Mark Zuckerberg Sued For Unloading Facebook Stock

    June 6, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Mark Zuckerberg and mega-social media site Facebook have both been in the news quite a bit recently, between the company’s disastrous IPO and the many, many people who are unhappy with it. Now, a class-action lawsuit is being brought against Zuckerberg by some of those unhappy investors, who claim the mogul unloaded a huge amount of stock on inside information that it wasn’t worth its estimated value.

Zuckerberg is no stranger to legal battles; last year he was sued over a Facebook page that garnered a wave of backlash from the Jewish community, and just a week after the company went public, they were sued for hiding “unfavorable growth forecasts” before the IPO. Oh, and there was that whole Winklevoss scandal.

This lawsuit, however, could get big very quickly. It claims that JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley all tipped off only the investors with the largest stake in the company about the serious undervalue of the stock well before the IPO, leaving everyone else who invested their hard earned dollars in the dust. As of Monday morning, shares had fallen to around $26.00 apiece, far below the initial $38.00 projected value.

Former Wall Street analyst Henry Blodget spoke up on behalf of investors, calling the insider trading allegations “absurd and unfair.” He goes on to say that the SEC should change their rules about such information being shared, asserting that every investor has the right to know what’s going on with the IPO.

“This is an absurd and unfair practice,” he said. “The estimates themselves are material information–the consensus of smart, well-trained analysts who have worked with the company’s management to develop realistic forecasts. Most investors don’t even know that these estimates exist, let alone that they’re whispered verbally to only a handful of big investors. All potential investors should have easy access to these estimates, as well as to any logic underlying them. The SEC needs to change the rules here.”

While the exact amount of Zuckerberg’s sold shares isn’t known, rumors put it around a billion dollars, and that adds up to a lot of angry stockholders. There have been accusations that Zuckerberg himself is to blame for the disastrous IPO on the grounds that he is an egomaniac who allowed the company to offer inflated projections in order to justify Facebook’s $100 billion valuation. That, in turn, leads many people back to the idea that Facebook will be struggling in the years to come and may fall off or disappear completely within the next five years.

Speculation on Facebook’s staying power has been a topic of conversation practically since the company was founded, especially since there are so many competing social media sites. And while Facebook has grown exponentially with the help of advertising and incorporating their brand into other sites via login links, they have sadly neglected their mobile app. That, says Ironfire Capital’s Eric Jackson, could prove to be their downfall.

Facebook has acknowledged the glitch in their Matrix, even stating in their IPO filing that if users continue to choose mobile devices over PCs for their Facebooking needs, it will negatively affect the company because they can’t keep up with demands. That acknowledgement may not bode well for the company in light of this lawsuit, and it begs the question of whether or not insider trading was indeed an issue right before the IPO. Did Zuckerberg use that information for his own gain and bail while he still could? What does he know that we don’t?

The fact that the company’s head honcho took off on a honeymoon right after the stocks began to tank isn’t sitting well with investors, either. Since he’s been traveling with his new bride, Zuckerberg hasn’t had time to comment on this latest news and what it might mean for his company, but it looks like this case could get nasty pretty quickly as the very people who are supporting Facebook are demanding answers and accountability from its owner.

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  • http://webpronews.com johnjrambo

    Mark Zuckerberg is shady little shit stain and its believed that he in fact, is a long time homosexual.

    • Wanda Oakes

      Who cares if he is homosexual???

      • Porky Pigz

        Who cares if a “shady little s***stain?

        • http://about.me/wildboy2008 WILDBOY2008

          Finally the tower is coming down. took long enough :)

        • Sniper

          that’s ok, because his wife looks like a carpet-munching dyke

          • Marcko

            Ha! Ha! That’s hilarious! I guess she can afford to buy enough flannel shirts so she never has to wear the same one twice!

      • Stuart Pid

        Other homosexuals care.

        • Son of Liberty

          Who cares what homosexuals think?

          • Josh Fredrick

            Dont be an idiot

        • John

          other little shady s***stains care

        • john wood

          Like he said…..who cares what homosexuals think!

    • Numb

      Your statement only proves what an unintelligent and truly ignorant person you are.

      And yes Zuckerberg is a piece of shit, but honestly these effing morons who dove into the Facebook shares like it was going to take them to fame and fortune should’ve done a little more investigating…i could tell from a mile away that Facebook is a dying social media site.

      • Blackadder

        If you stayed away from Facebook because you could tell from a mile away that it was a dying social media, then you’re still a sucker waiting to get scammed.

        Whether or not Facebook is or was dying is irrelevant. The fact that its valuation was $100 billion dollars is all you need to know.

        Investors invest money to see a return on their dollar. You’d like to turn $100 into $1,000 or $100,000 into $1 million. Where did anyone think a $100 billion was going to go? Did the they honestly expect it to grow to a $1 trillion company. That’s absurd, yet that is what it would have taken for investors to see a real turnaround on their investment.

        Investors make money by coming in on the ground floor. This IPO started at the penthouse – there was no place to go but down.

        Facebook may be dying in your eyes, but if that is your focus when evaluating these things, then you’ll eventually get stung, too.

        • david

          Very well put…FACEBOOK captured our media obsession…yet so did myspace….Zuckerburg got rich and took a few to the top with him…Look at the whole story…its reported founding ..then members fleeing to not pay taxes….people want to blame others for their mistakes…had all investers gotten great returns it wouldn’t even be anything to talk about..If i had a ton of money on the line and someone told me Hey this may not workout for you…I would dump it to…so would every one else…PERSONAL PRESERVATION..

        • Jim

          Well put. The share price had no where to go but down…

        • Jesse

          I understand what you’re saying. I personally didn’t invest in Facebook, although I’ve been monitoring it closely. You stated a true fact that Facebook has nowhere to go except for down due to the extremely high IPO.
          However, Facebook’s source of income is what truly determines the value of the stock at the end of the day. The biggest source of money (70%) is advertising. That may have made Zuckerberg rich, but it is not a reliable source, especially if Facebook and it’s advertising is dying in the eyes of the users, and the mobile apps are expanding. Money off of advertising worked for Google, but due to the nature of the website, it is different.

          Fact is, Facebook puts out no product what-so-ever. Now there are talks (which have been pretty much confirmed– for now) of Facebook making there own mobile phone. I can say right now, that it is ultimately going to fail, mostly due to the huge variety of other phones on the market (Apple’s monopoly drives many people to use iPhones, and Androids take another huge piece of the market).

          It is not really good looking that the CEO is on vacation, and especially that he hasn’t spoken to his investors or the general public. However, I don’t think that anybody is justified in suing him. It’s the stock market, which is really risky. These investors who have lost their money don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. It is human nature to want to blame somebody else rather than accepting fault in what they have done.

    • Wane

      I agree..with him being a lil mess of a human it the assumption he is gay not so much.

    • minmar12

      So what?

    • papadude

      The stock will settle in at around $9.00 to 15.00 range. I just could not see much upside for revenue growth. Social media
      everyone is trying to get in all the big players will be competing for some of facebooks users nad business.

    • http://www.empower-network125.com Nathan Smith

      Damn I don’t know why people Hate Zuckerberg so much, ever since they went public he’s been losing money, Well I guess the Every Successful person Needs “HATERS” Right.

