed to try and compete in mens sports S E X I S T ?

  • Bob

    They make the Nerf N-Strike Blazin’ Bow Blaster for BOYS !
    They make pink football jerseys for women.
    They make pink pro sport team hats for women
    The make pink shoes for women.
    They make pink handcuffs for women
    They make pink pepperspray for women.
    So what is the point of this article?

    • Saint Stryfe (@saintstryfe)

      what’s annoying is they made the pink jerseys for women, the pink versions of toys, ect. Because they’re a market for it. It’s giving marketers far, far too much credit to sit there and think “I’ll just change the color plastic and girls will want it!”, no no no, marketers aren’t that creative. They did a ton of research and found this out. If they didn’t think they could make money doing it, they wouldn’t make it even if they did find out that women might by a pink bow for their daughter instead of a black one.

  • wayne a

    YES, it is SEXIST !! BUT SO WHAT ??!!! FACT is men and women, boys and girls ARE WIRED DIFFERENTLY. Marketing based on that is NOT bad, it is NOT wrong. In hte same way that Blacks prferto hang around other blacks, yellows around yellows, whites around whies..is racist…so apparently, just because you call something RACIST or SEXIST, that does not make it BAD even if it is !!!
    It is called, SHADES OF GREY !!! GET OVER IT !!

  • DeeTee

    I got one for my granddaughter. I got it ONLY because it was pink. I would never have considered it otherwise. Oh my God, I’m…I’m oppressed! I didn’t know that til now. Thank you, miserable Feminazis, for enlightening me. Actually, why don’t you Feminazis all go stick your heads in a toilet. Thank you.

  • opinion

    Get over yourself. You may be offended, but your child will not. Guaranteed your child is not thinking about any of those politically correct, gender-equality points when she gets it. Matter of fact, she probably loves the fact that it’s pink as most little girls do. And if she does not like the pink, it is because she does not like the color, not because she is offended.
    keep your politics out of your child’s life. Let a child be a child.

  • Always Something

    You know what is weird. Until I was say … in my early 20s …. I didn’t even really knew that there was a gender issue. I just treated people the best I could.

    Now, men and women hate each other ….everything is an issue…. everyone feels slighted….

    It never stops. We could be talking about tennis shoes and someone would come up with a feminist statement about those.

  • Military Chick

    I have used everything from an M-16 rifle to an M72 L.A.W.
    Women do this everyday and more in the military. So for all you guys on this thread who say that women can’t do this or do that,you know what you can do…

    • @Military Chick

      Doing it in training is totally different than doing it in combat. I now tons of women who shoot guns at a gun range. That doesn’t mean they can fight in a war.

      I worked in a prison. When two gangs would get in fights, all the women ran the other way. That is just the reality of it. They were literally useless and it makes things less safe.

      When half your staff has to be women, it just makes it less safe.

  • Francis

    What if someone just likes the color pink? It isn’t sexist for marketers to color code their products, just colorist.

  • jana

    The bow also comes in blue. My daughter got one in blue. OMG what does that mean??

    • Cat Wakefield

      It means she likes blue, and that’s it. 😀 I’ve always liked green (not stereotypical) and I’m a wife with kids (pretty stereotypical for a woman)
      Don’t worry about fave colours they mean nothing in relation to how kids will turn out. And even if she does turn out to be a non stereotypical woman, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  • genniferqoj597

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  • Well Well Well

    Men and women are different. They aren’t equal. They aren’t supposed to be equal. They are meant to compliment each other.

    My girlfriend can do a split form hell…..with me, that isn’t happening.
    I can lift 300 pounds ….. with her, that isn’t happening.
    She can sing …. I can’t carry a tune.
    I can write …. she has absolutely no interest in doing so and really doesn’t write well.
    Her ass is gorgeous and I could look at it for days …. mine is absolutely not gorgeous and no one wants to look at it.
    I am calm and reserved …. she is a social butterfly.
    She is very funny at times …. I am serious most of the time.
    I am patient … she isn’t at all.
    She can make a person smile in a minute …. me I tend to just be a private person.

    We are simply different. Bottom line. But she makes me better and I hope I make her better. At least she tells me I do.

    Women and men should stop this nonsense about being equal. There is no such thing. There never will be. There is only different perspectives of situations and people. It is like right and wrong. It is all a matter of perspective. If I dated a sixteen year old in the US and I treated her great, I would get a freaking child molestation charge in most of the states. I go to Brazil date a sixteen year old and I treated her great, nothing happens to me. I smoke a joint in the US and I go to prison. In Europe, people sell the plants in stores. I take my clothes off at a beach in America I would go to jail, I do the same thing in most of the Caribbean and people wouldn’t even notice me.

