Microsoft Really Wants Desktop Users To Hate Windows 8

    August 7, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Windows 8 is coming and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Microsoft obviously thinks it’s a good idea, but who else excited for it? Some desktop users are pretty pleased with it, but there is one small issue – Microsoft’s insistence on forcing users to go through the Metro Windows 8 UI upon start up.

Now that Windows 8 has been leaked, we are starting to see the final changes made to the OS. Unfortunately, ZDNet reports that Microsoft won’t let users boot straight to desktop. You must go through Metro first before you’re allowed to get to what really matters on a desktop PC.

What’s even worse is that circumventions created during the beta phases no longer work in the final version. Intrepid users were able to create shortcuts that would automatically launch the desktop upon turning on the PC. Those shortcuts are now null and void. If you want to easily access the desktop, you’ll now have to use keyboard shortcuts.

Even with keyboard shortcuts, the problem remains. There are some desktop users who don’t even want to mess around with the Metro screen. It’s a hassle and unnecessary to force what’s essentially a tablet UI onto desktop users. Microsoft vehemently defends the decision, but we’ll see how they react once it gets into the hands of more desktop users.

At best, Microsoft is going to issue a patch that will allow consumers to start in desktop mode. They have been known to respond to massive complaints in the past. A huge push from consumers should be enough to force them to reconsider.

Microsoft is obviously catering to tablet owners with Windows 8, but they should never forget their bread and butter. The desktop market is still huge and Microsoft has a responsibility to service them. Forcing them to use something that they don’t like isn’t exactly good service.

  • john

    I tried the beta for a few weeks…will NOT be recommending it to anyone but the people I hate the most

    • Steven

      I really recommend it to you john.

  • http://www.placestoeatokay.com Steve G

    Is Microsoft trying to copy Coca Cola and screw up the formula just so they can fix it later? I mean look at the Vista fiasco and what nightmares that caused. Windows 7 is awesome, and so you’d expect 8 to be just as awesome and instead it looks like a smart phone on drugs. If I wanted my desktop to look like my smartphone I would have just gotten a smartphone with a larger screen. I don’t need A.D.D., but Windows 8 will give me it. I’m not going to upgrade. I’ll wait till Windows 9 and see if Microsoft has learned their lesson, and if they have I’ll upgrade then.

    • Neal

      I think MS is trying to copy Apple, by thinking they know what is best for you. :(

      Win 8 would be nice if you could use which layout you want to use.

  • http://www.cheapyway.com Alex Hampu

    I installed it a few months earlier on a virtual machine and tested it, I liked it. Yesterday I installed it on my notebook and the only thing I can say it’s.. I love it. I love this OS from performance to design. I’m happy that it’s working quite good on my notebook which was design to run on Windows Vista, I couldn’t install Windows 7 on it because of the driver problems [I had Windows 7 on other PCs]. For my PC I want to buy the Logitech Wireless Touchpad so I can enjoy the fully performance of Windows 8. It’s quite great.

    • dark

      U are such a dumbass

  • Greg Turnbull

    I tried the Consumer Preview & hated it on a laptop, it wouldn’t even run properly on a netbook with a small screen. Without a way to boot to the desktop & the replacement of the Start menu, I will NOT be upgrading anytime soon on any of my 3 PCs.

  • Francois Faucher

    Windows 8 Metro UI suck.
    Windows 8 should have the start menu ( I try for sevral to convince myself , but still, the start menu must be there ).
    Bring back the Windows Media Center at no cost.

    For me , if theses 3 elements are treated, I will use Windows 8. I’m returning to my Windows 7.

  • John

    “Microsoft is obviously catering to tablet owners with Windows 8, but they should never forget their bread and butter. The desktop market is still huge and Microsoft has a responsibility to service them. Forcing them to use something that they don’t like isn’t exactly good service.”

    Should never forget? What’ll make them? Microsoft is in fact a large monopolist who has already well tied up their users by offerring DirectX with largest software segment for windows platform. This makes us use any OS they release. If they release something crappy as Windows 8 with that abundant Metro, no start menu, without Aero and shadows, we’ll still have to love it. There is no other way to use latest DirectX technology, play modern games and use modern software after a few years when XP and 7 age out.

    In other words, it’s our users’ duty to adapt to Microsoft products, and not vice versa. Or go MacOS or Linux if you can.

  • ackman81

    I got rid of my “metro phone” bland and ugly I hated that phone. I only had it for a day. I will not buy another Microsoft product as long as they try and force me to use this windows 1.3 ugly ass interface. Who goes to a train or bus station and looks at the bureaucratically designed signs and thinks that is the future of computing? At least give me the choice to use the computer the way I want to. I want more customization, not less. If I have to switch to another operating system I will. I will have to spend about $8,000 to replace my software, but that is how much I hate what Microsoft has done. I am the customer, I am always right, not for everyone else but for my own need and desires and you are spitting in my face.

  • David

    OK. I’ve tested it enough to give a proper opinion.

    Metro interface is horrible. From gigantic UI elements not suitable for mouse, keyboard and any monitor larger than 10″ to dumbed-down options and features (right-click anyone?) to ridiculous hidden things (shut down was two clicks away, not it’s a 1 second hover, mouse from up to down, and then two clicks away).

    Besides, not everything is even in place. Win Explorer goes back to regular desktop. Complete nonsense and inconsistency.

    Basically, if you are not planning to use a touchscreen, install one of those apps that boot straight into desktop and keep things there!!!

    Windows 8 is the worst computing nightmare. I actually see myself jumping to a mac computer for the first time in my life.

    Seriously… Windows 7 was so perfect (and no, don’t say the last is always the best — never liked Windows 98, Me or XP — yes, really).

    Curse you Microsoft!

    • jeff nice

      I agree I hate it.

  • Tory

    I like the active-tile concept for tablets or phones, I think it’s an innovative improvement on static icons. The Surface tablet should do well. For desktops, however, the imposition of the metro interface is an unmitigated disaster. I’m stunned that Microsoft is trying to impose all of the crude limitations of a tablet interface onto the desktop, where those limitations are unnecessary.

    Tim Cook responded to Win 8 by mocking the concept of a common interface for tablets and desktops, calling it a “fridge-toaster”. As a Windows geek who has never purchased an Apple product in his life, it pains me that he is right. Another sad example of Apple being a smarter company. If MS is trying to catch Apple in the tablet and phone markets, why didn’t someone notice that the Mac OS doesn’t look like an iPad?

    I updated my laptop to Win 8 to check it out, and was going to upgrade four other computers in our household at the low intro price MS is running now. Forget it, everything’s staying on Win 7, and if MS doesn’t offer a real desktop OS sometime soon, I’ll reluctantly switch to Apple after years of being a committed Windows user.

  • http://sobreloqueopinar.com Josep

    Windows 8 interface sucks, windows 7 one is much better… on a computer (when it is a little tweaked, and you put turn off computer in your start menu, and some other minor things). on a tablet it will work fine, for sure… but…


    In exchange it is way faster than windows 7, I’ve to admit it.

    Windows 8 with windows 7 interface will be awesome. -_-

  • ellen horn

    I don’t even want to think about Windows 8. All those advertisements to delete. I am a little above average computer user; and I can tell you, I could not even get my Windows 7 to work without that preinstalled Mcafee messing with my internet connection. Windows 8? Please someone get rid of it.

  • Harlin

    Sucks. Badly. I hope my company’s software never supports Windows 8 users.