Motorola’s New Electronic Tattoo Is Going To Scare Some People

    May 30, 2013
    Zach Walton
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“It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.”

That’s Revelations 13:16-17, the famous Bible verse describing the fabled mark of the Beast. In recent history, evangelical Christians have claimed various technologies (barcodes, RFID chips, etc) would be this mark. Well, get ready to hear people claim Motorola is the devil because it just revealed what may be the closest thing to the mark as described yet.

The Verge reports that Motorola SVP for advanced technology and projects, Regina Dugan, was at the All Things D conference showing off two new technologies the company is working on. The first is an electronic tattoo that the company thinks might revolutionize wearable computing. So far, wearable computers have been watches or glasses. What happens when they’re implanted directly into the skin?

Well, certain people (i.e. evangelical Christians) are going to get scared. If a RFID tag around the neck sends them into a flurry of apocalyptic visions, just imagine what a tattoo would do.

If the tattoo scares them, the other project at Motorola will send them into panic fits. It’s a pill with an embedded chip that’s activated by stomach acid. After swallowing said pill, the entire body becomes an authentication token that can be picked up by various machines.

The average person will probably be more concerned about the privacy implications presented by such technologies, but that seems to be par for the course when it comes to new wearable (or ingestible) computers. The fear of a mystical fire demon cataloguing sales seems pretty tame compared to being tracked all day and every day from a chip inside your stomach.

Still, privacy proponents and apocalyptic scholars have nothing to worry about in the immediate future. These technologies are still very far off. They are in development though so get those Beast watch conspiracy Web sites ready.

UPDATE: It should be noted that Motorola is not in cahoots with a secret society to mandate tattoo tagging. The above Bible verse was only provided for context in the larger discussion on technology and how it’s often at odds with religious groups. Thanks to Kevin Mullet for pointing how it could be potentially confusing.

[Image: The Verge]

  • http://435digital.com Alex B

    When and where can I sign up?

  • http://kevinmullett.com Kevin Mullett

    The operative word here is mandatory. Who is or would mandate this, why, and under what circumstance? You make the jump from a wearable tag to something permanent? If it is in fact permanent. Of course I am not going to allow my child, or willfully submit myself, to MANDATED permanent tagging and it has nothing to do with religion. I suggest you do some research on World history regarding the issue of forced marking, as I am sure you will find some others who find this objectionable.

    And while, I have no issues with friends who have body hacked RFID into their hands, and even considered it myself, this forced word mandatory and the pigeon holing of a religion is a bait tactic we don’t need in tech reporting.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      I don’t see where I said it was ever mandatory, except for the example of a high school that required its students to wear RFID chips on their ID tags. I was merely pointing out that the mere existence of this technology is sure to be controversial, especially among religious groups that believe in such markings.

      • http://kevinmullett.com Kevin Mullett

        Then why lead with the scripture which includes “forced” into the first line and point to the mandated RFID tag. While I accept that not all will read it this way, several people I’ve shown the article have responded the same way.

        Sure, some people, don’t like technology, but calling in a mark of the beast reference for something like this seems a bit of a stretch. Now if/when some entity tries to use it as a mandatory fashion…have at it. Technology exists to read our brain chemistry and map it to known thought centers, but it would be the forced subjection to testing that would draw uproar reporting worthy material.

        • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

          Ah, I see what you mean. I was using the verse for context, but I can see how it could come off as the report saying the tattoo will be forced. I’ll make it more clear.

          • http://kevinmullett.com Kevin Mullett

            Thanks for accepting, and taking action on, an outside viewpoint. I appreciate it.

  • Sean Breeden

    About the pill you swallow. What happens if you take 2?

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      They aren’t really saying much about the pill. It’s unknown if people would have to take multiple pills over a period of time to keep the signal going. What we do know is that it’s already been approved by the FDA so you might see it sooner than the tattoo.

      • Sean Breeden

        What I mean is what happens if you take 2 different pills. Wouldn’t a criminal be able to take a handful of them to fool sensors like that?

        • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

          Interesting. I don’t know of any signal canceling pills myself, and I don’t think the pill will be used for location tracking anyway. It seems to be more of a pill that’s used during hospital visits so doctors can immediately pull up your records or something like that.

