McAfee Blog To Begin Posting “Archived Evidence”

    December 7, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Around the time John McAfee began blogging while in hiding from police in Belize, he indicated that if he were caught, he would have plenty of blog posts coming, thanks to all of the material he had gotten ready. This would be evidence of corruption in Belize.

A blog admin (not specified as Chad Essley like usual) has now posted the following:

The following posts are the beginning of the archived writing and evidence that Mr McAfee has instructed be released in the event he does not communicate with us in 24 hours.

This will be the beginning of releasing the recorded evidence and prepared writings kept in his archives, and posted by Harold M. A close friend of Mr McAfee.

We will give an indication of the story, and under certain circumstances we will provide the full evidence of the audio recordings, facebook posts, and other evidence as it pertains to the releases.

There should be plenty of content on the way. McAfee had said in a previous post that he had enough material to keep the blog alive for at least a year. Essley, he said, would monitor comments.

The last we’ve heard about McAfee’s situation is that he was returned to the detention center in Guatemala, where he was being held before and after being rushed to the hospital for a possible heart attack (which turned out not to be).

You can follow the events that have led up to all of this here.

Update: “Harold M.” has posted “Belize Corruption File 1“.

  • Elizabeth Alexander

    Don’t bother. It’s the same unintelligible audio posted weeks ago between a supposed ex-party chairman, who “allegedly” asked McAfee for $2 million dollars. No proof of this ever happening. He used to work for the BDF & supposedly has a friend there, Ms. Olga, who was going to help him get McAfee. There is NO connection to the GSU or the PM or the Belizean government or the police force (who McAfee was shown in photos donating many stun guns, handcuffs, etc. to just days before the murder).

    These audio tapes are a complete joke & if McAfee thought these 2 thugs from the small town of Carmelita were out to cause harm to him, then he should have reported them, instead of falsely accusing the entire government of Belize of corruption. If he is so frightened of the police, then why was he donating large amounts of weapons (yes, stun guns are weapons) to the very same institutions that he now accuses of wanting to kill him?

    Enough of his paranoia & false accusations. Deport him back to Belize to answer questions about the murder of Mr. Faull. He is the ONLY person who had a motive to kill him & the police have EVERY right to question him. Sick of him, his lies, his delusions, & his arrogance. You are mentally ill, Mr. McAfee, & nothing is going to change the fact that you are a person of interest in this murder. Nothing!!!! You are a delusional, narcissistic, compulsive liar, and a manipulative fraud!

  • Wisdom

    Ok MR. Mcaffee I truly admire your bravery. You are so unique and that is what makes you special. In this world, some people will always be against one another but not all are against you. You are a not ill as some claim but instead most of the world thinks your are a genius. You are not “bunker”as how someone stated!!! Your life will be normal again soon !!!!! DOnt pay mind to those who are against you . !!!! The things you do and say might be true and it is true that in Belize there are some corruptions but the fact that there are corruptions everywhere and it is a global issue. Just give your life to Jesus that is the best solution and it shall set you free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOd loves you and we love you too Mr. Mcaffee. YOU made me think of this saying ” Stand for your rights even if you stand alone !!!!!!” Go ahead and do what is acceptable and you shall be free. !!!! Remember you are not bonker !!!! instead you are so unique and so blessed with virtues. !!!!!! pursue on !! you are the hero of so many even if your enemies wants to devour you !!!!!! Keep on pursuing brother . !!!! you will soon accomplish your goal whatever it may be !!!!!!!!!!! GOd bless you for all the global lessons you have lived to teach others ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~!!!!!!

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