      • Owen Jacobs

        “ever since they went public he’s been losing money”

        No he hasn’t. Don’t confuse Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook.

        Rather Mark has become very very rich by selling part of his ownership in Facebook, and will continue to be very very rich whatever happens to Facebook.

  • d rap

    nice homophobia rambo—take that comment down–it is disgraceful..

    • skeeter

      He is a little fag boy genius, who has been running all of you for years. Go discuss this article on Facebook. Terds

    • http://www.ShepherdSlayer.com/ ShepherdSlayer

      There’s always a socialist panzy assuming that someone else scared of them and trying to censor anyone that they disagree with. Go home, ‘dik rap’.

  • drdolittle1990

    People, it’s written clearly on the wall … READ his last name!!!

    • clueless

      I don’t get it? What does is last name have to with it?

  • joe

    goldman sachs did something shady? nooooooo! stolen idea, shady practices, what do you expect?

    • Susan DeFrank

      that’s exactly what went on in my mind when deciding if I wanted to buy into Facebook. No thanks, the idea was stolen, it now appears that the investors have been hoodwinked. Guess I called it correctly.

  • halfeattenleg

    $38.00 for one share of Facebook…SIGN ME UP! words to regret.

    • Dennis

      How do I buy a share in the facebook stock? I’m not familiar in buying stock? How is it done and were do I go to buy it and how?

      • Frank Lin


        Financial company.

      • Nick

        sharebuilder.com…. completely free to sign up

  • Don Kliewer

    Some stock start slow out of the gates. It will go up, and then those who didn’t have the patience, will be sorry that they didn’t wait for results.

    • halfeattenleg

      and THATS the reason only the BIG SPENDERS were told to wait. If everyone has the info, no stock gets sold, hence, no money is made.

    • Michael

      Not as sorry that they didn’t wait a couple of weeks to get in.

  • nekia

    This guy stays in the news more than anyone I know!!!!

    • http://OMGyouWereNOTpayingAttention.com Sadi

      Obama’s right there along side. LOL


      Hey, he’s not a Kardashian.

      • http://OMGyouWereNOTpayingAttention.com Sadi

        LOL MOBAD

  • http://OMGyouWereNOTpayingAttention.com Sadi

    WOW – how the tides turn! People were clammoring for those stocks! I personally know several financial advisors that said NO WAY will I sell you those right out of the gate, the price is too high! You’re paying PREMIUM at that price! Don’t do it! And what did people do? Go and buy it anyways and now their all mad? Suck it up investors! You asked for it, you got it! Of course when the value of the stock goes up, the original stock owners are going to cash in some stock and take some gains. That’s how the stock market game is played. Are you stupid? That is why if you know anything you don’t buy right out of the gate! You wait until the original stock holders are done selling their stocks and taking their gains and the new buyers are settled and then look at where the price is at.

    If you don’t know that common sense thinking, then why bother investing?

    • JStraw

      Why would the stock go up?

    • Pitter

      I agree. There has to be a business plan that will promote growth and revenue. Their information seems to suggest that there will be no competition in the market.I am sure that the competition is looking on ways to use the Facebook business model, improve it and go after their market. The time to have got in would have been as a private investor before the IPO

    • Stephanie

      Exactly right…Warren Buffet said the same.

  • Joe

    Well, anyone stupid enough to invest into a company that doesn’t have any products or any potential of growth, is a fool. And a fool and his money are soon parted. They need to quit bitchin’, because Stocks are risky investments in the first place. Waaaaa, waaaaa…I lost some money. They probably have more than they need in the first place. Greed is what got our country in this mess…

    • Thomas

      “Greed will be the downfall of this country”

  • Huk Hogan

    I knew he couldn’t hide his jewishness for long. It was only a matter of time! Take that you greedy, hook-nosed Jew!

    • Stan

      Huk, With all the wide range of comments, seems like you win the award for being the racial bigot on the site. A few other are in the running, but you are in a class by yourself.

      • Huk Hogan

        Awww, gee thanks, Stan. Your comments about me are so meaningful to me, that I just have to give you the weekly award for biggest douchebag.

        • Mr T

          Huk… you are an asshair.

      • I call myself “hulk hogan” ….

        Funny how Hulk ues a fake name! Your such a tool! The fact your using “Hulk Hogan” says a lot you pencil d!@% faggot!….. just an fyi… I hve nothing against gay people, but do think that word is an insult and just felt like calling “Hulk Hogan” that.


    So all you stupid sheep went out and bought stock and are losing your butts but you want to blame it on Zuckerberg.

    You are saying and blaming him because you were to stupid to ask the same questions you are accusing him of now.


  • plumberman


  • Michael

    I hope they pin that arrogant, unethical little creep to the wall.

  • RennieTanner

    I don’t get it. Why would ANYONE trust Mark Zuckerberg in the first place? Anyone who knows ANYTHING about how Facebook started, should know that Zuckerberg is a liar, a cheat, and has absolutely no honor or loyalty to friends, or to anybody. He stole the idea for Facebook from friends who trusted him, he lied to his friends, he cheated early business partners and employees out of stock, and in addition, the current “personality” he has in the media, is a total PR creation…. in other words, he’s a phony to boot !!!

    • van

      lol that’s funny..I was going to ask is there anybody who wants to sell some stock..? I’d buy..:)business is business and I don’t think the winklevoss were friends..lol

  • dgh1965

    Hey, they invested in the stock market, it’s a risk! Not every IPO jumps up in price. Wait awhile, and chances are good it’s going to climb. I can’t see that this law suit having any traction. Honestly I’m tired of the press and all the whiners about this one stock.

    • daniel

      yeah but how do u feel about not everyone getting the same info and so a few profited tremendously while others lost. it’s about insiders trading. and for the ones that made a killing based on insider’s info, where do you think that money comes from? and if they HAVE the money, who are the HAVE NOTS?

      • http://OMGyouWereNOTpayingAttention.com Sadi

        It’s not true dgh, it’s speculation and accusations from investors that aren’t happy. Zuckerburg has to pay taxes for all that money he made this year so ONE, he must sell and pay not only federal taxes but also state taxes. TWO, selling when your shares are high is the name of the game. Why wouldn’t he cash in? This is his payday, the one he’s been working for all these years. THREE, He doesn’t have nor does anyone else have a crystal ball that tells anyone what the shares are worth… they are only worth what the investors make it worth. That right there is the hole in their lawsuit.

  • Bill Elliott

    I predict Facebook will shrink in size by as much as 40% in the next few years. I think people are getting tired of social networking

  • http://www.examiner.com/finance-examiner-in-national/kenneth-schortgen-jr Kenneth Schortgen Jr

    Actually Amanda, you failed to look into the WHOLE story.

    Zuckerberg stated more than a month before the IPO took place that once it goes public, he would HAVE to sell off more than $1 billion worth of stock just to pay the tax liability he would instantly accrue.

    It wasn’t a surprise he sold, and this lawsuit won’t hold water. He disclosed his intentions long before the stock went public.

