Microsoft Is About To End Windows XP Support

    April 8, 2014
    Chris Crum
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The final countdown for Windows XP support is upon us (There’s literally a countdown. You can see it here). It’s had a good twelve-year run, but on April 8th, Microsoft will support the OS no more.

This means there will be no more security updates or technical support.

“Security updates patch vulnerabilities that may be exploited by malware and help keep users and their data safer,” says Microsoft. “PCs running Windows XP after April 8, 2014, should not be considered to be protected, and it is important that you migrate to a current supported operating system – such as Windows 8.1 – so you can receive regular security updates to protect their computer from malicious attacks.”

The company notes that antivirus software will not be able to fully protect your PC when the operating system itself is unsupported.

“Businesses that are governed by regulatory obligations such as HIPAA may find that they are no longer able to satisfy compliance requirements,” the company says.

Windows XP will still be able to be installed and activated, and activations will still be required for retail installations. Existing updates will still be available via Windows Update.

Microsoft is also ending support for the following: Office 2003, Windows XP Mode in Windows 7, Windows XP used with MED-V, Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP, System Center, Windows Intune and the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit for Windows XP
Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool will be provided for Windows XP through July 14th, 2015.

People using machines with Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional, who receive updates via Windows Update, will be notified about the end of support.

Image via Microsoft

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