Earth Hour Miranda Kerr Myspace Hijacking

Victoria's Secret Model Takes Over Myspace

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It’s no secret that Myspace has lost the Internet status it once had, particularly as Facebook has risen to social network dominance. TechCrunch reported this week that Myspace’s decline is even accelerating with worldwide unique visitors decreasing by 14.4% from January to February (comScore).

Myspace has been trying to rebrand itself as an entertainment hub, and one of the ways it has been trying to fight off dropping traffic is with celebrity “hijacks,” announced in December.

Myspace Hijacks allow celebrities to take over Myspace, and showcase the things that they like. Myspace started the concept with the Black Eyed Peas. Now, it is Victoria Secret supermodel (and actor Orlando Bloom’s wife) Miranda Kerr, who has hijacked Myspace with a focus on Earth Hour.

Miranda Kerr MySpace Hijack

“Myspace was the very first social network to come on board for Earth Hour back in 2007,” said Andy Ridley, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Earth Hour. “Fast forward to 2011 and social media has become critical to the success of our global event, so much so that the very crux of our Beyond the Hour platform has social media at its very core. I know that Miranda will be encouraging people around the world to go beyond the hour – and I’ve no doubt that we’ll see that challenge met by the passionate Myspace community.”

“As the global ambassador for Earth Hour this year I’m excited to be in a position to reach out to the Myspace audience for such an important cause,” said Kerr. “It will be fun to share the things I love with such a huge global community as well as this year encouraging as many people as possible to go ‘beyond the hour’ and adopt even more sustainability practices in their everyday lives.”

It is important to note that despite Myspace’s declining traffic, the site does still attract millions of users.

“Simple things like unplugging appliances when not in use, turning lights off and using candles instead, buying products packaged in recyclable material are all ways in which we can reduce the impact on our planet.  Little things we do as a community or as individuals make a difference,” she added.

Miranda Kerr is Hijacking Myspace!

Miranda Kerr | Myspace Video

Noble causes aside, Myspace will continue to focus on celebrities and entertainment to keep people interested in the site in the Facebook age. Music has long been one of Myspace’s strongest points, but the future is uncertain there. While they did release some tools for musicians in December, and Myspace Music did partner with Songtrust last month, news also came out that President Courtney Holt was stepping down. MySpace’s director of business development, Rita Garg, went to Twitter as well. In January, Myspace even said News Corp. was considering “a number of possibilities including a sale, a merger, and a spinout.”

As far as Earth Hour, there is also an iPhone app for it too.

Earth Hour Miranda Kerr Myspace Hijacking
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  • Carol

    Everyone knew it was just a matter of time before News Corp Destroyed MySpace

    Open Letter To News Corp:

    Dear Rupert, Chase, and Jonathan,

    Bet you never thought your mistakes, as well as your practice of lying to people, would ever become public did you?

    Would assume it is hard to dispute the facts when there are correspondences and audio recordings of all communications that support said representations as it relates to the conduct and activities by, and/or on the behalf of, News Corp, MySpace, and its representatives.

    If Chase, Jonathan, or Rupert would personally, and on behalf of News Corp and MySpace, provide authorization and permission to release all correspondences and recorded telephone conversations related to this matter. We would be willing to accommodate that request by providing to several media outlets, including Fox News, all related materials so that a “fair and balanced” determination could be made as to how News Corp does business.

    This shall also allow outside individuals, parties, media and the pubic to determine how badly Carey and Miller, through their activities and conduct, destroyed MySpace and drove it from a success to a complete failure.

    As a result of their unwillingness to further discuss and initiate a process that would have generated the stated revenues and results as referenced due to their egos and the greed obstructing their ability to apply common sense and to utilize their brains. They have effectively destroyed MySpace and drove its value down more than any other reasons for the decline and eventual failure of MySpace.

    We shall see if Carey, Miller, or Murdoch are willing to let the public in on the truth, and provide authorization so that the referenced material may be released, as well as all related documentation in support of the representations that have been made as they relate to this matter.

    Here are the facts; Carey and Miller were provided the opportunity to change the direction of MySpace last year with a proposal that would increase net profits of MySpace to 1.5 billion dollars by the third year.

    Based on our experience with News Corp, Carey, and Miller no one should trust any of them.

    They wanted us to disclose the plan to them without any written agreement in place. When that was refused, there were no further discussions. And for the record New Corp has a documented history of being given ideas and concepts and then incorporated said ideas or concepts. They later claim that they already had been developing that idea or concept, and effectively cut out the parties providing them with any such ideas or concepts. This knowledge not only comes from other such occurrences that were learned, but also from prior experiences in dealing with News Corp. Bottom line you can not trust News Corp if there is not an agreement and detailed documentation and records maintained when doing any business with News Corp.

    I would venture to guess anyone they claim to be offering more than 10 million dollars for MySpace would be another one of their lies considering the current state and condition of MySpace.

    It is believed that the damage that Carey and Miller have done to MySpace has brought the value of MySpace down to nothing.

    Anyone willing to pay the 50 to 200 million dollars for MySpace as News Corp alleges would mean one of two things. EITHER THEY LIED TO MYSPACE ABOUT WHAT THEY WERE WILLING TO PAY,,,,


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