  • Kafka

    I wouldn’t touch that stock. In the internet age, it’s best to get the feeling of the young people my age.(25) The fact is, Facebook is old news. People are moving beyond it to having Tumblr pages for example. I see Fa(k)ebook going way down. People are leaving pages up but going to them less and less. I was one of the first 50,000 people who had a page as a teenager in college, now I might look at it once a month if that. Zuckerberg saw the handwriting on the wall, I’m sure. I could be wrong because it may evolve. If not, it will go the way of Myspace and basically disappear.

  • http://www.LAokay.com Steve G

    Everybody is going to look back at the IPO as the day Facebook started to die. They’re never going to meet revenue projections or expectations and that is going to cause the stock price to fall even more. As a private company they were doing ok, but as a public company the pressure will be on to boost earnings. Remember when Facebook said it made money to build services, not build services to make money? That concept doesn’t work very well for a public company. Facebook has to now build services to make money or watch their stock price drop even further. Going public changes a company, and I don’t think Mark understood that. He’s just now learning that lesson. Class dismissed!

    • jbux

      right on Steveo…! :>)

      • Kafka

        Truth. Fakebook is overwhelmingly a web entity. Overnight it could disappear and it is going to fade. There is very little tangible about it. Terrible investment.

        • minmar12

          Actually a lot of the big advertisers think it’s worth the money and game sellers, et al. What do you think keeps it going??? Posts????

          Just because something isn’t tangible doesn’t mean it’s not worth anything. Life Insurance isn’t tangible.

          • http://www.robertkennzington.com bobby

            Life insurance is absolutely tangible. It’s a VERY tangible CONTRACT – that is ongoing and reliable RECEIVABLE with SPECIFIC FUNDING that is GUARANTEED (& insured) to be paid on a specific date -the date of the insured’s death (which is also SURE to occur!)

  • Sam

    Funny how the greedy investors run to buy a stock and then lose money and try to sue! What a bunch or crying butt wipes! Heck I buy stock and had no interest in some company that has no material value to me.
    I think the losers need to suck it up and take their losses like a true investor! I have lost money before buying stocks and it was my choice to buy it. Next time maybe they research the true value of a stock instead of taking it down the throat like a big pill at it’s speculated value! If I remember correct I think there were already fluctuations in the opening IPO price before it ever started. That, to me is a tell-tell sign something not right! They did not even know what it was worth, so, the investors set the pace when the gates opened. All they had to do was offer what they believed it was worth, not what they were told. LOL!

  • jbux

    I’m going to laugh at all the people who dump FB stock now…driving up the available pool of stock, thinning out the fat and day traders…which will drive up demand and loyalty to FB over a period of time…which translates into earnings for investors with longevity in mind….lol! It’s all a ploy. You have NO control. The control is already in the hands of the top stock owners…and however they want to manipulate the headlines….

  • http://OMGyouWereNOTpayingAttention.com Sadi

    I’m amazed at how much rasicm is still abundant.
    His nationality has nothing to do with what other people choose to invest in!
    GROW UP people!

  • P.T. Barnum

    Good luck with that SUCKERS !

  • ufoolish

    still, all you tards that invested and lost money are going to log onto facebook 25 times a day.

  • Jen

    Can’t feel real sorry for anyone who lost money on this. IF they are taken the greed out of their hearts and considered for 2 minutes what they were buying into, they would not have purchased it. Greed is a son of a beeatch. Never had a Facebook account, will never have one.

  • russell rodems

    the little snot has screwed everyone he has done buisness with friends family collage associates the country by bugging out instead of paying taxes in the country that made him rich what a scab on a pigs ass boycott facebook

    • http://OMGyouWereNOTpayingAttention.com Sadi

      that wasn’t Zuckerburg

      • minmar12

        That wasn’t Zuckerburg. Get the story straight if you’re going to post.

  • Gail Renne

    Stocks are nothing but a rip off. If is always the rich protecting the rich and forget the little guy. Those big investment firms only watch out for their rich customers and through the little guy under the bus.

  • robert

    THe public invested in a company that didnt have a product what did they expect no pitty from me

    let them all lose there shirts

    and why would you trust a kid with millions or billions

    watch out he can sell all you info to some 3rd world country now because you gave it to him

    • Kris

      I think people should be angry and sue. If you ask your bank for the funds to expand your business – the bank has the legal right to expect you are not purposely misrepresenting your company. Investors are the bank.
      Sure there are risks, but the company was not properly represented to the majority of investors. Think if you bought a car that was tested to 40 mpg – but they only told buyers of two or more cars that it really only gets 20 mpg —mpg is not guarenteed right — would you feel the car was misrepresented ?

  • katie

    pffffff…bahahahahahaha…oh that is too funny. Finally, those rich a$$holes are getting what they deserve..absolutely nothing.

  • allen

    Everyone says the stock has ALWAYS been worth $7 – $8 US..that’s it! nuff said.

  • Amanda

    Everyone hate on him because he’s 33427346786 richer than you’ll ever be. Greedy people wanted to jump in because the company has so much money. Not his fault that he wants money like everybody else does, he’s just been more successful at aquiring it. If you’re good at something, or successful, someone will always disapprove. I bet some of these people complaining have a facebook..what point are you proving?

  • Qwerty Q

    Anyone actually try to sell this stock short?

  • Charles Cicco

    Damn fools! When will they ever learn? They fell for another rip off.

    • Citi Sam

      Thank you Charles Cisco. This is exactly a true capitalism or Ripping Off the little people who doesn’t have much.
      Facebook went up to $45 within few minutes for insiders before it start plunging.
      Citibank did the same thing last year when they Split from below $10 to $45. Citibank is now what, $24.00?
      What about the Elephant, GM? They went Bankrupt, Little people jumped in hoping that they will be able to make some money when they come out of it. They came back to claim that they are different from the company that owned GM during Bankruptcy. They emerged with a new IPO of $32. The poor hopeful little ones jumped in again with their hard earned money to boost it up to $38 only to make the millioneers richer because GM is now at $21.11.
      Capitalism is created for the rich; all others are there to Service, Suppport and Worship them for ever.
      God Bless America

  • gompy

    Suckers. You all were hoping to get rich quick and it back fired. Now you are compplaning. Any “investor” with some common sense would have and should have known that the IPO price was much to high.
    Banks make money, no matter what and you lose. Wake up and smell the roses.
    I wrote the same thing already weeks before the IPO came out. You burn your fingers and now live with it. Stupid is stupid does.

  • Zuckerbergbaumwitzstein

    No question, people who bought this stock should lose every dime they invested. People really think stock in a company with no physical product is a good investment? Pathetic.

  • Scott Nehring

    OMG !! Listen to this mindless babble … We’re doomed I tell ya … Freaking Doomed !!

    • Sharon

      You’re not kidding. The intelligence level on these blogs is frightening!

  • ED

    Well it true he is a Homo and everyone that bought FB stock is taking it in As.s

  • Itoldyouso

    laughing so hard till i puke x infinity

  • spacenurse

    of course he sold. It was pay day

  • quarterback9

    i bought facebook stock,but i sold them 1 week later{with a loss}oh well,i also bet on sports i win and i loose betting on stocks is the same as betting on sports {i must admit i’m better at sports alot better}live and learn

  • ED

    look at the picture up above can you tell me that he not gay.
    he is a scu bag he knew his company was not worth 38.00per share but
    because he scu bag he sold about 1 billion worth of shares and know the stock is taking a dump.

