MySpace To Users: We Miss You

MySpace Sends Email Begging Users to Return

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Earlier this week MySpace sent an email, which offers a hint of how desperately they’re fighing for survival.

The letter came on top of an earnings report from parent News Corp that showed recent MySpace layoffs cost $107 million in severance and restructing.

News Corp. also took a $168 million writedown, based mostly o the MySpace’s falling valuation. To  help turn the tide, MySpace sent this email begging users to give them another try:

"We’ve missed you at Myspace lately. Plain and simple, we think you should come back. And here’s why.

"The new Myspace provides the best social entertainment experience on Earth.

"You can now follow your favorite topics in music, movies, celebs, and TV and get instant updates from around the web.

 "The new Myspace gives you custom recommendations so you can discover more of what you love and connect with new like-minded friends."

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MySpace To Users: We Miss You
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  • Brunadora

    I would love to go back to Myspace but it gave my computer a virus! I have a blog that I have kept for five years and pictures….but it does not fix the problem with viruses.

  • http://www.crazedcontent.wordpress.com NicoleDesrosiers

    It wasn’t too many years ago that MySpace was at the top of his game and “Tom” had more friends than anyone in this world. Everyone loved to customize their own profile and add their friends… Unfortunately the older MySpace got, the more complicated it’s owners started making it and the more viruses it started giving people.

    This was about the time that Facebook came into play. I started using Facebook back when it was only available to students (high school and college) with a valid school e-mail account. I have to say I was impressed with the simplicity. Unlike Myspace the layout was clean, easy to read and easy to find everyone and everything you needed. As Facebook evolved it quickly became a social icon and one of the easiest ways to communicate…. and that’s why it has kept users.

    MySpace has always had the frame of thinking “the more complicated MySpace is, the more popular it will be.” Unfortunately, for me, If I can’t find the page to log in on and when I do it takes a year to load… I’m not going to use your site. Period.

    Unless MySpace can quickly backpedal and find some sort of Miracle programming to make the site usable and relevant again they are going to become obsolete very soon. It would take alot for me to go back to MySpace as I’m sure that it’s the same for other users as well.

  • Zete

    We were all so happy before…. now nothing works.
    All my Fans want me back….or for me to move to Facebook.
    Crazy mess by those that changed the format.
    The only way out is to restore the magic….simplcity…how it was…….cant you hear that????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • real akon

    Well as a singer I have to be where is hot and right now is facebook not myspace. Although I wish people would all go to myspace as is better for us singers because of the music I don’t see it happening unless myspace goes backs to time and this must be done soon. Till people go back to myspace don’t forget to follow me on facebook.com/akon. Love akon

  • Guest

    For what I’ve seen, the main reason everybody quit using Myspace is because it quit operating properly. I had to stop using it because it kept locking up my browser, things wouldn’t load properly, things like that. If they just fix this problem, people would most likely start using it again. I would suggest putting it back the way it was for now.

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