Minnesota Government Shutdown Prompts Strong Twitter Response

By: Josh Wolford - July 1, 2011

It looks like the battle of the budget has claimed the state of Minnesota, or the government at least. But many on Twitter are quick to point out that although state parks are now shut down over the holiday weekend, you can still go camping in one of Minnesota’s beautiful private campgrounds. (No joke, this is one of the biggest concerns from the Twitterverse regarding Minnesota right now)

The government officially shut down last night at midnight after a week of hard-fought negotiations. Republicans and Democrats have been in disagreement for months about the budget – specifically how to close the $5 billion budget deficit.

According to the Washington Post, the state battle mirrored the budget battle on the national front – Republicans putting the emphasis on cutting spending on certain programs and Democrats attempting to raise the taxes on the wealthiest 2% of Minnesotans.

This isn’t the first government shutdown in recent memory. In 2005, the government shutdown under then Governor Tim Pawlenty. That one lasted 8 days and resulted in the temporary layoff of about 9,000 workers. Pawlenty is now a candidate for President.

During this government shutdown, only necessary government functions will remain up and running. This includes public safety like the police and fire departments, welfare programs, state facilities like prisons, and IT management of governmental systems.

Like I noted earlier, the state parks will be closed this weekend. This is estimated to cost the state $12 million in revenue for each week the government remains shutdown.

The state government was close to a deal, but Democratic Governor Mark Dayton could not approve the GOP’s cuts to the health and human services department. Earlier in the negotiations the Republicans proposed a budget that included some layoffs for state workers and teachers. It also included some non-budgetary items such as a vote ID bill and abortion restrictions. The Democrats refused that proposal.

So, with the two parties in a deadlock, the government is now shutdown. Twitter is reacting strongly to the news, with opinions coming from all sides of the political spectrum. Here are a series of tweets blaming the GOP for the shutdown –

Hey #gop Minnesota is a example of what happens when 1 side takes a no tax increase position things collapse #p2 #toct #teaparty 44 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® · powered by @socialditto

.03% of Minnesotans (those who earn $1M) have shut down our state due to refusal to raise taxes on them. #7700donors #mnshutdown 3 hours ago via Twitter for Android · powered by @socialditto

Thank you #mngop for shutting down state government to serve your selfish ideology and your corporate masters. #mnleg #mnshutdown #dfl 2 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Some on Twitter point to Democratic ideals as the cause of Minnesota’s budget problem –

I’m glad Minnesota is no longer caving in to tax & borrow & spend; but it makes no sense to shut down the lottery, a source of State income! 45 minutes ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

Every state that spends too much of the tax payers money on parasites always goes broke. Minnesota is well known. http://bit.ly/jw0ytd 45 minutes ago via Mozilla F1 · powered by @socialditto

Many have just decided to take a crack at the state of Minnesota –

#MN is known for 2 seasons: Winter & Road Construction. Since the roadwork has stopped due to the #MNshutdown are we technically in winter? 1 hour ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Hey Minnesota campers. You are welcome to come and join us in South Dakota. We are open for business over here! #mnshutdown 1 hour ago via HootSuite · powered by @socialditto

To all my Minnesota pals, so sorry your government has SHUT DOWN! I know you’re all very polite, so riot politely, but do riot. 9 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

The Minnesota government has been shut down. Even the state moose-shampooing plant. #MNshutdown #dirtymooses 8 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

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  • Pam

    Interesting article; this would be my response to jtomli’s twitter
    Are these parasites? The disabled, the old, the young, the mentally ill or those whose jobs or careers were obliterated by the recession? These people will suffer further if the very rich do not begin paying their fair share of taxes. I assume you adhere to the belief that all those who need help have moved to MN to collect more generous benefits. This is an unkind and incorrect assumption.

    It will not be possible to come out of a recession and decade of overspending without more revenue. Do you believe the middle class are better able to bear this burden or the very wealthy? It’s as simple as that. The leeches sucking the life out of our economy are now the very rich – they are no longer sharing the wealth and the top 20 percent now own over 80 percent of all wealth. They live and prosper in this country but do not pay the same income percentage in taxes that the less advantaged pay due to tax policies that favor them. Republican policy is low taxation on the wealthy and the wealth will “trickle down”. The past decade has proven this to be wrong. Corporate CEOs and investors have become obscenely rich in the last 10 years with the average middle class wage earner’s income remaining stagnant if not decreasing. I can only assume from your stance that you are in the 20% at the top. If you are not, you truly do not understand what battle is being fought in our state or at the federal level. The middle class are fighting for their lives. If you are getting your news from Fox “news” channel – stop! They do not report news but propaganda and are supported by organizations bankrolled by huge corporate interests like the Koch brothers. They do not care about you if you are in the middle class and are steadily supporting policies all over the country (like union busting and voter registration laws) that will hurt the middle class. Check out MSNBC or public radio or TV to get a glimpse of what’s really going on in the world.

  • http://autoxten.com/awareness2011 Brian

    Lets hope this happens to the federal government….and it stays closed forever. Maybe then less people will be killed or locked up for no reason.

  • sheryl

    the rich are getting richer and the poor (middle class too) are getting poorer. It is soooo obvious to the rest of the world what is happening in your country. Watch RTcom news and have a good laugh at the whole scenario. Its so obvious whats going on, why doesn’t yr govt just tell the truth about their obvious agenda for your country.

  • http://www.theratchetshop.co.uk/ Lifting Chains

    Republications proposal having layoffs for workers and teachers refused by the Democrats who even cannot image the hard time this phase have been causing for them. It can be negotiable but did not consider for it.