  • RW




  • SDW

    Send him to jail like Martha Stewart.

  • fully_loaded

    they shoot horses don’t they?

    • Michelle

      Seems the minimum pushiment for j@ck@sses

  • yourstruly

    Didn’t Martha Stewart do the same with her stock? She went to prison, so shouldn’t that happen to this guy? I think so…

  • Andrea

    No matter what this poor dude does, he will always be hated by someone. The daily price of success. But everyone should be getting the clue by now – Facebook is worthless! Always has been.

  • http://about.me/wildboy2008 WILDBOY2008

    lets bring back myspace !!

  • Carl

    If the people sueing were dumb enough to buy facebook stock in the first place they got what they deserved

  • John Deiter

    When will people who invested in Facebook realize that they got f*cked by all those greedy f*cks on Wall Street, especially the bankers who new everything that was going on.

  • Michelle

    Seriously, the P/E was 103 and Facebook produces NOTHING. Apple is only around 13 and they actually make stuff. You had to be a moron to believe the IPO valuation. Even $26 is too high. Ridiculous.

    • The Junk Doctor

      Solid point Michelle. #Truth

  • Bill

    Just when you think when all the smart money learned it’s lesson from the TECH WRECK. Damn Folks get a clue

  • g

    I did not see anyone dislike facebook(thumbsdown),anyway,the stock would not last long-facebook only is a giant advertisement,it does not offer any real services.

  • mjmbluford@yahoo.com

    Mark, remember one thing. No Money, no Honey. LMAO

  • Joyce Topping

    Come on people! When will everyone stand up and be responsible for THEIR OWN ACTIONS? If you were dumb enough to buy this at the opening amount, THEN YOU ARE STUPID! I could have bought it in the beginning, but I chose to wait and see what went on with it. Granted, I was only going to buy about 500 shares, but even those small potatoes would have apparently taken a loss, so I chose to wait and see where it actually landed at. I CHOSE to wait and see. I take responsibility for not chosing to buy in right away. YOU CHOSE! Zuckerburg is NOT a dirtbag, he is NOT a jerk. You all who are whining about him and stabbing him in the back are just jealous that he has all that money. I don’t care that he has a gazillion dollars. He made it, he earned it, good for him. I wish I could come up with a smart idea like he did. Just get over it! If you bought in during the beginning, YOUR STUPID AND YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE TO BLAME! It’s gambling people! That’s what the stock market is! You can win and you can lose, but YOU CHOOSE! No one made you buy the stock, no one pressured you to do it. If you did it, IT’S YOUR OWN DOING!!!! Don’t blame anyone but yourself. That is what is so wrong with everyone now. If something goes wrong in your life, it’s easier to blame someone else rather than take responsibility for your own actions. Not me. I brought my kids up to be real Americans who will contribute, not whine about what they don’t have. GET OVER IT!!!

    • Frank Lin


      It is not dumb when the buyer gets additional things including additional money.

  • gmoney

    All money grubbing jews should be sent back to the gas chambers.

    • robert miller

      Look at your name you stupid ignorant speck of snot. It always amazes me that the people so quick to point fingers at others, usually emulate what they point at! I think you better be very careful that you don’t get lost in that crowd of “Money grubbing Jews” when they round them up. It’s so hard to tell the difference these days!

  • The Junk Doctor

    The only reason the question if he’s “gay” or not is valid is because he just got married. If he’s gay and is pretending to be straight, then that makes him even more spineless than he already he apparently is. On the bright side, I hear Facebook stock is quite affordable these days.

  • rusty

    When are idiots going to take responsibility for them ignorance. I’m not millionare and i knew this was a bad idea…BUT ITS THE STOCK MARKET….ITS A F_ING GAMBLE!!!!!! YOU CAN’T SUE A CASINO FOR LOOSING MONEY OR SUE A PERSON THAT MAY HAVE TOLD YOU THAT MACHINE WAS PAYING OUT!!! idiots!!!!!!

  • Troy

    Facebook has serious problems. Suckerberg stole the idea. He’s a loser for that. Second, it’s a social networking site and that’s it. They have no products to sell nor does it create anything. It’s simply a place for teens, college kids and dirty old men to hook up. Third, Suckerberg himself. I don’t think he ever thought Fakebook would get this big. Basically, there is no business model. Without a plan, the company is going to go the way of Yahoo, My space and Friendster. The solution is simple: Suckerberg has to go! Next, Facebook needs a product. They must create something that the public wants other than stupid pics. Lastly, the SEC needs to look into this IPO. If Suckerberg cheated, then he can learn a lesson on insider trading. Jail!

  • http://www.hollywoodleek.com tony

    oh mark…. how low will you stoop? this is nuts: Mark Zuckerberg Hides on Martha Stewart Show

  • Renee

    I don’t invest and know nothing of the stock market but it was all over the news that this was not a good investment.

    • Frank Lin


      It is or may be good to ones getting extra money from it by certain means. A purchase result of additional money may more than sound good. Additionally one may gain new strategy data means to get additional money.

  • unknown2


  • bob

    yea. hes worth like 25 billion$. thats more than most country’s have lol. OH NO hes being sued. just give them 200 mil each to shut up. i bet it works.

  • Rowland


  • Laura

    My opinion is most of the bad remarks are from people that are jealous that they didn’t come up with the idea first and to make it worse he is only 28. I am not saying something probably went on behind the scenes with the selling of the stock but it happens all the time, how many times have we opened out newspapers and read about it, i.e. Martha Stewart.

  • Lindemann

    His web site is pure S%^&! I hope he eats losses and end up on the street.

  • Jon Adamich

    Guys, it’s an allegation. That does not mean it’s true in any way. Please cool down a bit. What’s sad, is this allegation will circulate by word of mouth as if fact. Then if the truth comes out that it was all false, it will be on the sixth page of the news and not the headlines.

    It’s only an allegation. These happen all the time.

  • ChRis W

    Is this A jOKe!! Did anyone learn from investing In the Web Last time… Come ON! People are Gullible, and Thats all there is to it… DONT INVEST IN WEB SITES!

  • ikhan

    The wealthy investors should shutup and follow their own advice of “individual responsibilty” that they peddle to the poor, and follow their own mantra of “suck it up” if you lost money it’s only because sombody was smarter than you and worked harder than you.

  • Jujubecool

    What do you expect from a sneaky little worm?

  • Golda Myass

    Hopefully, pretty soon, Facecrook will go the way of pagers, Myspace, and everything else that’s been outmoded.

    However, not before the data miners squeeze every last drop of personal information about you….that is, you who use Facecrook. Your relatives names are GOLD….should creditors want to have a little talk with you. They pay big bucks to know how to get a hold of you. WHta schools you went to are great info too, so when you apply for a job they can pre-check your references and weed you out. Your private bigotry, political leanings and the whole nine yards can be found by speding a little time in your profile.

    Don’t say you weren’t warned. Facecrook needs to go bye bye. And Suckerboig needs to be on notice.

  • dicky dido

    Sell while you can. This one has a ways down to go!

