Monster Beverage Lawsuit Alleges Energy Drink Caused Girl’s Death

    October 22, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Monster Beverage is famous for its caffine and sugar-filled energy drinks, but it may soon find itself having to defend its beverages in court.

In a complaint filed in a California Superior Court, Monster Beverage is being sued over the death of a 14-year-old girl named Anais Fournier. The girl’s family, from Hagerstown, Maryland, alleges that the girl died after drinking two 24-ounce cans of Monster Energy drinks within 24 hours.

According to an AP report, an autopsy performed Fournier’s death found that she had died of cardiac arrhythmia due to caffeine toxicity. The caffeine had made the girl’s heart pump irregularly, preventing it from pumping blood properly. In addition to the caffeine, the AP reports that the girl had inherited a disorder that “can weaken blood vessels.”

Obviously, Monster doesn’t believe its drinks caused the girl to die, and has vowed to “vigorously” fight the lawsuit. The company stated that it does not know of any deaths caused by its drinks.

A Bloomberg report, however, shows that Monster Energy drinks have been linked to the deaths of five people in the past year. Five different reports received by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) show that Monster drinks were consumed prior to patient deaths.

Monster Beverage stock is down today following the news. The price dipped as low as 43.60, an almost 19% drop from the day’s high. Monster Beverage opened today’s trading at 53.32.

  • buccayew

    Someone needs to shove a monster beverage can up the butt of the vulture attorneys. No one can do business in the usa without an attorney, or obama laden govt., looking for a bad guy to sue. People need to realize that life has risk. Deal with it. When is someone going to sue all the attorneys causing stress for people who try to do things. This country is DONE if we don’t stop Obama and the litigious attorneys.

  • Ein

    Wish they’d lower the price. Keeps going up. They were $1.99, now they’re over $2.50 at places.

    As for the topic on hand, stupid kid shouldn’t have drank them. There’s a warning on the cans.

  • http://www.facebook.com Rita Gift

    if d monster bdverage says that, is nt d drinks that caused her death, then what?

    • Scott

      Maybe you didn’t read the part about the inherited disorder she had dealing with weakened blood vessels!! Big factor!!

  • jason

    I drink a monster or 2 every day. have been last 2 years. that girl could of drank Mountain Dew or 2 and probably have the same reaction. it sucks that somebody dies. someone’s just trying to get a payday.

  • Mario

    Sean Patterson, I need to get of hold of the Fournier Family one of my girls had a over dose drinking a monster drink last year and was sent to the hospital for two days. Can you e-mail me Thanks

  • Charlie

    “Not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women, or those sensitive to caffeine.” Every can has the same warning.

    • H. Campbell

      Good point. Why was the girl allowed to have such beverages at all when the family must have known that she would be sensitive to caffeine due to the inherited blood vessel disorder? It does pay to read the labels carefully when it’s known that a family member could develop serious problems when ingesting a particular food product. This case raises a whole host of questions, particularly about the lawsuit itself.

  • narmella

    Caffeine is dengrous to the health even in a low dose , and if taken for long peiod means it affected the health and the person is addicted to caffeine. the govt and the ministery of food and health should banned those factories who for sake of their pocket ruine people and specialy young generation . caffeine is toxic in pregnent and breastfeeding mother and not allowed for young ones , and every family should care for their children and avoid them of taking any drug or narcotics
    RIP to those killed in silence by foolishnes of others and by their parents negligence

  • Redress

    Why would any kid be allowed to have two cans in less that 24 hours ???? Really?

  • michael

    Who let kids drink a drink like that.May have just smoke weed.At least she will be alive and well rest.

  • Jason

    Monsters and Coca-Cola are not good for you, monster is linked to 5 death and coke makes you fat. That’s 2 big problems that the United States are dealing with.