Mobile Site Speed To Be A Google Ranking Factor?

    June 12, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Google has clearly had it with sites that have lackluster mobile experiences. This week, the company took to its Webmater Central blog to discuss “several ranking changes” it’s preparing for sites not configured for smartphone users.

But that’s not all.

Google’s Matt Cutts spoke at SMX Advanced on Tuesday evening, and implied that Google might roll out a version of its site speed ranking factor for mobile sites. Google officially revealed that site speed was a ranking factor for search over three years ago after placing a great deal of emphasis on speed for quite some time before that.

Fast forward to 2013, and mobile has grown a lot. Google is making it so you have no excuse to treat your mobile content with less regard than your desktop content. Frankly, sites should be optimizing for mobile anyway, simply for the benefit of their users, but if ignoring the mobile experience is going to cost sites search rankings, perhaps this will light a fire under their butts to do something about poor mobile site performance.

Here’s the relevant section of Search Engine Land’s liveblogged account of what Cutts said about mobile page speed:

At Google I/O, there was a session on instant mobile websites – there were page speed recommendations. We’ve said that before about desktop sites, we might start doing the same thing about mobile websites.

By the way, Cutts said at the event that the smartphone-related changes discussed in the blog post have been approved, but that he’s not sure when they’ll roll out.

  • http://www.webhosting.com.sg/ Cookiemaster

    This is probably the direction it will take. That Google would consider ranking sites optimized for mobile viewing be ranked better. After all, more users access the web via mobile devices than there are those using desktops. Perhaps using responsive web design would be more appropriate, considering the huge variety is screen sizes these days. With regard to site speed, choosing a good web hosting company would be key to ensuring that part of the algorithm is met. Some web hosting companies cramp thousands of domains in one box and that would invariably slow things down. IMHO, choosing a VPS or dedicated servers might be better options.

  • Stephanie

    With mobile content taking a huge leap there is no doubt this is the direction it will take. With more companies optimizing for mobile and adapting to the responsive webdesign the speed will be a huge factor when it come to companies gaining or loosing their search rankings.

  • wmaster

    new stupid google idea. Not all sites need mobile versions, also current mobile phones like iphones/g android based phones not need any special “mobile version”.

  • Sharon Jackson

    WHY SHOULD THEY CARE???? They should be focusing on content. If my site looks like crap on mobile devices, that is my fault and my problem. Google is forcing us all to go in one direction and I don’t like it.

  • http://www.ealtbay.com Frank Simmons

    Sadly the mobile experience is where the world of web interaction is going to. It involves stripping content and sending site visitors so many sub pages to get the same information as one well constructed regular web page. Ultimately will help greatly on that dreaded ‘bounce-rate’ .