Microsoft Sold 40 Million Windows 8 Licenses In A Month

    November 27, 2012
    Zach Walton
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It’s been a month since the launch of Windows 8 on October 26. The reaction has been mixed, even in our own comments, with some users praising the new UI, while others think it’s the worst thing to ever happen to personal computing. Despite all of that, Windows 8 seems to be doing pretty well for itself.

Tami Reller, CFO for MIcrosoft’s Windows division, announced today at the Credit Suisse 2012 Annual Technology Conference that the company has sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses in just a month. Reller also said that Windows 8 is outpacing Windows 7 in regards to upgrades.

Beyond that, the company said that the Windows Store has seen some success thus far. Without citing specific numbers, the company reported that a number of apps have earned more than $25,000 in revenue since launching on the Windows Store. In a bid to get more developers on board, Microsoft also reminded everybody that developers get to keep 80 percent of all app revenue over its lifetime.

Windows 8 is doing pretty well, but Microsoft is remaining mum on other Windows 8 devices like the Surface and Windows Phone 8. A recent report says that the Nokia Lumia 920 is doing well, but there’s been no word on how well HTC or Samsung’s Windows Phone 8 devices are performing. The Surface, however, is where the worry starts to seep in. Despite selling out of pre-orders for the base model, Microsoft has remained silent on just how well it’s doing beyond Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer saying sales were “modest.”

Microsoft’s newest OS may be off to a decent start, but it’s the future that most are worried about. The recent departure of Windows boss Steven Sinofsky did not look good despite MIcrosoft’s attempts at making it seem like an amicable split.

It’s looking pretty good for now, but Microsoft shouldn’t slow down. It needs to continue building out the Windows Store and attracting developers to the platform. The shared kernel between Windows 8 devices, including PCs, phones and tablets, is the best thing Microsoft has going for it at the moment.

  • http://www.falmouthwebservices.com Effortless IT

    Now I have removed the copious amounts of bloatware, MS8 is pretty good! Slightly annoyed to have to register and pay to be an app developer with them but hopefully worth it in the future with millions of users forced into having microsoft apps.

  • http://www.iblogzone.com DiTesco

    Just purchased a new laptop with WIN8. At first, it took my a while to understand how the new OS works, but after reading all the “tutorials” and playing with its features, I have to admit that I like it a lot. It does need a little of “getting to know” how it works, specially if you are using a mouse rather than the touch interface. For now… thumbs up..

  • http://www.unindoctrinated.com/ Unindoctrinated

    In related news; Microsoft buys 35 Million licenses.

  • http://www.w7cloud.com Cloud Computing

    “Microsoft Sold 40 Million Windows 8 Licenses In A Month”
    Result of good advertisement and success of windows 7 made this happen…let see how many will replace 7 with this one…hopefully number will be less as compared to xp users upgraded to 7 coz 8 is good in all aspects thought touch interface is new thing…