Maria Sibylla Merian Celebrated with Google Doodle

    April 1, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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On April 2nd, Google is celebrating naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian with a beautiful Doodle featuring various forms of small wildlife – butterflies, caterpillars, a lizard, and more.

German-born Maria Sibylla Merian is known for both her plant and animal illustrations. As a botanic artist, Merian published three collections of plant engraving from 1675 to 1680. Shortly after that, Merian began to study insects. She is famous for her metamorphosis depictions where all stages of the insect’s life were depicted on the same page.

Closely studying insects wasn’t too common in her time, and her depictions of metamorphosis lead some to categorize her as an important figure in entomology.

In her time, Merian chronicled the metamorphosis of nearly 200 different species.

This painting, showing the metamorphosis of Thysania agrippina, was completed in 1705:

Merian also drew other creatures such as snakes, iguanas, spiders, and frogs – and these drawings are still highly collectible.

She died in 1717 after suffering a stroke a couple of years earlier. Erucarum Ortus Alimentum et Paradoxa Metamorphosis, a collection of her work, was published later by her daughter. Today’s Google Doodle celebrates her 366th birthday.

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    A very valuable info for those who love nature & its creator. One who study nature & surrounding says WOW every now & then, louder than before.

  • http://www.kildare.ie/josephinehardiman josephinehardiman

    I love this google doodle, Maria Sibylla Merian’s art is so beautiful and inspiring, thank you, Josephine Hardiman Artist and Calligrapher, Ireland.

  • Natasha Matthews

    Wow, I always get the background story day to day about the google logo design this one blows me away. Terrific artist bio and information!

  • Katy B.

    I knew it was her work the moment I laid eyes on it! I was first introduced to her through some women in my Missouri Master Naturalist Chapter. I can’t get enough of her work and what little there is about her life. She was an amazing woman to do the things she did during that time period. Thank you for recognizing and celebrating her!

  • Katy B.

    I knew it was her work the moment I laid eyes on the picture. I was introduced to her by some of the women in my Missouri Master Naturalist Chapter. I can’t get enough of her work or any bit of information on her life, which isn’t much. Merian was such a great woman to do all that she did in the time period. Thank you for recognizing and celebrating such a wonderful woman and naturalist!

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    out of all the google pictures this one I really loved.

  • Natalie K.

    I am happy to see a nature artist being celebrated. I wish there were people like her today–actually, I wish there were opportunities to BE people like her today–that is, someone who is an artist-scientist, like Leonardo da Vinci with his anatomical drawings; we’re missing out on lots of creative insight because most scientists today are just scientists making hypotheses and sweating their stuff in the lab and there’s little opportunity to interact with those who choose to use the knowledge for art like Maria Sibylla Merian . . . because there’s no one like that anymore!

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    Truly beautiful,