How To Get Huge Traffic From LinkedIn

If you thought LinkedIn was a good traffic source before...

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How To Get Huge Traffic From LinkedIn
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As you probably know,  LinkedIn has had a huge week. The company launched a wildly successful IPO, doubling the company’s valuation overnight. While there is a fair amount of debate as to whether or not this valuation is too high, one thing is clear – LinkedIn is doing what few other social networks can do – maintaining success in the age of Facebook.

LinkedIn can be a tremendous source of web traffic, and perhaps more importantly, it can be a tremendous source of highly targeted web traffic, given the professional nature of the network.

Do you count LinkedIn among your most valued traffic sources? Let us know in the comments.

A while back, we posted an article about how LinkedIn can be one of your most valuable traffic sources. We talked to entrepreneur Lewis Howes, who claimed LinkedIn was one of the top traffic sources to his blogs.

“Anytime you can increase the size of your network on LinkedIn, it will give you the opportunity to distribute your content to more people, therefore driving more traffic back to your site,” he said. “You need to take into consideration that LinkedIn has the highest average household income per user over any other social networking site (even NYTimes.com and BusinessWeek.com readers). That being said, these are business decision makers you are targeting with your traffic from LinkedIn. The network is for real, and it will only continue to grow in time as there are currently 60 million professionals.”

That was over a year ago. The network has indeed grown significantly since then. It now has over 100 million members, and going public probably won’t do much to slow down growth.

Howes had written his own article on steps to take to drive traffic with LinkedIn. These were:

1. Complete your profile.
2. Increase you connections.
3. Customize your website links.
4. Answer questions.
5. Update your status.
6. Join niche groups.
7. Post comments in groups.
8. Add RSS feeds to groups.
9. Create a group.
10. Add the blog application to your profile.

Since that article, LinkedIn has done quite a few things, and luckily for site owners, some of them have huge implications as traffic drivers.

Earlier this month, BusinessInsider posted a pretty inspirational chart showing how traffic from LinkedIn suddenly skyrocketed:

LinkedIn traffic to BusinessInsider

Nicholas Carlson says LinkedIn product manager Liz Walker told the publication that the traffic was “coming from a bunch of sources – mostly new products like LinkedIn.com/Today, newsletters, and LinkedIn News.” LinkedIn’s “inShares” (see the LinkedIn share button at the top of this article) contribute to these. Obviously using these and/or other plugins from the company can help.

LinkedIn Today is a product the company launched in beta in March. It was launched with the aim of showing what users’ connections and coworkers (people you know) are sharing, what industry peers are sharing, and what stories are interesting to the broader audience. If you’re creating compelling content, just like with any other social network, you have a good chance of increasing your traffic here, provided you are able to drive influence within your industry.

Again, this brings forward the appeal of targeted traffic, as opposed to just traffic. LinkedIn Today is accessible via the “news” tab on the LinkedIn homepage.

Of course, LinkedIn has a news feed section just like Twitter/Facebook, so building your network in general is key. Obviously this key for reasons beyond traffic, but it should certainly help in this area as well. LinkedIn’s Lindsey Pollak recently provided some tips for sprucing up your presence on the network, which could help overall. She suggested kick-starting your keywords, featuring a new photo, adding some apps, and getting active in groups.

“If you’re not attracting a lot of interest to your LinkedIn profile, take a look at what words you use to describe yourself,” she says. “They might be doing more harm than good. Last month, LinkedIn released a list of the top 10 LinkedIn profile termsthat are most overused by professionals based in the United States.”

These terms are as follows:

Extensive experience
Proven track record
Team player
Problem solver

Suffice it to say, you should be giving people a compelling reason to want to connect with you, and separating yourself from the crowd. Even if you are already doing this with your content, they may never see the content if their first impression of you comes from a lackluster LinkedIn profile.

In terms of apps, she says, “If you travel frequently, try TripIt, which enables you to share your travel itineraries and potentially set up appointments and build deeper relationships with LinkedIn connections in the cities you visit. If you’re a visual type, consider SlideShare or Google Presentation, which allow you to add presentations to your profile. I also love the Reading List by Amazon, which invites you to post books you’re reading and share your reviews with your LinkedIn connections. The overall goal of adding more applications is to give people as many reasons as possible to find something in common with you.”

