Nancy Grace Wins After Casey Anthony Verdict

Twitter users come out swinging for legal pundit.

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Nancy Grace Wins After Casey Anthony Verdict
[ Social Media]

While Casey Anthony may or may not be celebrating the not guilty verdict, perhaps the biggest winner of the Anthony verdict fallout is Nancy Grace — at least in social media since. Sure, most of the reaction tries to vilify Anthony and the United States justice system, but it’s awfully clear Grace was one of the biggest recipients of the post-verdict attention, if only to make fun of, and/or mock her.

Apparently, Grace said something along the lines of “of course the jury is going to find her guilty” or something similar. Now, it seems like a lot of users on Twitter are actually satisfied with the verdict, if, for nothing else, than to see how Grace will react. Shortly after the verdict was announced, Nancy Grace was listed on the Twitter trends list, and the resulting tweets about her reaction were awfully biting, if not downright disturbing; but that’s what you get when you put yourself out in front of the firing line with a “I’m infallible” type of approach.

For an idea of what’s being referenced, check out the following videos:

So that’s Nancy Grace in a nutshell, and with those, you can see why the Twitter reaction was swift and, in some cases, violent:

How many more of these will it take to drive Nancy Grace to suicide? Because I will literally kill all of the children 31 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Please don’t, Ryan. Besides, you’ll probably be found not guilty. More of the Nancy Grace fun, where many Twitter folks were hoping her head would explode:

*going to turn on HLN to see if Nancy Grace’s head has popped off her shoulders yet* 25 minutes ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

I’m trying to see the bright side by visualizing Nancy Grace’s head exploding. #notguilty 24 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

BREAKING: 8.7-magnitude earthquake strikes Atlanta metro area after Nancy Grace’s head exploded at 2:17 EDT 28 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

I just might actually watch Nancy Grace tonight…just this one time. Her head just might explode. #notguilty 27 minutes ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

Big challenge for HLN wardrobe and cosmetics team now as Nancy Grace turns green and shreds her clothing. 32 minutes ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

And then there’s this gem, which sums things up quite nicely:

Bo Pelini is frightened by Nancy Grace right now. 32 minutes ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

In case you’re unaware, here’s Bo Pelini in action, as only Bo Pelini can do it:

Oddly enough, Pelini’s brilliance is not the only athletic entity associated with the Anthony verdict. True, Pelini’s association is because of a tweet, but still, he’s so awesome on the sideline, he deserves to be included. Here’s a real reaction from Candance Parker, one of the greatest women basketball players around:

RT @KamPashai: Nancy Grace driving to Florida with a baseball bat right now. *i cannot believe she got off…… 36 minutes ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry · powered by @socialditto

It’s Nancy Grace’s world, if only for people wanting to see her react to the Anthony verdict. There’s been a couple of update posts on her Facebook page, but nothing representing the white-hot reaction many are expecting. It should make for some entertaining television viewing. It should be noted that while Grace and Anthony should be considered winners after the verdict, so far, there’s only one loser, and it’s one who should not be forgotten:

Caylee Anthony.

Nancy Grace Wins After Casey Anthony Verdict
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  • Josey

    Nancy Grace and her alcoholic sidekick should be fired.

    • Edward Zinner

      I couldn’t agree more. The alcoholic LESBIAN idiot, Jane Valez Mitchel should read a dictionary and expand her vocabulary beyond the three most ABUSED words in her literary abortions she spews nightly (SHOCKING, EXTRAORDINARY, STUNNING). Valez Mitchel and Glen Beck seem to indicate that HLN finds its recruits at substance abuse meetings. If your a loser, misfit, drunk with a misguided view of the world, hey as long as it fits our god fearing religous right wing republican rhetoric, HEY WE HAVE A PLACE FOR YOU! HLN is not a news channel, it is a ridiculous forum for self centered self proclaimed “saints” to espouse the views of the HLN “movement”, i.e., (Glen Beck, while finally kicked off for outrageous comentary, this clown should never have been there to begin with) and Mitchel who does not speak the king’s english, has no clue about journalism, and portrays nothing more than a bad actress, overacting and spewing emphasis on what she perceives as “key” words or phrases most of which include her most used vocabulary – “shocking”, “bombshell”, “stunning”, “extraordinary”. This bimbo needs to be fired! Perhaps she should consider going back to alcohol. I see her as a useless self proclaimed “recovering” addict but she is not recocvered. She is now addicted to her own rhetoric and the attention she gains from the her media outlet, HLN! Mitchel, the only decent quality I find in you is that you enjoy sex with women. Other than that, go back to being the useless drunk you once were…..

