Marketing Tips to Promote Your Business in 2010

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After a tough 2009, the majority of small businesses have high hopes of emerging from the sales doldrums in 2010. Some 86% of small business owners expect 2010 revenues to be equal to or higher than 2009 figures, according to research firm Ad-Ology. However, despite that glimmer of confidence, most small business owners don’t plan to increase their marketing budgets in the near term. In a February 2010 survey of small business owners called the Merchant Confidence Index, 46% of respondents said they expect their marketing expenditures to remain stable over the next three months, while just 29% expected to increase marketing spend.

Just because you don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on marketing and advertising doesn’t mean you have to sit back and hope for the best in 2010. In fact, there are many free online marketing methods small businesses can use to connect with potential customers. Below are eight proven marketing strategies you can use to boost customer acquisition and increase sales in 2010 – which will cost you only your time.

1.       Create a simple, clean website. There are dozens of self-service website creation services, such as Weebly, BlinkWeb, and Squidoo, which allow non-technical users to create simple, functional sites for free. Your site should include key words about your business so that people looking for your products or services can find you.


2.       List your business on all free directory sites available to you. MerchantCircle, Google Local Business Center, Angie’s List, Yahoo! Local, Yelp, YellowPages.com, SearchLocal, and SuperPages are some of the online business directory services that allow businesses to create a free listing. If the site already lists your business, you can “claim” it by adding more details to the listing, such as your company website URL, a map, phone numbers, or business hours.


3.       Use email to stay in touch with your best clients/customers. You likely already have the email addresses of your best clients or customers, so use them! An email newsletter is a great way to connect with your loyal customers. Create an email that includes a quick update on new products or services, and perhaps a printable coupon or promotional code. You can also add an image, a link to your website or a video you’ve posted on YouTube, or a link to you’re a business directory page that includes lots of positive customer reviews.


4.       Create business pages on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. Social networking is here to stay, so your company needs to join the fray. Start by creating a Facebook business page and a Twitter account in your company’s name; both are free. If you have video content about your business, create a free “video channel” on YouTube, while B2B companies should also create a LinkedIn profile that details your business profile, lists key contacts, and provides information about your products and services. Make sure to encourage customers to sign up for your pages by printing your Facebook address and Twitter handle on all business materials.


5.       Get creative with promotions. Everyone loves a bargain, and people are increasingly price sensitive after recently living through one of worst recessions in decades. Try offering different types of promotions: downloadable and printable coupons people can bring into your store or office; online coupon codes redeemable for a one-time discount; a 10%-off coupon for signing up for your email newsletter or Facebook Page; a refer-a-friend discount; or a discount for writing a review of your business on a directory site like Yelp. You can promote these discounts via free or inexpensive advertising options: your email newsletter, in-store banners, Twitter, and Facebook.


6.       Search online for all businesses like yours. Use Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other search engines to find similar businesses in your city and in other areas to get a sense for what marketing tricks your competitors are using. Check out their social networking pages and their websites, and try searching for their latest promotions. Sign up for their email newsletters. Armed with this free competitive intelligence, you can see what’s worked for companies you admire, and fine-tune your own marketing strategies to compete with them.


7.       Show your expertise. There are many sites where experts can provide answers to people asking questions about anything under the sun. Yahoo Answers, MerchantCircle Answers, and LinkedIn Answers are some of the most popular question-and-answer sites. Search all of these sites for questions related to your business or service expertise, and then provide answers to them. Offer thoughtful, expert advice people can really use; that’s great PR for your business in and of itself.


8.       Create some online marketing videos. Most people prefer to ‘see’ something rather than ‘read’ something – so create some videos for your business! There are several sites, such as Jivox and Spotzer, where you can create simple marketing videos for free using stock footage, then add your company’s URL, phone number, address, and clickable coupons. You can also shoot marketing videos yourself using an inexpensive hand-held camera, and then polish them with free online editing tools like JayCut. Post your videos on your Facebook Page and on YouTube, and use them on your website and in your email marketing campaigns.


Small business owners are a creative and hard-working bunch, used to doing a lot with few resources. In 2010, take the time to invest in the growth of your business, implementing a few creative marketing strategies that deliver real results in return for just a little elbow grease.




Marketing Tips to Promote Your Business in 2010
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  • http://www.nopun.com Noel Wiggins

    When owning your own business, its exciting to be your own boss, being able to call your own shots. But one of the biggest challenges, is where do you get new business from. Well in this day and age its easier than let’s say a few years ago, with your website, blogs, facebook, twitter. But one of my favorites is creating a youtube tutorial video, with an eblast to your best client list promoting the new video.

    With all of these types of marketing most if not all are free but they are very time consuming, I would say as soon as I started doing this type of marketing I have lost about 6 hours of my day. Which I guess is the cost of doing business…

    Thanks and Regards

    Noel for Nopun.com
    a graphic design studio

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    Well done article. I already do some of what you recommend but haven’t utilized everything you mentioned. I suppose it does make perfect sense to focus more energy on social networking sites

  • http://www.arganplace.com Imad

    Thanks for the tips. I find them very interesting.
    It’s not always easy to promote our business specially at the beginning. It’s a real challenge specially now when the competition has never been that fierce.

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    Fantastic Tips! make thing much more easy to reach!


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    Great :)

  • http://www.homebiz-supermarket.com Dele

    Thank you Darren for the useful tips you enumerated above.

    It is just that with the rapid expansion of the internet as more and more entrants get in, it seems to be getting more difficult to have a wide reach to the small business owners’ potential customers as i think more sellers(competitors) than buyers are getting latched onto the internet.

    From my experience, one now has to deploy various software for fast penetration of the internet market compared to some few years ago when even manual methods for marketing strategies such as article marketing yielded reasonable results. This implies higher costs to the small business owner which on success of the venture is more than recouped at any rate.

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    It is always better not to use such services like Weebly, BlinkWeb, and Squidoo. It would be good if you could develop a website from scratch using all those web based technologies and it would be really hard for a non-technical person to develop such a website keeping all that SEO in mind..!

  • Joel Kirkpatrick

    FB wants Business page Admins to have the ability to connect to Twitter, but the app has a devious bug. Business pages are now spammed by a ‘Getting Started’ tab, which CANNOT be removed yet, without making a connection.
    Needless to say, not all Admins find this useful, and some are downright angry about it. There is even a FB user group that is targeting the issue, insisting on some opt out or cancel ability.
    Yes, FB is a useful tool for us, and so is Twitter. But to constantly put that tab in front of all others on the business page view…it has many seeing reds instead of green$.


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