Matt Cutts: Google Updates Will Be Jarring For A While

    August 15, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts made a surprise appearance at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Francisco this morning, dropping a fair amount of knowledge on the SEO community.

Bas van den Beld at State Of Search has a liveblogged recap of the session. He paraphrases Cutts:

When people asked Cutts about the next Penguin Update he thought: You don’t want the next Penguin update, the engineers have been working hard…We are constantly improving. The updates are going the be jarring and julting for a while. Emphasis added.

Cutts also talked briefly about Google’s relationship with Twitter data. More paraphrasing from the liveblog:

Danny [Sullivan] asks ‘Can’t you see how many times a page is tweeted? I can see it, I could call you’.

Cutts: we can do it relatively well, but if we could crawl Twitter in the full way we can, their infastructure wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Cutts talked about a variety of search-related topics, including Knowledge Graph, SEO, the Penguin update, Webmaster Tools, etc. He also noted that the Google Search Quality team is now the Knowledge team.

Here’s some paraphrasing from attendees on Twitter:

  • http://www.LAokay.com Steve G

    Honestly Google cares about it’s profits and is driven by profits as they are constantly figuring out how to always make more money. I mean look at what Google did to load up their page results with ads and promote their own websites above their competitors. It means more profits for them. If it was about the user we’d see less ads and Google would force it’s own websites to play by the same rules it wants to make everybody else play by. They simply won’t do it because they will see their earnings and stock price drop like a falling brick. But if they did I’m sure people will have nothing but nice things to say about Google. Nice things don’t pay the bills and please stock holders. Higher profits do.

  • proxy user

    “@MattCutts “We don’t care whether we make money or lose money. … The question is.. Is this good for the user?” #SESSF”

    OK, Mr Corporate Spokesperson,

    I’ve had enough, each update ruins us and makes Google even more money.

  • http://GrowMap.com Gail Gardner

    Both previous commenters are partially right. Google’s CEO announced their intentions years ago in his now infamous “the Internet is a cesspool” and they’re going to “clean it up by favoring big brands”.

    Their primary motivation is not MONEY (although they make plenty of that) – it is POWER – the power to destroy small businesses, affiliate marketers and bloggers at their whim.

    We don’t matter one iota to them. We need to collectively start teaching everyone we know to USE OTHER SEARCH ENGINES and take that power away from them!

  • http://www.algarve-rentacar.com/ Reviews

    RE: @MattCutts “We don’t care whether we make money or lose money.”

    Matts, you must be kidding, don’t you? There is no company in the world who doesn’t care about loosing money. Another thing is, if this fits into the company’s strategy.

    • Robin Green

      we listen only lie from mr cutts. But check google traffic stats on alexa, time for google to start worry.

  • Robin Green

    it exactly what google want – sites without ads in top10 (relevancy not important, just authority).
    New draconian updates – haha. New steps to lost their power. Bing it!

  • http://firestorm.com Karen Masullo

    We are a small company that works exceptionally hard to produce original, thoughtful content on our blog every week. We are about to launch a new website Oct 1, and believe we have incorporated everything we know about solid, organic, white hat SEO.

    For us, PPC is not an option at this time, but we feel pushed in this direction. As a small brand, at some point, we feel boxed in by what we can do with available resources.

    Do I want to see less spammy content overall? Absolutely. I monitor & search for sites that have lifted our content and that of our clients and contributors. Makes me crazy.

    But reading that Matt said that next updates “will be “jarring and jolting” for webmasters and SEOs” frankly exhausts me.

    We will continue to create content that “stands the test of time” that matters to our community and audience, but I worry we will be buried by those with 12k a week PPC budgets.

  • http://www.militarymodelsonline.com Bob

    The mafia of search has spoken. My site is top 20 for all my keywords on other sites but 200+ on Google. I don’t resort to black hat tactics but the range is way out of wack from search to search. The problem is 80% of my hits come from Google. I am not wasting much more money or energy until the war is over.

  • http://hotswots.com HotsWots

    I agree with the general consensus that Google has simply gone into “make more money” mode. I think they are opening the door for Bing / Yahoo to increase their market share.

  • Ted Hangstrad

    “He [Matt Cutts] also noted that the Google Search Quality team is now the Knowledge team.”

    Always a surefire way to identify when a corporation has dropped itself in the sh*t: They change the name – not the policy, not the organizational structure, not the product, not the outcome.

    What a joke Google has become; tying themselves up in a tangle of conflicting, reassuring statements that leads you neatly to surmise what their real intent is.

  • Jastin

    ok, matt cutts. use your google yourself, we go bing & yahoo!
    Just imagine how many adwords ads you can click yourself!