  • Whispering Aspires

    I usually don’t reply to articles very much, but it irritates me when I see people assume things about Christianity, who are not familiar with it. Why would one be scared? It’s something that has been written of for thousands of years and taught. So it’s expected to happen in the Christian world. And it only means one step closer.

  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

    Will they be making a suppository version….( Grin)

  • mikitta

    The author of this article is completely ignorant of Biblical end times eschatology. It was never the technology behind the mark that was evil – it has EVERYTHING to do with being under the thumb of the government, that everything you do WILL be controlled and monitored and recorded by Big Brother and that at some point, in the not too distant future, everyone who REFUSES to submit to said technology will be beheaded for that refusal.

    You can argue all you want that it isn’t going to happen, but it has already, in many places. The most notable recent example of this is Nazi Germany, but there are echos of it in China and Soviet Russia as well.

    I view the advent of this tattoo as very concerning. NOT because I don’t appreciate the technology, but because I do not trust human beings NOT to abuse it.

    • budjja67

      it was on fox today and infowars and christians are not scared we are anticipated and await its coming for we know where we go

  • Lee

    People will be more willing to take something like this compared to a chip that looks like a grain of rice i.e. the original model. Humans love tattoos I don’t have any can’t stand the things myself,but let’s this quote ” man of sin” showed up in a couple of years and raised up a broken, battered society who was seeking peace after half the population was destroyed through a world war as the prophecy teachers teach. If someone wanted all the people to take this mark if it is the rfid tattoo all they would have to do is offer the rfid tattoo to the people on there terms i.e. any flavor you want it. Such as we can make the mark look like a butterfly tattoo, maybe a flaming skull etc. If they do that they will have the people right where they want them

    There was a company called “Philips” that was doing something similar to this in 2009 they called it E-ink.

  • Van Helsing II

    First of all Mr. Zach Walton, and I use “Mr.” with much “regret” I detected nothing but a mocking tone in this entire write up. I can also tell by that smart aleck look you have on that “punk looking” face of yours, that you are in no way shape or form, a Christian, and have no respect for God. You may even be an atheist or Satanist as well. A lot of them hide in a lot of noble professions so people won’t find out what they “truly” are. It’s pretty cowardly, but to each his own.
    But I can pretty much tell that you believe in practically nothing and no one; which is common in today’s sick, twisted, demented, degenerate, you are just being a typical standard person of the times.

    But I don’t how anyone can read a 2000 year old document, and not determine that what it describes as the “Mark” of the Beast matches perfectly with this vile, wicked, and demonic RFID Tattoo that the evil Motorola is working on, and make light of it. You also make a solid effort, through patronization and condescending overtones, to go out of your way to basically call all denominations of the Christian faith a bunch of nuts. Let me guess, that verse in Revelation was just a “lucky” coincidence to you, is that right? The fact that is “matches perfectly” means nothing to you right?
    The “fact” that the world right now is falling apart in every aspect, and the emergence of this technology should mean something to you, but I can see that it does not. So in conclusion of this short rebuttal of mine here, when the technology comes out ( whenever, 10-30 years who knows) I am sure you will embrace it with open arms, just like the world has embraced Godlessness.
    Good day.

    • Taylor_is_a_sexy_BEAST

      I agree with everything you said. Right now this “progressive-thought” world is leading millions to be comfortable with this Luciferian technology. In a few decades stamping this thing on their hands/heads will be no big deal. Well I can tell you right now there is NO WAY. I will never allow myself or family to be deceived.

      The only good thing about this is maybe some people will see all the biblical prophesies being fulfilled and it will urge their hearts to follow Yeshua Hamashiach.

    • The Beast (aka… Satan)

      I will not rest until everyone has a Motorola Tattoo.

      My 5 Year Plan:
      Step 1: Give everyone free healthcare, and get Hillary elected in 2016!
      Step 2: Tattoo everyone with Motorola Tattoo.
      Step 3: Live in eternal Hell fire!

      Oh yeah! Its good to be the dark lord!
      I am ruining everything that baby boomers, Tea Partiers, and inbred Southern rednecks believe in.