Essentially, these are just more ways to spark engagement, which can trickle down into traffic (and engaged traffic at that). LinkedIn’s app directory can be found here. Obviously the Groups also contribute to the engagement factor.

Also keep in mind that LinkedIn regularly sends emails to users. These include emails for LinkedIn Today updates and Network Updates, which display profiles, connections, new contacts, posts, groups, photos, recommendations, and applications.


A recent study from LeadFormix found:

1. 24 % of all visitors from LinkedIn to a B2B website are enterprise visitors (leads).

2. Nearly 45% of leads coming to a company website through LinkedIn are first time visitors.

3. 1 in 2 leads to a website coming from LinkedIn, come from individual profile + company profile pages.

4. Leads from LinkedIn groups and ads are most likely to fill a form (convert) on a B2B website.

5. Visitors from LinkedIn groups are also most likely to respond to webinar invites.

6. 1 in 3 visitors from a LinkedIn group, filled a form on a website (converted).

7. Based on the intent of visitors measured by LeadFormix, the most relevant traffic for a company comes from its LinkedIn employee profiles and participation in groups. These visitors are most interested in the company details, product offerings and in attending webinars which are highly correlated with a potential buyer’s intent.

8. Visitors from LinkedIn company pages are most likely to spend more than 10 minutes on a company website.

LinkedIn visitor intent

Given all of this week’s LinkedIn news, it’s clear that the network is bigger than ever, and doesn’t show any signs of dwindling down anytime soon. If you’re not capitalizing on it as a potential traffic source, you might be missing out big time – and at a time when the importance of diversifying your traffic sources has truly been driven home by Google’s Panda update. It’s also worth noting, however, that people sharing your content on LinkedIn can actually help you with Google’s social search.

LinkedIn has expanded its mobile presence recently too. This should only help general use of the network, and potentially help for increased traffic as well. Last month, the company launched the first version of its Android app. Shortly before that, they also launched a feature phone app. Remember, there are still a lot of people out there that haven’t upgraded to smartphones. This can keep them engaged with the network and show them your content while they’re on the go.

Do you see significant traffic from LinkedIn? Comment here.

How To Get Huge Traffic From LinkedIn
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  • http://www.ultimatetoronto.com/ Toronto

    This title is a little misleading…

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      How so?

  • http://solanaflooring.com David Bone

    Linkedin has been a great help to my business and we have started to share with others how they too can use this powerful tool. We are doing one to two live workshops a month.

  • http://www.shapirit.biz/technai.html טכנאי מחשבים

    I do not think as “Toronto” that this title is misleading, Chris posted here ten steps to drive traffic written by Lewis Howes.

    Also you can join my “Help for Help” group at Linkedin a non profit (in return of your help to others) group just to help an be helped


  • http://automarker.net/blogging Karin

    Great article. People generally don’t use LinkedIn to get traffic yet, but I agree with Chris that it can be a great source for social traffic. LinkedIn is probably the most responsive social media site for business I know.

  • http://socialmedia-marketingconsultant.com.au/ Rob

    Thanks for the great tips, I am looking forward to reading the other articles you suggest and implementing a strong LinkedIn social media strategy.

  • http://www.trafficlawparalegal.com Mississauga Traffic Tickets

    We are using Linkedin for a while now. Great place to generate new sources.

  • http://prashantnepayments.blogspot.com/ prashantn

    Yes, I had the opportunity to receive good visits from LinkedIn to my blogs.

    1 step which has worked for me, is the shuffling of groups

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Please elaborate.

  • http://www.dirtworks.net john meshna

    Perhaps Linkedin is very good for some businesses but I have yet to see any benefit from it.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      How much time have you dedicated to your LinkedIn strategy?

  • http://www.jewelrybycustomdesign.com Joyce Aldawood

    I have just started to branch out and join groups. Several people lit a fire under me regarding some basic changes that needed to be made to my website’s descriptive meta tags and also spurred me on to writing a press release about our company, Jjanusz Custom Jewelry Design, being selected as the jewelry vendor, for the Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo’s upcoming charity ball.
    So, I do not know if the web site is getting direct traffic from my activity with the other LinkedIn members, but activly participating, is generating a lot of helpful ideas and motivation for me!

