More Media/Ad Trend Predictions for 2010

Cross MediaWorks Shares Predictions for the Coming Year

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In a recent article, we looked at some predictions from Nielsen for advertising trends in 2010. These included optimizing media convergence being a top priority, new models emerging to take advantage of smartphones, more cross-media ad campaigns, an increase in commercialization of social networking hubs, and more interesting and interactive online ads.

A representative for Cross MediaWorks sent us some predictions for media, advertising and content trends in 2010 from that firm as well, that are worth sharing. These come from CEO Marc Krigsman (formerly EVP of Primedia Digital Video) and COO Larry Rubin (formerly SVP, Business Development, USA Networks and Vice President, Associate General Counsel – Transactions, Viacom).

Cross MediaWorks 1. An improvement in ad spending in 2010, especially by the automotive, financial, and healthcare industries. However, spending will not return to pre-downturn levels. Overall, they think it will be a conservative year with conservative growth as companies concentrate on fine tuning their messages.

2. There will [be] more emphasis on measurement of performance in 2010 with data being incorporated from other areas such as shopping carts, social media, and credit-card data.

3. Advertising on both broadcast and cable television will remain the most cost-effective option for advertisers; viewership for both will continue to increase in 2010.

4.  Spending on online and mobile will not get ahead of television for at least eight to ten years.

5.  Smartphones like the iPhone will continue to pave the way for content platforms to emerge that will drive more users to mobile sites; however, what is considered a valuable mobile ad will remain undefined until that happens.

6.  In the coming year, there will be a greater emphasis on "active eyeballs" as opposed to "passive eyeballs" with regards to online advertising and online ads will get more visual, [and] include multimedia.

7. Video content available online will have to move to a subscription model or one with more advertising as media comes at a cost.  In television’s early days, for example, entire programs were paid for by an advertiser like "Texaco Star Theater."

8. The Web can’t yet deliver a video product comparable to HD and the top-trafficked Web sites are informational; consumers continue to go to the Internet to look for information about their bank, their phones, etc.

While we’re no the subject of predictions about trends for 2010, let’s not overlook a recent survey by Silverpop, which found that 40% of email marketers plan on increasing their budgets for the channel in 2010 and 47% said their budgets would stay the same.

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More Media/Ad Trend Predictions for 2010
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  • Belmassio

    One big area many overlook is how big the direct navigation market is and how fast it is growing on domain names.

    Many generic domains held by owners are now gaining steam as advertisers bypass search engines and work with third parties to acquire traffic directly from great domains which have “direct navigation” traffic.

    Domains like computer.com, printers.com, rugs.com, fishingpoles.com, etc…..all have a TON of direct navigation traffic that can never be had at search engines since folks are not visiting them…..they are going directly to the domains.

    New monetization methods such as buying the traffic from one particular city coming from a domain is now a new advertising model. However, most folks just don’t see this growth b/c it is happening silently in the background.

    I predict pay per call Online and cell phones will explode also. Also, click to call is going to gain steam also.

    There are so many ways to get traffic that so many advertisers are still learning……but they WILL learn very soon when they lay their eyes on the ROI they are making compared to Online display, social networks, TV, radio, and magazines.

  • Kris56

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  • Guest

    adblockers like adblock plus are going to be downloaded and used more than ever before. With advertisers pushing there trash in our faces more people are going to want to get rid of it.

    Hopefully mobile ads never come to light, that would be the day i would completely shut off my data service.

  • http://www.lexolution.in/blog Maneet

    I beg to differ with point 4!

    With the increasing internet consciousness, people are beginning to spend more and more time on the web than anythng else. In fact, with live streaming and all making it big, they also watch TV shows and movies on the WWW which ultimately leads to less and less time watching the television.

    Keeping this in mind, I see a surge in online advertising and it might as well surpass print and television ads in the coming times.

  • somaie

    This post was very helpful for me to look at the big picture. I often get lost in the small details and forget about the long-term plan. Thanks for the info!


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