Modern Warfare 3 Faces British Backlash

Modern Warfare 3 content versus English watchdog groups. Who ya got?

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It’s shaping up to be a great fall season for gamers, if, for nothing else, than to watch Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 fight it out for top first person shooter honors. It’s EA (BF3) versus Activision (MW3) for all of 2011’s FPS marbles. While Battlefield 3 won the initial battle, simply by coming out swinging first, Modern Warfare 3 has won the latest round with the release of first non-teaser trailer, which leads this article.

They hype level for both games is extremely high, with EA seeing a 700 percent increase of pre-orders; and, well, Modern Warfare is Modern Warfare. The buzz is always high around this particular title. However, the war for 2011 FPS supremacy may be over before it’s begun, thanks to some backlash in England concerning Modern Warfare 3’s content.

According to a report in the Daily Mail (via The Escapist), some scenes from the upcoming game remind some of the 7/7 attacks that took place in London on July of 2005. In the Modern Warfare 3 reveal, certain scenes feature the British Parliament and the London Underground getting attacked.

The Mail also has screenshots of the scenes in question:

Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3

The backlash is growing the point where some English citizens are calling for Modern Warfare 3 to be banned in England, while other spokespeople responded as well:

Vivienne Pattison, spokesman for campaign group Mediawatch UK, said: “I have concerns as these games are hyper-real and take place in a landscape we are familiar with. In light of the fact we have just had the 7/7 inquests, it is in incredibly poor taste.”

Pattison also supported a ban on the release of Saw IV, to provide some additional perspective.

Of course, the Modern Warfare franchise is no stranger to controversy. When MW 2 was released, a great deal was made about the airport execution scene, but ultimately, Modern Warfare 2 broke records when it was released, and England was right in the middle of those record-breaking sales.

With that in mind, it would be awfully surprising if Modern Warfare 3 was banned in England. In fact, this kind of controversy will only help market the game, because, as we’ve learned time and time again, this kind of outcry only increases interest in the item being discussed. With that in mind, don’t be surprised if Modern Warfare 3 breaks the records set by MW 2, especially in the British Isles.

Modern Warfare 3 Faces British Backlash
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  • Rich

    Pretty sure the average 1st person shooter gamer doesn’t base their purchase decisions on the hysteria of the Daily Mail! It’s pretty typical of them to run that type of story. It’s a GAME, based on a FICTIONAL scenario. Most people can cope with this.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

      Agreed, altho, I wouldn’t be surprised if this story gets more legs as the release date nears, something I’m sure Activision would eat up for all its worth.

  • http://www.socialvideogaming.com/feed/ james cod mw3 fan

    damned if you do damned if you do not. the simple fact is if they do not do terror attacks that could have happened or have been planned then they are creating “new” ideas for the terrorist and get in more trouble for that. i read a lot of users feedback on this on there blog at http://www.blog4modernwarfare3.com/ and i dont see very many brits thinking it is bad and should not happen. should we just pretend there is no terrorist and run around hugging each other. just what events would they like to be in the game. brits are too up tight.

  • NoGardE

    Much of Modern Warfare’s appeal lies in its location choice. I’m glad they’re setting big battles in the world’s major cities. It lends so much more power to the plot, so much more realism. Fighting through Washington, DC, to reach a rooftop and signal that American troops were still on the ground, fighting, was the most powerful level in Modern Warfare 2. Take the amazing setting and plot, and Modern Warfare is just a well-balanced multi-player shooter with a bland single-player campaign.

  • Steve

    Its a game ffs

  • mc2w

    “Modern Warfare 3 has won the latest round with the release of first non-teaser trailer”

    I disagree. The trailer was generic, boring, and had nothing to show. At least Battlefield 3 was able to produce gorgeous gameplay, and twelve minutes of it at that.

    • Chris

      I was mainly referring to the hype machine. I, too, think BF3 is going to be superior.

      • Mat

        Agreed :)

  • Senka

    Just stumbled upon this. I hadn’t heard about it all, until now.

    Okay, English is being childish and deciding to throw a perfectly good, profit-creating game out the window because of its location. Well, first of all, it’s Fictional, like Rich said. silly people. And second of all, it also looks like it takes place in France, and Germany, and a little bit of D.C. More than D.C. perhaps. I’m just saying here, hey England, do you see anybody else throwing a hissy fit?

    • Mat

      It’s not Britain, it’s ONE British newspaper who couldn’t report anything propery to save their lives. They are sensationalist, hysteria inducing idiots. I’m British, and I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to anyone over here who has called for a ban on any of teh MW games. Go read some articles on the Mail Online’s site. You’ll soon see that they have a personal vendetta and report news based on their political agenda, not the truth.

      They won’t succeed in anything other than boosting MW3’s sales over here tbh.

  • Mat

    No, it is not a backlash from the British, just from a sustained campaign against the MW franchise by the Mail Online( who do nothing but spew sensationalist rubbish and propaganda). You only need to go to the Mail Onlines site and read some of the articles to realise that most of what they write is nonsense anyway, and anyone who isn’t an idiot would actually get annoyed at the blatent lies and misinformation they print.

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