  • http://www.freearticlesmix.com articles

    mmmm I don’t think it might be true, try facebook and twitter then I believe you, I just don’t like LinkedIn, im happy with facebook and twitter there is millions of professional too :)

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    With all the different things business need to do to drive traffic, I need to find something that can make this process easier. It seems like you’ll either need to run your business or focus on valuable content, driving leads, social media, link building or the actual business of doing business.

  • http://www.nanaimohypnotherapycenter.com Ron Thompson

    I have been on linkedin for one year .
    It grows day to day . I have a forum going < Mind Body Healing and every day new people join the forum . I have only slowly started test to see how traffic is growing from the site and see that with very little work I'm able to increase traffic to my site..After reading this article I will try alittle harder and see how things go. Love the work Chris..
    The Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center

  • http://www.no-win-no-fees-lawyers.com/no-win-no-fee.php no win no fee

    Are the backlinks from linked in no follow links?

  • http://www.DaytonSeoServices.com Carlos Scarpero

    It depends on what you sell. For me, a B2B marketer, who sells internet services, LinkedIn has helped my business significantly.

  • http://www.eBizROI.com/ Rick Noel

    Nice piece Chris. LinkedIn is a great platform to promote your business and brand, especially if your market is B2B. The key to using groups is to join groups that mirror your target market. Too many times people join peer groups which is more beneficial if you are looking for partnership opportunities. LinkedIn has some great targeting options based on showing ads to individuals in a specific industry, at a specific sized company, in certain positions, etc. It will be interesting to see what kind of changes we can expect from a LinkedIn user experience now that they have shareholder accountability. LinkedIn is also great career tool also as recruiters rely on LinkedIn heavily, especially as you move up the food chain. I use the LinkedIn Mobile App (Android) and find it a great way to stay connected professionally.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Great point about the groups. I think LinkedIn’s recent mobile expansions, along its new news product could be very key in the traffic department.

  • http://virtuallydistinguished.com/blog Michelle Church

    I agree Linked In is a great resource for business and traffic. I think the key is to get engaged with groups that you join. Without that just like any other site, people won’t know who you are. Granted awesome titles do help, but when I am not engaged on Linked In…I get nothing. When I spend time and comment or share in groups, I get a few. I probably need to do more…find the time for it, but I do like the groups and the information that is available on Linkedin. Great article!

  • http://camiciedauomo.com/ Camiciedauomo.com

    Great suggestions, thank you! I didn’t know linkedin.

  • AdrianLee

    I have been on linkedin more than a year and never realized it can bring huge traffic. Focused mainly on Facebook and twitter instead. Thanks for the article.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Facebook and Twitter can obviously be great sources too. I think more than anything, it’ about how much effort you put toward any channel. Don’t forget StumbleUpon.

  • http://www.seofreelance.es SEO Barcelona

    One thing I always try to make clear to my colleagues, close customers and nice contacts around is the need to distinguish Linkedin from any other social networks (with permission from Xing).
    Linkedin has brought most food to my table, most projects to my screen and most work offers to my choice, it is great thing to say nowadays “I don’t do any commercial effort, they just come to me” (agree, I do some reasonable link building and take care of my sites from time to time).

    This will remain like this as long as Linkedin is able to help UGC to grow in quantity AND keeping a quality score. In the recent times I sensed several groups dying from spam and loss of focus.

    My referals from Linkedin (2010 vs 2009) have grown a 140% for www.linkedin.com/ and 500% for es.linkedin.com/ (normal, being a SEO Manager in Barcelona). Traffic volume is low but highly qualified!

