Man Tricks Girlfriend on Facebook, Imprisoned

    March 27, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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In Great Britain, a man has been jailed for seven years for tricking his girlfriend into performing sex acts online through the use of false identities on Facebook.

Darrell Bingham, 49, posed as an American football player and subjected his 21-year-old girlfriend to a six month hoax, in which he tricked her into performing sex acts using blackmail.

Bingham posed as “Grant,” an American football player, on Facebook, pestering the girl to send him topless pictures. When she naively complied, he began blackmailing her into performing sex acts on herself.

She told her boyfriend, Bingham, about the blackmail, who told her to continue, telling her it might be over soon. One day, he told her he had killed “Grant”, producing fake photographs as proof.

But Bingham wasn’t through with her yet. He then posed as “Chad”, a friend of the slain “Grant”, and continued to blackmail her, saying “Grant” had given him the photographs.

The girl broke down in her office one day over the ordeal. Concerned co-workers called the police, who traced the source back to Bingham.

Bingham has since been convicted of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent and has been sentenced to seven years in prison.

The girl had this to say after the whole ordeal, “I feel betrayed and heartbroken. When I found out it was Darrell I was absolutely devastated. He was the only person I could turn to and that is why it makes this ordeal so hard. He tortured me for six months.”

“From the moment I woke to when I went to bed, it was constant. I was so scared and frightened all the time I just didn’t trust anybody.”

Facebook has been used as a tool of deceit in the past, people posing as someone else to elicit sex or scam people out of money. Recently, a Pennsylvania man was charged with 68 felony counts after tricking underage girls into sex by using fake Facebook profiles to lure them in.

  • http://spaghettiosandvicodin.blogspot.com Crystal

    She shouldn’t have been a whore

  • http://spaghettiosandvicodin.blogspot.com Crystal

    I’ll elaborate…She was dating a man, yet sent topless photos of herself to a complete “stranger”. She then told her boyfriend about the “blackmail” but he told her to continue, since he is obviously insane and probably has a multiple personality disorder.

    I want to know how she was “blackmailed.” I’m assuming that he threatened to tell her boyfriend so she had to continue performing sex acts on herself…yet if she had already told her boyfriend, why would she continue because he threatened to tell?

    I feel like she did the whole thing for attention, and once she found out she was dumb for falling for a fake dude, she felt stupid and had him arrested.

    • Azalea

      Or, you know, he threatened to post topless pictures of her all over the internet.

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  • Gopal Das

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  • Yameen

    if the gal was commited then why she sent topless pics and that too to a stranger. that clearly shows the character of the gal. the boy would’nt have got the chance to blackmail her if she wouldnt have sent the topless pics at the first place.