  • Ted

    I wouldn’t mind seeing this mega-rich bastard lose it ALL



  • john

    So many jealous people…

  • PaperSteel

    Facebook is dying. If you were the CEO of a dying company would you sell your shares? Personally I hope he gets sued and looses every penny he has. He should have sold out to a private equity firm 99 Billion dollars ago. The problem is he went public and the Investment bankers took average people’s money, while obviously not sharing all the information with them. The private equity market is a market for the rich to screw each other out of money, companies should be required to change hands multiple times in the private markets before they are allowed on any public exchange. Gives them enough time to develop plenty of enemies who will air all the baggage.

  • dallas

    If the suckers hadn’t learned their lesson from the dotcom idiocy that’s their problem. However, if it’s proven that the major investors were provided inside information regarding the overvalue of the stock, that’s fraud and a criminal offense. I told all my friends to short the stock as I did. I’ve made a great return, my only regret is that I didn’t have enough money to become rich.

  • t mobley

    good,kicked me off fb 4 a comment he didnt like …PUSSY PUNK BITCH

  • irving

    Another day another jew scam.

  • jay

    If anybody trusts wall street,you are naive ! that’s all they do is steal from the stupid! they all ways say its a good time to buy!LMFAO

  • Brian

    Looks like the SAME stuff Martha Stewart got caught for is happening again…as usual and on par with these types of people. Well Marky boy, looks like some of these “dumb f***ers” you like to condescend to caught your tail in a crack and in a major way. people are starting to wise up to what you’re doin’ buddy boy. ouch is all I can say. perhaps once this all plays out (which may only wind him up with very little to answer for) he may think twice about before copping that condescending attitude again (but I highly doubt it, people like him usually don’t, especially when all they get is a slap on the wrist for it).

  • http://www.xeeme.com/empowermentalist Empowermentalist

    This is what Mark Zuckerberg must be thinking right now:

    “Rich people just don’t get much of a break nowadays… When my company was still private, investors screamed for it to go public, so that they can buy shares, and become wealthy just like me and my FB insiders. Now that FB shares have been bought and sold on the IPO, they sue me for doing exactly what they asked me to do in the first place, for selling them some of my own shares… ??? … Now wait just a damn minute here, and to be completely transparent and fair about this one aspect, who exactly should be calling whom a hypocrite? … All I did was to acquiesce to the public’s wealth sharing request. Every investor had the option, and zero obligation, to purchase FB shares at the IPO. Every time investors lose money, they hire lawyers to sue everybody under the sun, instead of learning why they made the same damn mistake, one IPO after another, and still expect a different result… Where does personal accountability stop, and shameless self-entitlement begin? Heads they win, and Tails I lose? No Way! This is so unfair! Who do they think they are? These investors must be insane! Rich people have even more rights. I wonder if I can I file a counter-suit? … Calling all my lawyers!”


    If the regular Joe’s in the street (like me) knew the IPO was going to be a bust then why didn’t the large investors know this too before dumping a lot of money into the stock? Reason: 1) Large investors werent as big as the collasal investors that were really on the inside. A lot of those people filing the lawsuits should be investigated because many of them are upset they couldn’t dump their shares in that mysterious late 30 minutes prior to actual open, they were tipped off just a little too late or they probably couldn’t “get thru” to Zuckerberg’s batfone! LOL you are all dumb a$$es. Bring manufacturing back to the USA and invest in something real.

  • http://www.goo.gl/xwpyO Empowermentalist

    This unfortunate knee-jerk reaction represents a true windfall for so many securities lawyers, who work inside the IPO and investment management food chains, not to mention the compliance supervisory and regulatory agencies.

    As far as these lawyers are concerned, they will get paid representing either side, or both, while the company stock price slides downward towards zero, as shareholders cannibalize on one another for satisfaction, not financial logic. This is how wealth creation becomes wealth destruction. This is how shareholder lawsuits cause America’s savings and retirement funds to dry up.

  • Chairman

    Facebook Valuation: Any broker should have recommended to their clients that this stock was way overvalued. Even if you we not smart enough to look at the fundamentals, the media hype pointed that out.

    Also the fact that the shareholders are trying to hang this on Zuckerburg is crap. The investment banks are paid to do their due diligence and make the proper valuations. They most likely received about 10 billion for bringing this deal to the market. If you want to point fingers, take a look at the investment banks and the SEC, NASD and governing bodies of the free market we are all part of.

    A old gentleman once told me in my young brokerage days. You pays your money, you takes your chances. And that Stock prices NEVER lie. I have carried these with me for the last 20 years of investing. This came from a man that brought a stock certificate into my office and asked me to help get new certificates issues because the stock had been bought out a few years earlier. The stock was McDonald Douglas that was converted into 58,000 shares of BA.

  • Victor L

    the only people to blame are those who voluntarily rushed in and bought the stock, insider information was not needed to know that FB was no where near the value the first day it was sold, these so called investors might want to look for another day job!

  • Thomas

    greed will be the downfall of this country

  • Joe F

    I’m cancelling my Facebook now its so uncool and annoying!

  • Zachary

    Seriously! Stories of stealing the idea; scores of 40-50 year old individuals trying to relive their high school days; giving everyone a minute by minute diary of their day on top of the trivial my life is best, blah, blah crap and we’re supposed to kneel down and kiss this goofball’s a**? I’ll say this now, this was a stolen idea and carrot top doesn’t know his a** from a hole in the ground. When are people going to grow up and get a life. Maybe it’s not the Corporations that aren’t hiring, maybe it’s the dumbing down of America due to this trivial nonsense that have zapped our ability to pick up a book and learn something.

    Good luck people!

  • diego per

    Since Facebook has our name, address, zip codes, date of birth, and some who made purchases through Facebook, our financial info… and now requests phone numbers to verify that we “own” our accounts, we can simply give up our social security numbers, Facebook can “create” the end of the ‘world in 2012′ as predicted by letting someone hack their accounts, obtain ALL info, and cause global financial chaos…yes, may i please buy a share of stock for financial security of course….and I being stupid, support ALL supporters of “Suckerberg”!

  • manny k.

    If you all got any brains and balls you would leave Face Book as a gift to Mr. Zukerberg. I say Empty the site and done with it.
    If I go to a restaurant and the food is lousy and the service sucks.Guess what????? I don’t go back Period.

    It is just me rumbling, you all wont do it, I know.
    Just Saying.

    • Frank Lin

      A number may. A number already.

  • jtat21

    that should be a good lesson, for generation “I have to have everything latest”, even facebook stock. they should wait, a decide when price stabilize some. law suit is nonsense in my opinion. Buying stock is always a risk and they chose to take it. They wouldn’t sue him, if stock next day jumped to $50.00 would they.

    • Mark Zuckerberg

      No, but if the stock did reach $50.00 I would expect everyone to sell

      • Frank Lin

        Is it depending upon which Mark Zuckenberg are you?

  • Erika Hoeing


  • CFU

    Its a virtual product “And you’re selling something that you know… has no value.” ~Kevin Spacey

  • Liz

    For all of you saying you would never buy into Facebook b/c it was a stolen idea…. it sure didn’t stop you from buying into Microsoft.

    • Frank Lin

      I believe it is original with Bill Gates. His results may more likely be his upgrades.

