More Chrome OS All-in-Ones Coming This Year

    March 14, 2014
    Sean Patterson
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The PC market is contracting after the surge of mobile devices in recent years has made desktop and even notebook computers look expensive and old-fashioned. In addition to ultramobile notebooks, one of the only PC categories still growing is, oddly enough, Chromebooks. Now it seems that larger PC manufacturers will be doubling down on Chrome OS with new all-in-one PCs.

A new DigiTimes report hold that both Samsung and HP will be launching all-in-one PCs that run on Chrome OS sometime in 2014. LG has already announced a Chrome OS all-in-one, the Chromebase.

The report’s unnamed “Taiwan-based supply chain makers” claim that Samsung will be launching three Chrome OS devices this year, including the all-in-one. That total does not include the two new Chromebooks that Samsung unveiled earlier this month.

DigiTimes’ sources claim that the rise of Chrome OS is now worrying Microsoft, which has been struggling to raise adoption rate for its Windows 8 OS. The sources point out that Windows education market share has fallen to under 30% while Chrome OS education market share has risen to almost 20%. The low cost of Chrome OS devices are influencing even the enterprise market, where Chrome OS is also steadily increasing its market share.

The prediction of new all-in-one Chrome OS devices is in-line with predictions early this year that PC manufacturers will be leaning on Chromebooks to prop up their 2014 shipment numbers. The devices led the notebook segment during 2013 and consumers looking for easy-to-use, highly mobile notebooks at low prices appear to be flocking to Chrome OS over Windows 8-based devices.

Image via HP

  • Na7noo7

    Im sticking with LG.

  • what’snext

    Computer companies need to offer Windows 8.1 for bing or cut down Windows 7 instead of Chrome O.S…………. This is the same thing that has hapened in 2007 when Unix was taking over MSFT for netbooks……. Which caused MSFT to bring back XP on netbooks in 2008. Can all P.C. companies offer ultra low end desktops and laptops with a choice of Windows 7 for ultra low end devices and Windows 8.1 for bing as soon as possible…. Computer makers need to understand that long lasting computers already built trust with Computer makers like Dell and HP. They need to understand that our computer is like a car because car companies like ford had same problems like what MSFT is happening now. Chromebooks are not a option to saving P.C. industry because people still use MSFT before makers thought that chromebooks will save P.C. industry. Microsoft had faced competition with Unix netbooks in 2008, with the help of low spec Windows 7 System Requirements, Windows 7 did well.