M.I.A. Flips Middle Finger During Super Bowl Halftime Show

    February 5, 2012
    Zach Walton
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UPDATE: The NFL and NBC have both spoken out about the incident.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: You remember how we said the Madonna performance was flawless? Well, it’s not so flawless anymore.

It has been revealed that M.I.A. flipped off the camera when she came out on stage to support Madonna for “Give Me All Your Luvin’.”

The scandal has rocked the part of the Internet that asks us to remember that children watch the Super Bowl too.

It does beg the question of whether this matters or not. Are you mortified to find somebody flipping off the camera for less than a split second?


[lead image and photo courtesy of Buffalo Eats]
  • John Stroup

    I’m offended. Have we become so jaded that a clearly anti-social gesture has become commonplace?
    This is the new normal? There needs to be consequences for this, sanctions, negative effect on career…

    • Ms. Eff

      If MIA’s middle-finger offended your bourgeoisie sensibilities, then it was obviously worth her doing it.

    • captain obvious

      Kill her.

  • Beday Shelay

    Yea, MIA Flip’em all to these FCC censors. If they censor broadcasting gun shot sounds in this gun crazy country, flip them in a flash like that and see what they are gonna do.

  • California

    Our 5 yr old was sitting next to us & we were enjoying the show. Would we rather this not’ve happened, of course! But we take it as an opportunity to explain these things to our daughter. We can’t shelter her, I prefer these situations happen when I’m around so we can talk about it & build a foundation of right & wrong whatever that may be. I feel sorry for Madonna, M.I.A’s actions have taken the spot light away from days of hard work. For that I do think M.I.A.’s actions were selfish and self serving because now we are talking about M.I.A. and not Madonna :(

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t agree more. Everyone could see that Madonna really worked hard to nail a routine that extensive. Thanks to MIA, Madonna isn’t receiving the recognition she deserves. It’s a shame that some women, as opposed to Madonna, have such minimal amounts of class.

  • Sammii.

    Don’t think its supposed to NOT offend, no?
    That’s sorta the point? ;D

  • Zac

    Reach behind yourselves and pull the stick out.

  • Doucher man


  • Alex

    take a closer look. that “finger” looks awfully big for such a small hand. not saying that she wouldnt do it she’s MIA she doesnt give a fuck about anyone watching but that really doesnt look proportional

  • James

    It’s wrong. You know it. I know it. Make all the excuses you want but that doesn’t make it right. Clearly, the morals of this country are diminishing and everyone’s willingness to accept this kind of thing proves it.

    • Tyler

      Its not wrong at all. Censorship is wrong. What she did was a hand gesture. How everyone reacts is what gives it power.I am not the biggest MIA fan, but I applaud her willingness to slide a bit of artistic expression in through a slew of useless lip-synching drivel.

      • matt

        commoonnnnn!!! like what the f*ck, who cares, ppl are way to damn up tight. get off your high horses and realize the world is not nor will be perfect and none of you losers are better

        • Tyler

          Takes one to know one buddy

  • Ezzie

    We’re complaining about her holding up her middle finger, but has anyone noticed what the girls on the ground around her are doing? Which is worse?

    • Iain

      Absolutely. The biggest issue here is the girls pushing their groins to all and sundry, and you concentrate on a musician making a 1 second gesture?

  • Kenny

    i’m not offended by this, and i really don’t care, but i don’t quite understand why she did it. was she trying to prove a point? was she trying to upset people? or was she just trying to say, “hey guys, check how cool i am!” i am rather curious to hear why it happened.