  • acthreeg

    Thank God that I didn’t borrow money to invest on facebook. Now I realise why Sucurity and Exchange Commission (SEC) is vital.SEC is vital because they make sure that poor people like me would not be taken advantage of. For the past three years I dreamt about how facebook will be my ticket out of povert. I tried to purchase stock fom FB, but wasnt qualified (I was too poor to invest.) when facebook went public, I was saddened but as time pass by and news of the IPO flop hit the media, I thank God for saving me from myself. I still think facebook could be my ticket out of poverty if the price is right.We all have to realize this is a capitalist society, in a free market economy, you take a chance. Sometime you win and sometimes you loose; it all depends on the market. This time the market declared that facebook stock is not as valuable as first thought. For the first time in my life being poor helped me.

  • jenna

    Guess what — Iam starting a new site as well …where all the losers can come and register and give me their info … I will sell you info and hire the scums as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan to say its worth a trillion dollars cuz I have 900 million of the worlds losers using the site,,,people who lost on the stock are losers as well,,, what idiot would need to be told this is a the biggest scam of the century …IPO was a scam,, think about it,, some scum bankers determine lets print 1 billion shares and value each at $100 each,,, there you $100 billion ,,,,must be nice to let these guys create instant money when the US govt itself cannot do it, Looks like sugarberg is headed for the big house like maddoff ,,, going to be someones sugar pie,, and not talking about his cute asian wife….have fun boi!

  • Frank Lin


    One advocacy is it is possible to get additional money with FB after buying shares. One may wish starting earlier when it is less. One getting additional money may not gripe because of being happy getting additional money. Possibly the only look of a negative after getting additional money is not starting when it is less. Starting less one can get more. It looks good one gets a certain amount more. It may be though one is not getting the additional if starting earlier. Not may be because of no or a limitation of access to a computer. Also there may not be nearness to data indicating when to start buying. One may be the type not happy about investors without the strategy and sorry. One may be happy with one’s way getting extra money. One may not be among bystanders further insulting people buying shares, continue having them, and less than happy. A number keeping them may believe they may get like a last laugh. Their belief may be the prices will increase. Among them may be a number with interest to sell them when higher than the IPO price.

    • Frank Lin


      One may believe it is okay not to chastise Mark, Morgan Stanley, and more when one buys shares to get addtiional money without certain knowledge one can have. One may buy only by the belief one will get additional money. One may buy because one reads and hears millions of additional people will get richer easily. One gets an anxiousness. It may be more than additional things. One may allow certain substitutions of certain more important and requiring things. One may adopt the stance of higher wisdom. It may be like self responsibility without being it entirely. One may note what various separate people may term hindsight at opening day it is possible to get extra money. Depending on the amount one has and uses to purchase the shares, one may then get more, rich, and richer. It is possible one can get one’s own knowledge and ways to strategize correctly. One can note the traits one may have. One may note them before. One can develop. There are more.

  • Mr Bean

    I just unloaded in my wife’s mouth. ;0)

  • Arthur

    My son-in-laws mother was boasting that she had purchased 100 shares of FB, at the $32 price. Doubt she is puffed up now.

  • R Nall

    Smell’in like uh poooonziiii scheeeemeeee! O Yeah. GOT”CHA SUCKERS! Sad but true. Run Forest Run!

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    Good grief, everyone is doing the american thing, they sue people because they don’t know how to earn a living.

    I’m going to figure out who i’m going to sue next this weekend. I want to cheat my way through life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/djshade806 djshade806

    Investors how does it feel to get stuck by your own greed? Or shall I say hope your medicine tastes worse than those you’ve burnt in the past.

  • http://html Jones

    You would too once you really realize all the hype that began over a decade ago. There’s a guy working at Walmart that looks like Zuckerburg, seems like irony.

  • Fox NYC

    Regardless of what he did. I hope he comes out on top. He has an innovative mind and I want to see what fun computer network he builds NEXT. The guy is a genius……LET HIM PLAY

    • Eddy Antar

      Hey i am a “WIZ” at this no one beats the wiz , i’ll take you money and wiz to somewhere, and get a new ugly face(book), BIGGEST CON/JOB OF THE IN DECADES. Good job i am jealous…. damit.

  • Initial_G

    I don’t feel bad for anyone who lost money on the initial offering of Facebook stock. You can tell it was overvalued from the beginning. Then add to the fact that no one could know how long Facebook would be able to sustain or increase its revenue on a long term basis made it a bad choice for investment. The Dotcom bust wasn’t that long ago and lesson learned then was that only people that made money were the people who created a dotcom company; rarely the people who invested in one afterward.

  • http://charmedincca.com Tony

    Each night, as I get ready to sleep, I pray to God that in the morning I will wake up and be Mark Zuckerberg; and then I’ll commit suicide. I don’t know why everyone is so upset. They produced a movie that should have been entitled, “How To Commit the Perfect Crime and Screw Your Friends Over While Doing It.” You knew he was a thief and used ill gotten gain to out spend his competition so they couldn’t survive in the judicial system! And now you are upset that he stole your money when you already knew he was a thief? The world is really, really coming to an end, or there aren’t any people left that have above a third grade education — like Mark Zuckerberg.

  • N. Maher

    Does anyone miss the original Myspace, before Facebook ? Those were the days that made sense, the site was easy to use and friendly, after a few years of this Facebook non sense I truly miss that site as now it has been turned upside down by FB.

    • Kiko Q.

      Yes I miss MySpace. You customize your own page, people look at your page to see your “personality” by the designs. Sure it lagged, but anyone can fix that easy. Facebook is all about being “nosey” and trying to get “likes” there is No Fun in that!

    • Jake

      N. Maher, I’m right there with you! No one has ever explained to me why facebook is better than the old myspace. There are no factual reasons why that anyone has ever presented to me besides the absence of the instant messenger, which myspace got eventually. Facebook is by far the dumbest brainwashing fad that I’ve seen take it’s course in my life. It’s like people having mp3 players and all deciding to throw them in the trash to listen to cassette tapes. lol

  • jimmyjames

    im finally glad people are noticing things untill its to late, Mark…your done….no one cares about a egomaniac lil shit stain besides you look like a jackass smiling thinking he’s gonna get away with a crime. if you want to invest in something invest in gold not mark zuckerburgs BulllllShiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!

  • Jake

    What I don’t get is why everyone was so stupid to abandon myspace and migrate over to facebook. It’s like people literally WANTED to downsize everything that they had for social networking for no real reason other than being brainwashed by hype and b u l l s h i t. Everything about the way myspace was 5 & 6 years ago was PERFECT.

    Myspace was FOR A FACT lightyears ahead of facebook in every way. FACT: myspace always was way more business-friendly for artists and entrepreneurs to promote themselves and their businesses to the masses, which facebook is very strict on. FACT: myspace had way more privacy settings, which facebook has very few of because they believe all things on all people should be as public as possible like it’s their decision to make. All the people who bitched about myspace being stalker-friendly are the same ones who get stalked on facebook due to way less privacy settings and their own idiocy of not using their brains about what they post in public. FACT: all the childish games that myspace had they adapted from facebook to compete with them as they saw people were rapidly getting brainwashed and going over there. It’s unfortunate that everyone had to be stupid enough to let this j a c k a s s brainwash them with something less good than what they had before it ruined myspace.

