Malware Targeting iPhones Can Also Infect iPads

PandaLabs warns of iPad malware

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Malware aimed at infecting iPhones can also compromise the iPad, according to a new report from PandaLabs.

"This doesn’t mean we’re about to face an avalanche of infections. We have always stated that as Apple increases its market share, cyber-crooks will begin to show more interest in targeting the platform," said Luis Corrons, technical director of PandaLabs.

Eeki.A Worm Infecting an Apple iPad from Panda Security on Vimeo.

"However, we are certainly beginning to see more proofs of concept, and so advise all Mac users to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to maximize security on their operating systems."

Even though Apple has made it impossible to install software outside of those found in its own App Store, cybercriminals can infect jailbroken iPads with malware.

All malware targeting iPhones will have the same ability to infect and spread to iPads since they share the same operating system.



Malware Targeting iPhones Can Also Infect iPads
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    Most everybody that owns a Mac gets a @mac.com address for email.
    Where a simple email address normally couldn’t tell you if the user was on a PC or not, the @mac.com address tells the hacker that they are using a Mac.

    So while viruses were mostly created for PC computers because they are perceived to be less secure over a Mac, that misconception is mostly due to that most computers on this planet are PC’s, so nobody wanted to bother with hacking Mac’s, because even if you did successfully get your virus planted into the computer, how would you then infect another Mac if the virus didn’t know which computers were Mac’s and which were not? Infect them all? Not likely. Especially if it’s a Mac virus which probably won’t run on a PC. So PC’s were the obvious answer to who to even send a virus to. The odds are more in favor of a PC transmitting a virus to another PC than a Mac virus to another Mac.

    With the only real protection that Mac users usually rely on being that certain things require a prompt before executing, even then, that false sense of security that no attachment could ever hurt their Mac is a recipe for disaster.

    Add in the ipod, iphone, ipad, and you now have 3 more ways to infect your computer. These devices are internet enabled, so now it’s even easier to spread viruses. I can’t wait to see NOD32 on apple’s devices if they haven’t already made an app for them.

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