LulzSec May Be Getting The Band Back Together

    March 19, 2012
    Zach Walton
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LulzSec was a major ticket item last year as the group hacked a number of high profile Web sites all in the name of the “lulz.” After their so called “50 Day Cruise,” the group broke up and went their separate ways.

LulzSec has been a hot ticket item in the news again recently as many of its members had been arrested and its leader, Sabu, had been working with the FBI for months. In response to the betrayal and arrests, Anonymous began to attack various Web sites to prove they didn’t need LulzSec to be effective.

A YouTube video uploaded Saturday called “LulzSec Returns” points to the group getting back together. The video was uploaded by FawkesSecurity, a user who uploaded various other videos on Saturday. They all point to a single movement called Project Mayhem 2012.

A pastebin entry on the subject defines Project Mayhem as a movement to destabilize the status quo. It will be used to collect and distribute leaks on major governments and corporations. They want to make it an artistic-based, non-violent movement that works around the law to bring about social change.

Where does LulzSec fit into all of this? I’m not sure, but the video announcing its return says that they will be hacking governments, corporations and everything else. It fits right into the core mission of Project Mayhem, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Some members within Anonymous question the validity of the video. They are saying it’s a rip-off or a copycat group. That’s entirely possible, but if they can pull off the same level of hacks that LulzSec did last summer then it might be worth keeping an eye on.

There’s also been a Twitter account created called LulzSec Reborn. I’m sure that many Anonymous members are not so trustworthy anymore after the betrayal of Sabu. After all, this could be a second FBI sting. We just don’t know.

Here’s the video. It’s up to you to decide whether or not LulzSec is back or if this is just a rip-off, copycat or even a new FBI sting. I’m sure more will be revealed in the coming days.

  • spktruth

    Health and Social Services ??? just ordered millions of rounds of ammo…gee what the hell do they thing is coming WW3.

  • spktruth

    The American Spring is making the two parties corrupt morally bankrupt system run scared. Why would Health and Social Services need to ammo up…the largest buy of ammo from the government in decades. This is going to be a long, hot dirty summer people…all our rights under attack, all our civil liberties gone, and we are here foreclosed on, homeless, cant pay the bills, cant educate our kids, running on empty. something must be in the offing that we dont know about as ALL corporate media running nothing but the republican klown kar show and we get NO information whats happening in our country. If you want real news gotta go outside the US for it. They got something big planned for us.

  • Drezta

    so what else was in that video?

    the echo effect, backing track random points of static and the length of video beyond the end of the messege suggest hidden extra data.

  • ryan summers

    So project mayhem is a lulz using phsyological voice warfare to make people crazy.
    Thats not the worst part, it is that the videos of Americans toruring other americans and the joy they have doing it.
    I fought back and am paying the price, but original sin is never easy to pull off, they had to watch what i did and not talk about it, lulz.
    They tricked neighborhood watch groups into torure using any fears they could muster, my life was very easy to devalue, because i fought back for all of you, i took the worst of those who lived, and im almost dead.I wont die without being heard!

  • ryan summers

    the billion dollar prison in hobbs NM is another point