    Mark Zuckerberg is a little b i t c h who’s all about ruining lives to make himself rich. Why no one could see that from a mile away is beyond me.

  • Val

    I recalled during his interview at MSNBC. He seems have a questionable character, manifested by sweating bullets while responding on question that accusing him of stealing the ideas from the twin brother from Harvard . Its just my opinion.

  • korgri

    I personally don’t believe they have 900 million users. It is likely that in the time they have existed that 900 million accounts have been created, but that’s it.
    As for there being 900 million individual users, log in and do a search for Victor Frankenstein. Then keep hitting ‘see more results’. Count how many times you hit ‘see more results’ and still never come to the end of all the accounts of the fictitious character who made a monster out of dead human bodies.
    Something of a metaphor, maybe?

  • Larry

    Mark Zuckerberg has Martha Stuarts old cell waiting for him.

  • http://layla220@aol.com Layla

    Class Action suit , good luck stand in line
    behind everyone else. This guy has
    the best lawyers money can buy and so
    does Morgan Stanley

    Nobody had a gun to your back to buy
    the IPO did they?

    Everyone was warned to wait and you all
    trusted a man that has HACKER as his
    company motto

    What happened with certain information
    being with held happens with every IPO
    The rich are always informed with
    information the little guy never
    hears or sees. That’s why they run this

    I mean just look at Warren did he touch
    the IPO ? Geez guys the whole thing was
    a set up

    If you want to get even lock and load
    don’t throw good money at bad

    Just do it a

  • http://webpronews silvercat

    “There’s a sucker born every minute.” – W.C. Fields

  • J Dwyer

    HE screwed over all his friends at Harvard who helped create Facebook why is anyone suprised.

  • Jake

    Lets see Mark Suckerberg would be more like we know him. LOL

  • fran

    Just had to add the fact that if you look up zucker in German,it means sugar.Zuckerburg is prob Sugarmountain.Just a fact;no opinion on stock;etc,I think its all been said.

  • Lou

    Where are all the ” occupy wall street ” types now? This should be right up their alley. The thing is if they boycott Facebook how are they going to contact each other to boycott facebook?

  • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket

    from one jew to another: “Oy Vey!”

  • nashz

    Come ooon. Don’t tell me people did not know this was going to happen.
    What is his name ?. ZUCKERBERG, Ring a bell, Madoff.

    All those underwriters are either Jewish owned or controlled by Jewish.
    Did you hear any -ve reports on our TV before the IPO ?? NOOOOO.

  • Zan

    Just look at the PE Ratio 93/1 earnings how could you invest in that when Microsoft is selling at 10x’s earnings? and Apple is 12x’s or around that.
    do your homework why facebook it is an inflated what? you can hung up on GREED of what you think is there, it’s all hype…..

  • Fred

    Those “rich” investors get a taste of their own medicine when a person they thought of as one of their own turns on them. Good for Mark making a buck. Everyone is just pissed that they fell for it. Screw them. I hope they lost millions. See what it’s like to have your whole life and dreams ripped away like 99% rest of the country. More people should bilk the millionaires and billionaires (disclaimer, I am quite well off so don’t call me jealous) It is time to share the wealth.

  • http://yahoo jazzy_ga

    isn’t this the SAME thing that Martha Stewart did ?

  • Heavyproton

    This should have been expected. I mean this is what many internet entrepreneurs do. They create a presence on the web then either sell the site for cash or dump a good chunk of their stock and move on.

    No matter what happens, Zuckerburg is set for life.



    I N F O W A R S . C O M

  • arg

    Well Duh, saw this coming before it happened. Facebook will continue to go downhill. It’s already peaked, glad I didnt waste any money .

  • John Wiggill

    So… you choose to invest in an IPO hoping to make a huge profit. The someone sells the overpriced stock and does make a huge profit and you’re pissed off because you didn’t have the sense to wait before you made your entry? Stupid investors do the same stupid thing over and over.

    My recommendation: Never leap in wielding cash you can’t afford to lose and then have a little class and learn a lesson.

  • CB

    let me say first that i didnt buy fb stocks for a reason, like some said, you could sense the hype and the bad smell from a mile away, so if the hunch wasnt good enough you should have done your own research. the hypocrisy and double standards are amazing, if the stocks were now at 480 a share instead of $26 nobody would be suing him for initially undervaluing the stock nor nobody would be feeling bad because they got too rich, just like when the housing market, speculation leads to more speculation and many bought into it.

  • Rod

    If you really want to hurt MZ…kill your facebook account!

  • http://yahoo.com Seabee

    The idea to put a personals/advertizemant site into a stock investment position like a real corporation by Zuckerbeg was his mistake. It doesn’t produce a commodity or product thus its not a sound investment. TV networks are perfect example.As long as companies advertize with those networks and helps their sales the they have some value; when they don’t their value falls.Invest in Westinghouse or the network stations that advertize it.

  • BarrySutoro

    Who is the bigger queer, Sucherberg or Omomba?

  • mike

    it was obvious to me from the beginning he was going to cash in on the trumped up hype driven stock values. It’s not his fault the masses are heavily influenced by hype and marketing. Anyone with half a brain knew the stock prices would be overvalued. It was a good business decision for him to cash in on this. I would have too…..

  • Manny

    The personal attacks against Mark Zuckerberg seem utter crazy too me given few have actually met the guy.

    On the merits of the case. ..these investors are being spoiled. Investing is by nature a risk based endeavor. There are tons of government incentives, lower taxes, rules and regulation in different codes to encourage investing

    All this with the understand if it pays off you get to keep the money and be tax little if it doesn’t you lose. We are finding that these new crop of investors want to be paid back if they lose money.

    What the F>……..

    Because of this new regulation states you need to be damn near a millionaire to invest in some financial products.

    • Chip Worthington

      I don’t get the hate against Zuckerberg. He is your normal everyday nerd that really struck it rich with this idea. He’s not the guy you drank beers with in college.

      On the legal matter. He seems way guiltier than Martha Stewart when she went to prison for insider trading. I don’t think she should’ve went to jail though.

      The guy is 28 and is still learning a lot of things I’m sure. We’ll see how it plays out.

  • Chip Worthington

    Mo money, mo problems.

  • Artem

    Mehh he’s got the money to burn, he never has to work the rest of his life, he can travel anywhere, buy anything, live the life you dream about so whats the big deal about being sued he can afford it

  • Matt Dillon

    A “Berg” took down the Titanic…this “Berg” is going to take down Facebook stock holders….

  • Tony Falcon

    Facebook will fall & will fall hard

  • Robert

    Facebook has a Patent Pending by a company Global Stage Systems. It covers Facebook Connect and the privacy settings. This should send the stock to zero when it issues.

  • Tim

    How many of the stupid people that bought the stock and/or want to sue actually read the prospectus and understood what they were buying. Facebook (and it’s users) are stupid sheep…and got what they deserve…quit whining.

