More Journalists Using Facebook And Twitter

Journalists relying on social media for stories

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More than a third (37%) of traditional journalists now contribute to Twitter and 39 percent produce content for a blog as part of their expanded duties, according to a new PRWeek/PR Newswire Media Survey.

"Across the board you can see a change in journalists’ behavior," said Sarah Skerik, VP of distribution services at PR Newswire.

"Journalists are doing more with less. They seem to be acting more aggressively about finding their stories, digging a bit deeper for story angles."

Journalists are using social networks to help find story ideas, with 24 percent reporting they consider sites like Facebook and Twitter an important way to connect with experts, an increase from 13 percent in 2009. In addition, 46 percent of journalists say they sometimes or always use blogs for research; 33 percent report using social networks in their research, compared to 24 percent in 2009.


The popularity of social media has impacted how media professionals are interacting with the PR industry. Overall, 43 percent of journalists have been pitched through social networks, compared to 31 percent in 2009.

"Coverage oftentimes comes from building a relationship with a journalist, and it’s becoming more frequent in the industry to establish those relationships through
social media," says Amy Prenner, founder of the LA-based Prenner Group.

Overall, 59 percent of traditional journalists are the author of a blog, either personal or professional, and 31 percent are writing a blog for their traditional outlet, an increase from 28 percent in 2009.

"Heavier workloads, shorter deadlines, and increased competition are causing journalists to seek out new sources of information to help them get their jobs done, including social networks," said Erica Iacono, executive editor of PRWeek.



More Journalists Using Facebook And Twitter
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  • http://serpeoseo.wordpress.com Wensite Search Engine Listing COmpany Philadelphia

    The trade known as journalism has always been underrated and the majority of those involved in the vocation are underpaid. To break into journalism, one is usually relegated to the boring stories of little or no real color, sitting thorough municipal board meetings, where the first story may pay $75 and the second $20 and the third even less. This is rotten work for the aspiring writer and frustrating because the work does not pay the bills. Getting a break is very difficult.

    More rewarding is the internet’s bolg-sites where a writer can wing it with his or her own experiences or pull from that of others. Material is everywhere and the source for many stories come from the experiences of others.

    Starting one’s own blog is very simple now with sites like WordPress and the rewards grow with every day. it is the very astute writer that can exploit these sites as Google, Bing and Yahoo scrape the RSS feeds along with many sites on the web whose operators have little talent but use the fresh content for traffic. Writing for a living has now become fruitful with strong potential for those that do not look solely to their places of daily employment for empowerment. Those possessing the skill and having strong will toward their goals will excel beyond their wildest dreams. Once the tricks are learned on how to leverage content, the very one thing with which the majority of SEO experts have the most trouble, the sky is the limit!

  • http://jamiefavreau.wordpress.com Jamie Favreau

    I am a firm believer if you meet a journalist who has embraced the technology the PR practitioner can go far. I did not pitch a story to a reporter who was following me but he noticed me talking about a subject and then it wound up on the news. I was trying to build a relationship with him but for him to take what I was talking a lot about and then pass it on. Well it made my day.

    You can’t just have social media nor can you just have the old way. A mix of both is crucial in today’s environment.

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