National 2010 Doodle 4 Google Winner Announced

Homepage spotlight and scholarship for third grader

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Tomorrow, another special doodle will grace Google’s homepage, and if you like it, compliments should be directed at third grader Makenzie Melton, not a team of professional designers.  Melton has been declared the national winner of this year’s Doodle 4 Google competition.

The competition drew over 33,000 submissions, so Melton’s achievement is a rather big deal.  Google will give her a netbook and a $15,000 college scholarship by way of congratulations, and you can see her doodle (called "Rainforest Habitat") for yourself a little early below.

Makenzie Melton's Winning Google Doodle

This competition was designed to be a positive experience for a number of children, and not just Melton, though.  In an email to WebProNews, a Google representative explained that 40 regional finalists got to attend an awards ceremony where "[t]he students heard from some of this year’s expert jurors who are well-known illustrators, cartoonists, and animators from organizations such as Disney, The Sesame Street Workshop, Charles Schulz/The Peanuts Gang, and Barbie/Mattel."

The representative also wrote, "The students then visited the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York City, where the 40 finalists’ doodles will be showcased in a national exhibit which will run from May 27 to August 15, 2010."

Finally, Google intends to give Melton’s school in El Dorado Springs, Missouri a $25,000 technology grant to cap off the competition.

National 2010 Doodle 4 Google Winner Announced
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  • Guest

    Uh, why did they choose this one? It sucks.

  • Guest

    so doesn’t you mother, and she didn’t win either…

  • Guest

    It looks great!

  • Booyah Saki

    This looks like it was drawn… well… by a third grader… with bad eyesight… and a slight artistic disability of some kind… maybe a club hand. How did this beat out some of the high school level pieces that are remarkably advanced for their age? What is that brown thing? A monkey or a screaming turd floating in a jungle toilet? Is that a fish in the letter “g”? Whis is it on dry land? Oh, and don’t even get me started on the size of that ladybug. If I ever saw a ladybug that size, I would hand it my watch and wallet and walk away hoping it didn’t decide to kick my ass for “lookin’ at it funny.”

    Whatever, Google. I understand your desire to look good to the public eye by selecting a piece that I can only assume was cobbled together by some special needs monkey that escaped its pen at the zoo, but next time can you select something that shows artistic ability… or at least the ability to breath on land.


    • Guest

      I hate to break this news to you but quite frankly you are an idiot!

      • Booyah Saki

        I hate to break this news to you, but quite frankly your FACE is an idiot

  • Guest

    How did this one win?

  • Grace

    Ok for all of you who are hating on a poor little third grader thats just wrong, but I always think google picks wrong like this Stella kid at my school who won this big award for a dumb google drawing about “saving the enviroment” call me when world peace comes along and world hunger stops and then maybe we can work on that enviorment thing you had in mind. Also out of 33,00 submissions this was it? Out of 33,000 this is the best you could come up with? really google really? I really think its good for a third grader and she should have won like the best in her catergory, but out of 33,000 submisions all you came up with was this? I don`t know I think its kind of stupid

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