    • Ramiro Gonzalez


  • John

    Why all this hate for the Zuckster? Why would you all want to blame this brilliant, innocent, honest, generous, magnificent, selfless, sweet, beautiful man for your own greed and determination to get rich quick from Facebook stock? So what if you lost a little money? You should send Zuckerberg the rest of what you have because he needs more…especially now that everyone and their mother wants to sue. Don’t hate the Zuckster because he’s smarter than you. Zuckerberg is no different from any other businessperson out there. Like every other one-percenter, he NEEDS your money and your support. Long live America and Capitalism!

    • Ramiro Gonzalez

      Awsome, well put!

  • Nalo

    Who cares if Zuckerberg is gay? Many married guys are gay. But, I don’t care for him myself, after what he did to the twins.

  • R.L. Nosrettap

    Why would anyone invest in a company that has no tangible assets? There are no products to see, feel or hold. Just advertising. Wasn’t the fact that GM bailed out just before the IPO a red flag for everyone to see? I just don’t get it. Obviously, neither did a lot of people.

  • Ramiro Gonzalez

    It has become obvious that Mr.Zuckerberg is not unlike the great portfolio manager, Bernie Madoff. It appears that both indeed have had the best interest of their investors top of mind. YEAH RIGHT! What a couple of crooks! I am going to close my FACEBOOK account immediately and hope millions of others will too in protest. This guy was a sham!!!! and he really pulled the wool on so many. I guess I had missed the fact that Mark Zuckerberg was related to Mr. Madoff, but well, now it should be obvious, both of these crooks have “Madoff” with a lot of fools money! How do you sleep at night???

  • Mark

    Believe what you want, no one pressured these people to jump the loop and buy the stock. They were all aware of the stakes when they began calling and pestering. Contrary to popular belief, you’re only as smart as the dummy you managed to dupe. These people were all over it from the get. They were all on the fast road trying to be the next big billionaire, riding the magic carpet. It’s just too bad the carpet ran out of gold dust. If anything, their lawsuits will be thrown out. If you want to make a statement, stop whinning and just stop logging into facebook. I bet every single one of you are either hooked or you just can’t find anything else to do but watch what Mark is going to do next. Bottom line, they knew better.

    • Ramiro Gonzalez

      Well put! But you are wrong on the count that we all spend lots of time there. Yes there are many who just don’t have a life with out it and that is sad. As for me, I seldome use it and fortunately did not was my hard earned cash on something so intangible. Bravo

  • Mark

    By the way, I wonder if Martha Stewart is watching this unfold….

  • http://yahoo Dick

    Bought a few shares for speculation’s sake at the onset. Watched it for a few days, saw the writing on the wall, and baled. Thing is, I didn’t put my life savings into it. Some people may have. Never gamble the the grocery money.

  • george

    And everybody kept saying the co founder let the states just to keep paying taxes maybe now he had other reason

    • george

      my bad “left the states”

  • http://www.justlovegardening.net/Stumpgrinding.html Stump Grinding

    Unfortnanely a lot of investors who are FB fans, where probably first time stock investors, got into their “first ” trade, being caught up in all the excitement, and have got stung. I’ll wait until it levels out at $8.00, before I look at this.

  • Jay Beans

    I am an amateur trader and I knew that stock was over valued. Told my father in law not to invest but he put 40K up anyway that dumb ass.There were dozens of articles on any given investor site that said it was over valued, it wasn’t inside information. If your a lazy f*%k%n sue happy american who wants something for nothing, please clog up the judicial highway so rapists and murderers can go to trial 4 years after their crimes while their victims have to live through ‘waiting for justice’ (an oxymoron) and you can look important with your unearned cash but not actually be important.

  • mark smith

    If the earnings estimates are $0.55 and the multiple is 20, the stock price s/b $11. How hard is that?

    • ryan

      i call it facebutt

  • Todd

    Why would anybody invest in a Fakebook? The entire social media company was built (by all accounts) with fraudulent gained investment funds, and founded by a man who openly STOLE FROM, LIED TO and CHEATED all of his friends, investors and partners. He did this evil sh/t TO HIS FRIENDS….did you really expect honesty and fair play from an ass/hole like Suckaturd??? Then you are all stupid and deserve to get robbed!

  • Michael

    Good for you little nerd! Now when the people actually gets smart and leaves facebook then we wont have to worry about your little dumb a@@ anymore… I hate you personally not because you got rich or any of that but because you kiss a@@ and not tell people that facebook has all their personal information that can be given to the police at anytime… Where is the privacy???? You should get sues over the millions of peoples information you have given to the law because you are a damned nerd that needs a big wedge……..Bitc@!

  • pego99

    PT Barnum said it well. There is a Zucker born every minute. Caveat Emptor.

    • ryan

      facebutt sucks

  • Barry fritz

    He is a fucking genius!

  • Joanne

    Facebook used to be a great place to meet with old friends.Now it’s nothing more but a gaming forum where you get endless requests for gaming objects like Farmtown, Farmville ughh it’s a site where 10 yr olds go.I’m so over FB

  • http://www.mbbsinchina.com.pk/ mbbs in china

    Mark is a rich man… i think Sue does not make any effect to him

    • http://www.pendingpics.webs.com Jose

      it will, it just wont have a lasting affect on him. unless they take all his money, then that would be a problem on him.

      • ryan

        he can easily be unrich too facebutt sucks

        • http://www.engineeringchina.net Junaid

          But the users of facebook are more than Google…

          It is reality and we have to admit the fact

  • http://brooksvillepc.com David Curtis

    I agree with the analysts who say all investorsshould be made aware of growth estimates as a part of the data set they need access to in order to do intelligent investing. If I were Zuckerberg I’d act on anything I knew too. I wouldn’t have declared it openly in a press conference to the world and then hit the “Sell!” button. I’d also have sold just before my honeymoon because being away from the action means not having as much control in case of disaster. Also, when a stock is at its ceiling (I guess that’s what the IPO was) its time to sell if you’re a) not in for the long haul or b) interested in reinvesting when it drops lower.

    The saying goes: Bulls make money and bears make money, but Hogs get slaughtered.

    Zuckerberg might just have sold before his honeymoon to say “why be a hog and risk it?” which was the smart thing to do.

  • Abhijit

    The facebook investors could now invest in Life Insurance. :)

    And everybody is so wise, there is a way to make money from that misfortune. You can buy short. Why dont you?

  • jenny

    I have a question? Can someone help? How does the initial fact that facebook IS being sued doesn’t depreciate the value of the stock? Am I wrong for thinking once he pays out these people for sueing that it will make stock go down?

    • ryan

      gee already down dummy and looking like more down every day so might explain the lawsuit as well stupid.

  • Somecanadian

    I think major players that allowed it to open so high should be held responsible, it’s predicted prices that cause the major problems, only allowing a company to open at its actual value would avoid so many headaches, after that if hype is what brings it up great for them… It’s like printing more money then you can back…. And doesn’t make sense, as for zuckerberg he owned something was offered more than what it was worth and sold it….. Anyone in the same spot would do the same thing

  • ryan

    He is a kid clown and nimbus. Facebutt is completely a waste of time, never used it never will and hope zuckerberg spends the rest of his life in court and in jail.

  • http://about.me/wildboy2008 Wildboy2008™
  • FuckYou

    Zuckerberg is a Marxist c o c k s u c k e r pushing amnesty for illegals.