    Good luck and thanks for reading, keep working on your personal and company profiles like I do on my SEO freelance Linkedin profile

  • Rose

    No, I don’t think LI is all that valuable. In order for a person to view all of my profile info, posts, and status updates, he has to be “connected” to me. To connect, he has to already know me…that’s ridiculous! There have been people I wanted to “follow” but couldn’t do so without going through the invitation process. I think FB and Twitter are far more valuable because I can follow people and they can follow me, without being “formally introduced”. If the only people I wanted to connect with were my old pals, I wouldn’t need a web application to do that. I also think LI is the web version of “the back room where deals are made”. It’s clique-ish and the updates people post are self-serving. I feel like I’m in the middle of a 1970s convention…old school stuffy and phony. I have very little overlap between my LI connections and FB or Twitter followers. The latter are from all over the world, up to speed on technology, and cutting edge in their fields. The LI connections are out of touch, near retirement, and basically followers.

  • http://www.rudraayurveda.com Roy

    Thanks. Its a great article.

  • http://embromix.com Affenemannoff

    I agree, it’s unusual, probably ever

  • http:/www.lsgimportexport.biz george simataa

    kindly help us to grow our business

  • http://www.buswebs.co.uk Karl Craig-West

    Great pointers here. I love Linkedin and do get some traffic from it (certainly not huge traffic though).

    But, like many things in social media, you have to be careful not to spend all your time there (like I did to begin with).

    Having said that, I’ve found freelancers, suppliers and friends through Linkedin and wouldn’t want to be without it.

    Website design in Leicester

  • http://www.improveseorank.com/free-seo-submission.php Free Seo Submission

    Facebook and Twitter have been great sources for traffic generation. Just signed up with Linkedin and will be adding it to my social media marketing campaign. I’m going to take the advice of some users and make use of groups. Great article, very informative.

  • http://www.hedgehogdigital.co.uk/ SEO Bedford

    I have been on LinkedIn for quite some time now (before it was popular) and been recommending to clients since. But I haven’t given the deserved attention maybe the reason why I haven’t experienced a surge in traffic from it yet. I shall start focusing on it a bit more and apply some of the tips made on this article.

  • http://www.stellaanokam.com Stella | Internet Marketing Simplified

    You obviously left nothing left in these tips to increase LinkedIn traffic. Joining groups is one of the most effective ways I found to quickly increase LinkedIn connections, which are likely to influence traffic.

    Also as the number of connections increase, one tends to attract a lot more connection requests – further increasing the ‘power’ to attract more LinkedIn traffic.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • http://www.lacewigsonsale.com tony

      sometime, our website had 5% traffic from linkedin.

  • http://www.newvijay.blogspot.com Vijay

    Ya, it’s working on my site

  • http://snslurk.com Gero

    Great article, interesting facts! I have just written an article about facebook-is-for-pleasure/” rel=”nofollow”>LinkedIn still being superior to Facebook for professionals in some ways.

    Think I am going to stop by here more often!

  • http://dehumidifierreviews.us Dehumidifier Reviews

    I signed up with Linkedin about 2 years ago and forgot about it, but after reading this excellent article I’m going to dig into it further

  • http://peterjamesthomas.com Peter Thomas

    Read the article with interest. I recently penned my own thoughts about LinkedIn as the final part of a Social Media trilogy that was much longer in the writing than I ever anticipated:

    New Adventures in Wi-Fi – Track 3: LinkedIn

    I think that there are some themes in common.


  • http://www.tipsinablog.com Daniel

    Another well written post, Chris.

    I have not tried LinkedIn. It looks like it may be a far better option than my other two attempts at increased Traffic(Twitter and StumbleUpon).

    The most important point that I think you have alluded to, is the fact that LinkedIn brings in a substantial amount of targeted traffic, rather than plain traffic.

    This is something that is NOW being admitted to by some of the established blogs and websites. Some of these established sites that I visit often, always pushed the benefits of twitter. Now they are admitting that a lot of the traffic gained is of no use for the site, considering the amount of work they put in to get That traffic.

    StumbleUpon has often been given the same thumbs down, as far as the poor quality of traffic it generates.

  • http://blog.shareanut.com/category/website/ website views

    Hi, i believe that i saw you visited my web site thus i got here to ?go back the prefer?.I am trying to to find things to enhance my web site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your concepts!!

  • Abhijit Gupta

    I learned so much from you, I hope I can find traffic to my own website with the tactics you mentioned. Thanks really learned a lot. Really these are the very effective and useful tips. Keep sharing!

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