    Everything is a matter of perspective and where you are at. Heck, it even is a matter of time too.

  • I Wish

    I wish feminism would just die. It has really made America worse. Non-stop complaining about everything. Things that aren’t even issues become issues. There isn’t some grand conspiracy to make women miserable. Women do it to themselves. They choose assholes and wonder why their lives suck.

    It is their own choices. Period. I know five guys right now that would love to be with a woman and they would be so kind to whatever woman they were with. Yet, women blow off the kind guys. Seen it my entire life. Women have some made up illusion of life in their heads. It is a freaking fairy tale.

    Feminists taught them that fairy tale and women bought it.. Women never asked the fundamental question — is what feminists teach even realistic. Can anyone live up to that? The answer is no.

    You can’t have it all. Men learned that long ago.

  • lou

    Looking around for something I could care less about than this, but……. Just can’t find it.

    BTW, why does the author of the article have such a cute, girly avatar?

  • JLE@inovee.com

    There needs to be a National Organization of Men. All this sexism stuff has gotten out of control. It is doing so much damage to society. Look at America falling apart. It is no coincidence that it started when feminism started to take root. Many, many, many people have been writing about this recently. Feminists just make excuses for the poor behavior of women. We have all seen it. We have all seen the woman who gets drunk of her ass, throws herself at men, has sex with them, and then two days later they scream rape. Oh …. I have been raped…. I didn’t consent.

    No, honey. You did. You were just too drunk to remember it. Now, you have just ruined a man’s life. All because of your actions. Yours. No one elses. My favorite is when said drunk girl hooks up with drunk guy then her boyfriend finds out and THEN she cries rape.


    • @ JLE@inovee.com

      There are hundreds of men and sex offenders in this country that are innocent of their crimes. Hundreds.

      Half the people on sex offender registries don’t belong there. I run a sex offender class. In my current class, half the men in my class don’t t even have victims in their crimes. It is all one bullshit case after another. Either a guy has underage porn (when you really can’t tell the ages of anyone nowadays), some guy is invited to meet on the internet (one guy was invited 5 times and pursued for a year), or consensual sex but because of the ages involved it was illegal.

      Victims don’t invite people to meet. Victims don’t consent. A picture is not a victim.

      Now, the other half of my class is different —- real victims. I am here to tell you that the differences in the guys are startling. The porn, internet, and consensual guys are nothing like the real rapists and molesters. In fact, we started splitting the two groups.

      In class, you got to stand up and tell what you did. One guy gets up, tells everyone he went to meet someone from the internet and didn’t even see a person but received a felony. The next guy stands up and says he has raped 5 different women. Totally different situations — yet still in the same class. Still both sex offenders. It isn’t right. It doesn’t even make common sense.

      This is due to feminism. Everyone is lumped together. Guys lives are being destroyed because of it.

  • ssout

    There is a point at which a person is too young to consent to sex. Many people could debate what age that is.

  • http://urinalgum.blogspot.com Urinal Gum

    When you are starting to claim sexism based on the color of a toy, you should probably question what you are doing with your life.

  • Benn Fine

    Can you please provide a link for your opening sentence:
    “One of the hot toys for the 2013 Christmas season is the Nerf Rebelle series of weapon-like toys. ”

    I’ve spent ten minutes on google and couldn’t find any sales figures for this, and it certainly isn’t sold out anywhere.

    Did you make this fact up?

    Edit-went to amazon to check. so some models are slightly popular.
    Indeed according to Amazon.com
    the heartbreaer bow is ranked 2135 in toys and games
    the sweet revenge dart kit is ranked 70 (ok that is a top 100)
    the crossblow blaster is 712
    the pink crush blaster is 116

  • TheDuderino7

    Yeahh… compare “The Hunger Games” to “Battle Royale” (2000) and get back to me about how “tough” Katniss supposedly is.

  • TheDuderino7

    “There is nothing pretty or pink about survival.”
    –> A toy that shoots foam darts

  • Dave R

    You sell people stuff than they want. If women/girls want orange stuff, that is what you sell them.

    My nieces, 23 and 19 respectively, like purple. I will get them Christmas gifts that are purple. Because they like it.