      • catherine

        hey zinner,
        you are such a very rude person calling Jane-van Mitchel an alcoholic and a lesbian which she is not.

  • Edward Zinner

    Nancy Grace is without question the most pathetic, self absorbed, despicable individual I have EVER in my lifetime encountered. This ignorant moron that calls herself a “journalist” not to mention a lawyer, is a disgrace to America and the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Grace nightly depicts every defendant in every criminal case “GUILTY” long before they get their day in court and uses the HLN media network to espouse her dimented personal views. Those of us with any degree of intelligence know that most of this is to promote her own “image” the true purpose of which is to sell her books and gain notariety, MONEY, fame and attention from the idiots that watch her show, but this does not excuse her using the media to sway opinion in legal matters, particularly DEATH PENALTY CASES! In the matter of Casey Anthony, this couldn’t be more applicable. If Grace had her way, Casey Anthony would have been stoned without a trial based upon her twisted views of the world. Likewise,the Duke Lacross boys would be serving life for a rape where the Grace like lying prosecutor KNEW they were innocent. I am certain that it was standard procedure for Grace during her years as a prosecutor to TRAMPLE the Constitutional rights of Defendants as well as Abrogate the Bill of Rights, hide Brady evidence and comit acts of perjury. (See, how does it feel Grace?) I am certain that Grace, as she does on LIVE TV nightly in our homes, has in her cases, twisted facts to create false impression to her juries, sensationalized irrelevant issues such as the so called “expensive water” Casey was drinking in prison, blown out of proportion half truths to create false impression, the purpose of which is to win cases no matter what the truth. As pathetic as this nonsense is, we need remember those who watch Grace are not the cream of the American crop, they are the Southern Baptist god fearing hypocrital ASSWIPES that are the epitome of FILTH in our society. You disgust me Grace. And, unlike your “viewers”, I couldn’t care less about you or your “twins” and it is not the business of America to know of them through the media. They are YOUR business and don’t belong in my home via the MEDIA! I turn you off nightly usually giving you 5 minutes to annoy me and remember why I find you the disgusting egotistical, self centered, short, obese, ugly inside and out, “news whore” that you are!

    • Twinkle

      Wow, First off, anger management please. Second, I agree with you on the fact that Nancy Grace shuffles her opinions around as if they were fact. She’s crass and very rude. I honestly can give a crap about what she has to say about Casey Anthony.

      A toddler was murdered or accidentally died, put in a bag and thrown in a swamp. The last person to see her alive was her mother. The baby didn’t put herself there. In my honest opinion. She walked away because she was able to hide the body and give police the runaround for enough time for the body to be so badly decomposed that it would be impossible for anyone to figure a cuase of death.

  • Susan Thompson

    I quit watching NG (no good) years ago when she proceeded to hang Anthony in the perfect “non-American” way as: we do still believe in “innocent until proven guilty” don’t we? By ignoring all the experts she asked to her show, then shooting them down when their opin. differed from hers. AND finally, her show was to have been an aid to Missing Children and perhaps their rescue, but no. No one was more important that the Anthony girl. It became her obsession. And now, what did the cable people do? gave her a new show where it will suit her personality. She can declare ALL her victims guilty and impose the death penalty, totally without proof. Stay out of her court and her shows. They are toxic. She is crazier than Glen Beck.

    On the other hand, maybe enough people were sick of her like me and that’s really why Anthony walked. Listen up here Grace!

  • http://hotmail sissy


  • Dennis

    Nancy Grace should be banned from TV. CNN should be also for airing her. She is a big reason this case was sensationalized. You could tell right from the start you could see the prosecution was not going to get a conviction. All they had was cercumstantial evidence. You will never get a death penalty conviction with opinion and theroy.

  • http://www.google.com/ Early

    This informtiaon is off the hizool!

  • http://NancyGrace Mike Minor

    Nancy, I think the way you do your interviews is pushy and hard hitting. You don’t give the guest a chance to answer and your alwaays pushing them around. Try and use a little heart in your questioning.

  • Sarah

    I love Nancy Grace! She is all about kids!

  • Sarah

    One more thing for the people who are happy Casey Anthony got off, just remember if she can kill her own daughter she can certaintly kill yours.. So keep hating on Nancy grace ignorant people.

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