LinkedIn Makes Some Changes to Groups

By: Chris Crum - June 22, 2010

LinkedIn has released some updates to its Groups feature. This is the first major update to Groups since the company launched discussions last summer.

For starters, LinkedIn has eliminated the wall between onsite comments and off-site content like shared news articles.  A new design makes it easier to look at the latest updates of a discussion and comment.

Group members can now curate conversations that will be seen by the group. "This is most obvious in the carousel of new content – original posts, RSS items, and off-site links shared by group members – that can be voted up or down by any group member," explains LinkedIn’s Ian McCarthy. "This feature allows users to quickly peruse new content and vote either by ‘liking’ or commenting on discussions they deem worthy of the group’s attention.  Users who prefer to see all discussions sorted chronologically can just click on the ‘See all new discussions’ link on the homepage."

It’s now easier to get email updates from select group members. You can get alerts by simply clicking "start following" below the profile photo of a usre in any group thread. In addition, LinkedIn will now highlight group members that contribute the most, and spark the most participation from other members. They will be called "top influencers".

LinkedIn says this is only the first of upcoming upgrades to the Groups platform, conversation system, and moderation toolkit. Be on the look out for more changes in the near future.

Chris Crum

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  • Kevin Brown

    LinkedIn today eliminated the News link in groups, thereby mixing in news with discussions.
    This has absolutely polluted any value that groups could add. I had over ten excellent industry news feeds in my Voice and Speech Specialists group and I managed them several times per day, ensuring that there were no duplicate posts; any feeds that were on the same subject had to provide differing perspective or I deleted them.

    The same for Discussions, excellent expert information was shared by group members, but now they are mixed in with news feeds.

    I am convinced that LinkedIn executive management has zero experience with Customer Experience (and there WERE several excellent customer experience groups on LinkedIn prior to their boneheaded move)

    As a result, I am shutting down my 2,900 member group and will not bother to spend more than 2-3 minutes/week looking at my connections’ updates. Otherwise LinkedIn is now a wasteland in my opinion.

  • M Meier

    Linkedin has become Bebo after the group update, big smiley faces everywhere, news and discussions all mixed in. It is a very busy mess – who they worked with in the platform to sign this off clearly had no idea what 35yr+ users expect.

    Linkedin does not communicate to anyone it appears, see the Q&A posts on this topic. I was on the verge of considering a Premium Account but will revert to as my main social networking platform going forward.

    There are alternatives and maybe Linkedin has given Facebook a leap forward it did not know it was going to receive. Someone seems to forget the value of a group is “manager” and user driven, I am a member of a number of technology groups, it is not the small unpopular discussion which is now lost, more the fact I cannot see where in the clutter to find it!

    Linkedin really is out of touch with its user base, remember 80% will be passive, just there in case someone will offer them a job, not to actively use the site. When it never sends announcements to the members, how can we help them develop what we want rather than what is enforced upon us.