McDonald’s Bagged Coffee: Will You Buy It?

    October 31, 2013
    Erika Watts
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McDonald’s bagged coffee will soon be coming to a grocery store shelf near you. McDonald’s McCafe specialty coffee went national in 2009, and just four years later, the chain has announced plans to sell bagged coffee in grocery stores.

Fans of McDonald’s coffee will reportedly be able to purchase ground and whole bean coffee in 12 ounce bags for around $7, plus they will also sell single cup servings. On the plus side, this means McDonald’s coffee fans can enjoy their morning coffee without having to actually wait in a never ending line. On the downside, well, there doesn’t appear to be one, aside from McDonald’s once again expanding its reach.

The fast food chain is working with Kraft Foods to release their coffee in the U.S. sometime next year. McDonald’s began selling bagged coffee in Canada last year, so the grocery store version must have done fairly well north of the border.

McDonald’s bagged coffee will be competing with coffee from other national restaurant chains, such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. According to The Christian Science Monitor, the bagged coffee industry does around $5.6 billion in sales each year, with 56 percent of Americans reporting that they bought coffee in the supermarket in 2011. It will be interesting to see how the McDonald’s bagged coffee does against the competition. Green Mountain, Folgers and Dunkin Donuts rank as America’s favorite three bagged coffee brands.

What do you think about McDonald’s selling bagged coffee? Respond below. Let’s just say that most Twitter users were less than enthusiastic about the announcement:

And in other McDonald’s related news, the burger chain has dropped Heinz ketchup after they hired former Burger King CEO Bernardo Hees.

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  • Cynthia DuPree

    I think it’s. great. I lot of people like McDonald’s coffee. Finding a coffee you like is like finding a wine you like. It’s all about your taste, not the price. Your taste will determine the quality. No one can tell you which brand is better, it’s what you like that counts.

  • James Yoder

    This is just my opinion. I believe that McDonalds has the very best coffee blend of any fast food chain are restaurant any where! The food on the other hand is not the kind I like. But some bad ass coffee am ready for it to hit the the shelves. I want have to stop at two fast food restaurant’s on my way to work each morning and be on time for work and that would be great for my boss .

  • Louise Black

    I love McDonalds coffee but it’s not just the coffee grounds that make there coffee good you have to have a good coffee pot I prefer one that is all stainless steel plastic pot pick up the taste of plastic and the creamer make a difference too that’s why McDonalds and Duncan Donunts use a Bunn Coffee pot I was a waitress and had to clean the pot. And it was stainless stell not the cheap shit they sell today that is why I won’t buy a pot I’ll go back to a electric percolator better coffee every one is in a hurry got to have there coffee fast

  • Joyce Ann Aldridge

    The first thing I think about in the morning when i wake up is a fresh cup of coffee. I presently drink Folgers coffee, and it seems like it s slowly loosing its flavor.I started drinking Mcdonalds coffee about 8 months ago and I am hooked. It is the best I have tasted even better then Starbucks or Caribou coffee !!!I get up early in the morning and drive to Mcdonalds all the time just for the coffee..I will definetly by it from the store if you sell it, but please do not sell it at WalMart , they will step on it to make a profit and mix it with something else !! Yur Bggest Coffee Fan !! Joycie .. P. S. How do I buy stock in the Gavina coffee when it starts selling in the stores ???? :*

  • SierraSky

    Everyone I know, knows how I feel about McDonalds coffee. I have been waiting impatiently for it to be sold in stores. When I go through the drive through to get it, I never know if I am going to get the amount of sugar and cream I ask for. Now I take the time to check before I drive away. I know it sounds terrible but if they use less or none it makes me very crabby first thing in the morning. After all I paid them with good faith that I am going to get what I asked for. Adults or kids it doesn’t matter. A few of my regulars know I want it just so and do a good job. No. I am not that picky with everything….just my McDonalds coffee!! So when you go to get yours in the grocery store I will be the one already in line. I can hardly wait!!! Hurry please.

  • Barbara Fowler

    My husband, Richard,, and I love McDonalds coffee hands down!! We buy it in a bag from the restaurant to enjoy at home, as well as order it at the restaurant. It beats Tim Horton’s by a mile–or in our case, by 25 miles which is our closest McD’s. Thanks for great coffee.

  • Rick Smith

    McDonalds has the best coffee you can buy.
    It has Starbucks beat by a country mile,
    which tastes ALMOST as good at twice the price!

  • Buttercup

    I love the idea. McDonalds is my favorite coffee – much better than Starbucks. I’ve been wanting to purchase it for at home use for years! Never thought it would happen.

  • susanblv

    I have never eaten food at McDonald’s. Recently I met up with a friend there and needed a cuppa and was very surprised at how delicious the plain black coffee was and inexpensive compared to Starbucks. I very rarely buy coffee at Starbucks b/c the prices are ridiculous and their coffee has something in it that upsets my digestive system. I mostly brew my own at home, saves me $ and gives me the strength and acidity I want. I can’t wait to find McCafe bagged coffee in my local stores. It’s a great value, although I’m not sure that the flavor will match what’s brewed at McD’s. Will find out soon, I hope.

  • SammyfroMiami

    Starbucks coffee sucks; it is awful, so overrated. It’s comical to watch the “Starbucks Pretenders” pretending to be enjoying the God-Awful Starbucks coffee blend. The MacDonald’s coffee blend is superb … and soon it will be availab at Publix/ Welll overdue…than k you Mickey D!!!!!

  • Scott Goodwin

    They use arribaca beans which most companies don’t use anymore because of the cost. Decent flavor. Columbia is the best of the lot. Found it at my local Safeway. Great deal.at $6.99