Matt Cutts: Panda Update Coming Friday, ‘Big’ Penguin Update Later This Year

    March 12, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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According to Google webspam head Matt Cutts, we can expect the next Panda refresh to occur within the next few days.

Speaking at the SMX conference, Cutts said that the next Panda update will take place this Friday, March 15th or by Monday, March 18th at the latest.

The last Panda update rolled out on January 22nd, and Google said that it affected 1.2% of queries. Even if a Panda update launches this Friday, it will have been the longest time between updates in recent memory. Google previously released a Panda update a few days before Christmas, and two back in November.

Although the Panda refresh is coming sooner, a Penguin update is also on the horizon – and Cutts said that it’ll be a big one. Cutts said that it will be one of the most talked-about updates of the year.

They are “working on the next generation of Penguin,” said Cutts.

More algorithm changes were discussed at SXSW last week. There, Cutts announced a possible crackdown on bad online merchants.

“We have a potential launch later this year, maybe a little bit sooner, looking at the quality of merchants and whether we can do a better job on that, because we don’t want low quality experience merchants to be ranking in the search results,” he said.

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  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/full-service-seo Nick Stamoulis

    I wonder how many site owners are anxiously awaiting Friday. Normally we don’t get all that much advance notice of a pending update. Does knowing ahead of time make it easier for site owners to brace themselves? Are there site owners scrambling to make last minute adjustments to their site to protect themselves?

  • http://www.ianspencer.co.uk Ian Spencer

    I dont think having any preparation helps, as long as you have a decent site with quality content you should be stable with any Panda update. Of course, they are not always 100% accurate and the good guys can get hammered, but generally Panda just looks at the content, rather than the offsite, so if there is no duplicate issues, canonical issues etc, you have to hope that things will be ok.

  • http://www.rankwatch.com Rank Watch

    Seems like Matt Cutts has made Google’s intentions clear for the year 2013. Certainly Google wants spammy sites or sites which follow spammy practices to be penalized and receive less or zero search traffic. Google wants to give the best possible and the relevant results to their users and is the only search engine which is almost there.

  • http://www.geekomad.com Samer

    Ohh God, why these updates take place? it makes my heart beat faster after listening to those news, god bless site owners.

  • http://issuu.com/claindrivs/docs/mylife.com Charlie Solano

    i think this update took place on 15th March but what effect did it has on website it is yet to disclose anyone has any idea?