Microsoft, Like Amazon, Embraces Gay Marriage in a Product Ad

    March 12, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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It looks like Amazon isn’t the only tech company that’s finding a way to work gay marriage into their product ads.

Last month, an ad for Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite ereader featured a gay couple and made people on the internet argue, as these things tend to do. I guess only straight couples should be able to enjoy ebooks on the beach.

Anyway, it appears that Microsoft is following in Amazon’s footsteps. Their new ad for Outlook leaves no room for speculation concerning the company’s stance on marriage equality. Check it out:

Last month, Microsoft was one of the many tech companies (including Apple, Facebook, and Google) to sign amicus briefs supporting marriage equality. Later this year, the Supreme Court will decide two important cases on the topic – one involving California’s Prop 8 and one involving the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Microsoft was criticized way in 2005 for contemplating turning a pro-gay rights agenda into a neutral one. Eventually, the company decided to support a Washington gay rights bill.

“After looking at the question from all sides, I’ve concluded that diversity in the workplace is such an important issue for our business that it should be included in our legislative agenda,” said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. “I respect that there will be different viewpoints. But as CEO, I am doing what I believe is right for our company as a whole.”

Since 2005, Washington has been on a path to marriage equality, eventually legalizing gay marriage last year.

  • Jasme

    This is very disturbing. Give them all the rights normal people have, but lets not change marriage. Also, I am against homosexual adopting little boys, or being scoutmasters.

    • David

      You raise some really good points, Jasme

    • JuanGuapo

      Me thinks you should attend to the issues with your own sexuality before concerning yourself or otherwise meddling in the affairs of others.

    • http://www.wrchurch.org/ Kenneth Wayne

      I agree with you 100% Jasme.

  • Meg Amor

    Love these ads!!! Thought they were so good! About time!

    And what planet and time did you just come in from Jasme? The dark ages, in a galaxy far far away? I surely hope so. I am so sick to death of people like you who use phrases like ‘normal people.’ And think that because someone is gay, they automatically must be up for being a child molester?

    Are you insane? And how sick and saddening it was to read this.

    Meg Amor

    • Jacob

      Meg, I understand you may not agree with Jasme, but I strongly encourage you to further explore the causes of homosexuality. It may shed some light on why people feel saddened by the media encouraging the “normalcy” of such a lifestyle.

  • http://www.wrchurch.org/ Kenneth Wayne

    With all the talk in the media, and from individuals about this immoral act. God never approves of same sex Marriage. God made Women for Man and, Man for Women. (Genesis chapter 2). If God has not authorized it, it’s a sinful act. If a person what’s to live as such, and those who approve it, God will deal with them upon His return.

  • Jon Park

    Kenneth, those may be your religious beliefs, but they are certainly not even shared by all Christians, and no one religion or religious point of view should determine our nation’s laws. L

    • Jacob

      Jon, imagine you have a close friend come to you and confide that they experience same-gender attraction and have had such feelings since being molested during sexual formative years. They previously only had heterosexual desires, but after repeated same-sex encounters, began responding sexually to the same gender. Would you encourage this person to marry someone of the same gender? Would you applaud it when the media showcases such things? I have a friend who admitted exactly that to me. This isn’t about religion, it’s about doing the right thing to aid those you love. And yeah, same-sex marriage may actually be the worst answer for them.

      • Alexandra

        I appreciate that you care about your friend, but it’s not our job to make choices for other people, even those we love. First of all, I have a large number of LGBT friends and have seen studies on this, and only a small percentage of same-sex attraction is preceded by sexual abuse. And as for those, while it would probably not be a good idea for them to marry someone of the same sex unless they dealt with the issues from their abuse, still had same-sex attraction, and formed a healthy and loving relationship with someone of the same sex, if they *did* decide to get married anyway, that’s their choice. Just like it’s a personal choice for someone still recovering from sexual abuse from someone of the *opposite* sex to get married despite not being ready for that, which also happens. Our lives are our own to make decisions for, whether those decisions are good or bad. And yes, I think it is good when the media showcases such things, because same-sex attraction caused by sexual abuse is such a small percentage of total same-sex attraction, and because I have met many more people who are naturally LGBT and struggling with feeling alone and unaccepted than people who have suddenly become attracted to the same sex after being molested. Same-sex marriage is a bad idea for certain people at certain stages of their lives… just like marriage in general is a bad idea for certain people at certain stages of their lives. Should we outlaw marriage altogether?

  • Lilmissequality

    I just love this, thank you.

  • Jacob

    This is really sad. I have a number of friends who experience or have experienced same-sex attraction due to sexual abuse, society labels, early exposure to pornography, etc. They would be crest-fallen to see such an ad with embraces such “equality” without ever doing the leg work to understand that marriage may not be the best thing to promote for those with such struggles…

    • Dan

      Of course, those aren’t the people we’re talking about when we campaign for gay rights, are we? The people, no doubt real, you are referring to need psychological care.

      No matter how soft-spoken, no matter the syntax, you are still a bigot.

      • Jacob

        Dan, because I care for the well being of people does not make me a bigot. It would be appreciated for you to apologize.

  • Noёl MSA

    What is the motivation behind this ad?

    My apologies if I have missed but I still have to see/hear companies who have publicly professed their belief/love of God. All that I have seen/heard/felt most of the time is the belief/love of money. So, this ad is just a testament or in support of that belief/love of money.

    Technology companies in particular heavily use “technology is neutral”, it’s a tool, a platform. So, the motivation, I assume is that based on research, supporters of those against the DOMA have either strong influence or control over the buying power of people.

    Good thing am happily married with my lovely wife, have 2 beautiful daughters and 1 son. With the Holy Spirit by my side, I encourage my kids to be the best in what they do and let God take care of the rest. With the gifts and graces of our Lord, am confident that they will grow-up to become very successful in their careers, highly valuable individuals in their communities, and very strong in their faith. And, am praying, that they become the next leaders/influencers.

    Mary, help of Christians, please pray for us.