  • Dewbert

    Sexist? This writer is sexist for assuming that pink is a girl’s color. Or, for thinking that toy weapons are meant for boys. This writer should be complaining that Barbie’s Dream Car is pink. That is sexist. I say, make her car black with flames on the side.

  • Karolina Jones

    Girls like pink things so they made pink things for girls who like pink things.

  • Phillip

    Why are companies required to market nondescript products to everyone? If pink products didn’t sell well with young girls, they wouldn’t market them that way. We shouldn’t be criticizing companies for doing what they’re supposed to do — make a profit for their shareholders.

    If people are genuinely upset that companies are using pink to appeal to girls, they should attempt to change young women’s buying habits. The marketing of a toy is a symptom, not a cause.

    Really, though, why does it matter? Take your daughter to the toy store. If she wants the blue toy, buy her the blue toy. If your son wants the pink toy, buy him the pink toy. We should not expect every company to including in their advertisements every possible color product embraced by every possible combination of gender and ethnicity.

    Finally, if this is what gets you angry, whether a company tries to sell a pink toy to girls, you should look at your priorities. Put your activism to use on real issues that actually affect people.

  • kamal

    So, i will not be sexist or anything cuz for me guys and girls are equal, the problem of the rebelle series is: i have a lot of girl friends,and they all said to me:Girls don’t like guns and wars (exept some of them i agree that girls have all ther rights to play with nerf guns its cool ;)) world works like this, a good husband protects his wife if he loves her and she helps him at the house while the man works to buy gifts to his wife and food so he helps her to live, a “man” is not a bad ass guy who hurts everyone, for me a “man” is someone who loves his wife and will do anything for protecting her and love her, so i think rebelle is a stupid idea not because girl are weak (they’re not weak,i mean they’re not weak but that’s not why they should’t have made rebelle) the thing is that girls could always play with normal nerf guns, but now, they are complexed because they have less guns than guys and a lot of the guys guns are more powerfull, so i agree that this is sexist, but for the girls, so who agrees with me?

  • Cat Wakefield

    My only gripe with this is that pink, purple and white (variations) are the only variations. Would it really hurt to have one in an alternate colour? If the company where worried that a green or blue (heck they could even be pastel colours they don’t have to be in your face shades) wouldn’t sell as fast as the pink/purple ones then the solution is simple just make less of the alternative, but still get them stocked as an alternative, they’d shift eventually sooner or later anyway.
    But other than that one thing aiming a nerf gun to girls is a great idea. Just not a fan of the lack of colour choice, though suppose you could always just buy one of the “boy” ones instead. And if I were still a kid I probably would go for that last option anyway, personally I like green, never liked pink. So much for all little girls like pink. *barf*

  • Giant Snake

    I went to a local toy shop and saw enought rebelle guns to fit in a truck, but barely any normal ones and no super soakers. They also brought out a new rebelle super soaker. Fortunately I have a nerf Rampage. That thing is INSANE.

  • Anna

    These bows are awesome! I got nerf rebelle and it is so much fun! I cant wait for new versions to come out

  • Evan

    This extremely sexist. I have no problem with the product itself just the implication that there needs to be a gender separation in a toy that most kids, despite the gender, like. I mean go ahead make a nerf gun pink and fancy but don’t say that it’s for girls only! What’s more is that to this day there are no girls in the orange nerf commercials or on the boxes. OF COURSE girls are gonna be discouraged from buying the product if they feel like they’re excluded from the target audience. Instead of widening their target customer by simply adding girls in their commercials they went OUT OF THEIR WAY to make a blatantly sexist nerf gun line to drive an even deeper wedge between the sexes. What’s more is that the guns are obviously much smaller and the line includes a crossbow which is cool and all but it is a less threatening weapon than an gun and is ONLY in the girl’s line. It’s obvious that they did their best to make the girls’ weapons appear less powerful and not as intimidating as the guys’. And why, WHY I ask, is it always necessary for EVERYTHING to be pink or partially pink? Is it not easier to add girls to orange nerf commercials and call it a day? THAT would make me, for one, blissfully happy.

  • Evan

    Also they’re naming it “Rebelle” so it just flat out implies that girls who play with guns a rebels but for guys it’s just typical behavior? Really? If you’re trying to promote equality do it right.

  • Giant Snake

    I understand many girls like pink but why the lack of any big guns in rebelle? Most of them are maverick-sized or smaller and even the guardian crossbow has nothing on the new zombie strike stuff or the rampage. Make a rebelle barrel break or a rebelle raider cs-35 please. THEN nerf wars will be fair.